On the magic pendulum

Pendulum and its role in the development of magic and the impact on the lives and destiny of man, wrote many great scientists and philosophers: Aristotle, Plutarch, Plato, Socrates, Archimedes. The latter used a pendulum, with the calculations.

The famous psychic Uri Geller used a pendulum in the first stage mineral prospecting in the jungles of Brazil. And the search results proved to be excellent. And a fee of one million dollars was he well deserved.

Million Uri Geller

It was used by the high priests in ancient Rome. Priest (augur) became the center of a circle with a large pendulum in his hand. At the edges of the circle were written alphabet. In response to a question, the pendulum of their vibrations indicated a sequence of letters, the terms in the word and determine the answer.

Tradition says that in this way a Roman governor learned the name of his possible successor, and soon he was being poisoned.

The famous French scientist and astronomer C. Flammarion in his studies also often used a pendulum. With the help of scientists predicted the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, the discovery of a new planet, the motion of comets.

And in Berlin during the Second World War, there was even a special institution of the pendulum. Now the same, but only at a higher level, is engaged in the Munich Institute of Parapsychology. Work with the pendulum is dubbed "radiesteziey."

In ancient books preserved no guidance on what should be the suspension thread. Usually a length of 5 to 25 cm are now using these materials to make the threads: silk, wool, cotton, polymers, sometimes thin gold chains.

Bob is made of wood, metal, glass, bakelite, cultured pearls or amber. Optional use expensive materials. This may be an engagement ring, plug, which stuck the needle, plain button. Sinker weight usually ranges from 5 to 50 g

Since it is assumed that the work of the pendulum occurs during continuous visual monitoring of the state (position, direction, amplitude, etc.), the color of the thread and weights can be very significant detail.

In the late nineteenth century in some European countries, the predictions using the pendulum was a fashionable pastime, which was attended by representatives of all segments of society. Then it was suggested that in this way we can determine at an early stage of pregnancy, a baby's sex (this concept is still popular in some places still do).

With the pendulum once managed to find a missing child. This happened in 1934. The kid in front of many witnesses claimed eagle.

After the police were made unsuccessful attempts to find him, it was decided to resort to the help of magical powers, that is, the pendulum began to swing over the map, and in the place where the vibration amplitude reached its maximum power, it was decided to look

To the surprise of many, it was there and was the missing boy. These sensational facts were published in the Swiss newspaper "Tribune de Genève".

The famous psychic Uri Geller used a pendulum in the first stage mineral prospecting in the jungles of Brazil. And the search results proved to be excellent. And a fee of one million dollars was he well deserved.

How to marry

In the early 1980s in the Soviet Union was fairly common craze measure blood pressure using a pendulum — wedding ring and suspended from the usual string, and a ruler.

A little later, some Russian scientists suggested that the pendulum may be used for some other purposes, for example in selecting the most suitable candidate for a position, to determine the compatibility of personalities in a marriage, the preferred future occupation, etc.

Today in France, more than 2,500 physicians actively use the pendulum in everyday medical practice. But the patient can thus choose a doctor.

It is only necessary to write his name on a piece of paper, hold the pendulum over it and say, "This doctor is suitable for me?"

Finally, you yourself can be treated with it. French engineer Andre Simenton pendulum used to produce a diet to get rid of severe disease — tuberculosis. To do this, he held the pendulum over the name of each meal, and asked whether it is suitable for him. Clockwise rotation showed that good against — not. So he not only recovered from TB, but got rid of liver disease.

You can also check the quality of food or water, house plants (they are not harmful to you?) And more. Pendulum — an indispensable guide in solving other vital issues. With it you can determine its future work, profession, occupation. You should write a list of different professions and hold the name of each pendulum, asking, "Do I Suitable this profession?"

And is not it interesting to know your compatibility with your friends, co-workers? Here you need to act. Think about the man intensely, tune to it. Then take a piece of paper and write the next two names of people who interest you. Take a deep breath, relax, hold the pendulum over each name and ask, "Will my two men?"

If the pendulum will outline a clockwise circle, then the answer is yes, if the counter-clockwise — negative.

It is believed that one can not get married, get married, if one partner is positively charged and the other negatively. With the pendulum is determined by the charge on the upper part of the body where the major organs — the heart, the brain. Hold the pendulum near the head. If he went in a clockwise direction — the man is positively charged. The lower part of the body has an opposite charge.

The code between the conscious and subconscious

We live in the energy of the universe, and every body is surrounded by a flow of energy that emit body. All plant and animal cells are able to sense and identify existing energy.

Most of us can accept the energy of the universe, and the pendulum makes it possible to learn how to use it. The man who gained the ability to perceive energy should only think about a certain issue or problem, and his brain sends rays to infinity, to obtain the desired information.

And not the pendulum answers to these questions, but our internal state, signed in the nervous system. The pendulum only amplifies the signals and sends them to the meaning of the code in force between the conscious and the subconscious.

How to work with the pendulum? Determine for yourself its motion, which mean "yes" or "no", "maybe." For this type of response to program your subconscious. Make sure that during the manipulation you are calm, you feel stable. In the opposite case, the answers are wrong, because the pendulum works on bioelectric laws, it is very sensitive to the emotional conflicts that block the flow of energy. Do not allow the "closure" that is, do not cross your arms and legs.

If you want to take off (or someone else), negative energy, psychics advised to start to relax and then set the pendulum above the photo. Well still have the image in full size. The pendulum in such cases usually rotates clockwise. From the intensity of the rotation, you can determine how much you have to dirty energy.

This session usually takes 15 minutes. After you are done cleaning, sit a minute or two, closing his eyes and imagining yourself in a beam of pure light. Then go to the next step.

Give the pendulum setup fill each of your chakras clean and healthy energy. Working through each chakra, focus on belonging to her color. Make another short pause.

Feel clean and peaceful, calm and relaxed. Give the pendulum set for full recovery of your protective shell. Use this time to think of the pendulum their movements as if you twist around in a golden cocoon.

In a pendulum can request any information, including weather for tomorrow, the winning numbers in the lottery, which team will win tomorrow in football and other well applied issues.

Always hold in his right hand between the thumb and forefinger. And another tip: work always with a personal pendulum. It is configured to your vibrations and in the hands of another person loses sensitivity.

Gennady Nikolayev

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