On the map of Kazakhstan with Google Maps found a huge pentagram



With the help of Google Maps in a remote corner of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the surface of the Earth can be seen engraved strange pentagram. Trying to figure out the cause of a five-pointed star surrounded by a circle, archaeologists have carefully studied the find.

The mysterious structure, located on the south bank of the upper reservoir Tobol evident on maps Google. In this area, there is little indication of human activity since the nearest town (Lissakovsk) is located approximately 20 kilometers to the east of this mysterious place. The area surrounding the Lissakovsk, dotted with ancient archaeological ruins, as in the Bronze Age, there were many settlements. To date, many of the ancient cemetery and the graves have not been studied. This unique area of Kazakhstan is among the ten most bizarre sights Google Earth.

For what purpose was created mysterious pentagram, the diameter of which reaches 366 meters, trying to figure out many of the world's scientists. Internet is full of notes, which makes the assumption that it is directly linked to a religious sect worshiping the devil, or some other evil spirits. The pentagram is an ancient symbol, is not only used in Satanic rituals, but in many cultures around the world. The pentagram was also run by the Pythagoreans, the early Christians, the Masons and sorcerers.

According to the author of a book about religious groups, the Kazakh pentagram is not the first such occurrence. Thus, in the New Mexico desert were found between the two connecting a large circle with a strange symbol in each. The researchers suggest that this place is a hidden bunker, which is owned by the Church of Scientology. In the Gobi Desert, using maps Google, you can find an array of Yagi antenna, a device that looks like a giant piece of cracked glass and used for atmospheric research. But in a remote corner of Nevada on the earth's surface artificially created KFC advertising in the form of a huge, smiling face of Colonel Sanders.

Emma Usmanov, an archaeologist with many years of experience in Lisakovsk, believes the pentagram appeared in Soviet times, and nothing to do with mysticism has not. Pentagram — a plan for the park, in the form of stars. The star has been a popular symbol of the Soviet Union and Kazakhstan until 1991 was an integral part. In Soviet times, park in the shape of a star was created using roads and trees, so the aerial photographs becomes quite clear and mysterious.


S. Vasilenko

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