On the western coast of Japan going swarms of giant jellyfish

On the western coast of Japan going swarms of giant jellyfish

Number of these animals is growing rapidly due to an increase in sea temperature and a decrease in natural enemies.
Millions of giant jellyfish Nomura (Stomolophus nomurai) again invaded the territorial waters of the rising sun. These creatures resemble a great sea monsters of science fiction and horror films — they reach a diameter of about two meters and weigh up to 200 pounds! Once in the network, the giant jellyfish often tearing them with their weight and pressured fish.

A clear idea of the size of these sea animals is a event that took place in the autumn of 2009, when a 10-ton fishing schooner sank after the fishermen tried to climb aboard a network with dozens of jellyfish Nomura. Three fishermen then only narrowly escaped.

Nomura jellyfish numbers in the Sea of Japan hits record after record in 2002. Experts explain the latest surge in their numbers increase in temperature of the local water, which makes it more favorable conditions for the growth of jellyfish. In addition, played a role and reduce the number of predators, including sea turtles and some fish.

Similar scale invasion of Japan experienced in the summer of 2005, when Nomura jellyfish damaged network, poisoned fish, their venom and even caused injuries to fishermen. In 2007, there were 15,500 complaints of damage fishing vessels caused by giant jellyfish.

In addition to all the jellyfish Nomura also poisonous. On the strength of the poison them, of course, far from the Australian cousins, the so-called sea wasps, poison one individual which is enough to kill 60 people, but they can poison fish and make it unfit for consumption.

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