Open letter to Tatyana Tkacheva Putin

Tatiana Tkachev. Photo: Olga Vinogradova

Lecturer in biblical philology SPSU Tatiana Tkachev wrote an open letter to Vladimir Putin:

Vladimir Vladimirovich! I speak not a candidate for president, not the prime minister, and to his fellow student (we learned with you at LSU, albeit in different departments), and a classmate of my good friends Helen and Gregory Kudrovo Gelikmana (they are good humble people, not removed any dividends from the school of friendship, but it continues in the name of vote for you).

I must admit that I never voted for you, but when you have changed as President Yeltsin's sick, I saw it certain advantages: it found of the crew Democrat Sobchak, a graduate of the University, one young, energetic, smart, owns foreign language (!).
This view of you, I made a while in a conversation with one person who opposed all these pluses one big disadvantage — your career in the organs.

Now I realize how right he was: the secretary can be president, and a secret agent — can not. He is not a public policy, his mentality — is completely different, he would never act openly, he will always take the path of lies and deception to recruit agents, bribe and outbid them, conspire, — it simply exists in this system, it not only he can not get out of it, he can not even imagine that someone lives under other laws and professes different values.

Vladimir Vladimirovich! You have lost the political flair. Your failure (and it is not the first time in your career) is not yet final, but you are going to crash. You are out of touch with the people, do not hear it, can not you hear the whistle in the address? Booing the actor should leave the scene. No other choice.

Stop clinging to power. 3 terms (do not count as an independent political figure in your pocket protege?) — Is enough. Do not think that Russia will collapse without you. Remember how she sang Novella Matveeva:
Grass without me dry,
roses fade away without me …
Similarly, after you're gone everything will go on as usual: a holy place is never empty.

Return to normal human life: to lecture, write books, meet friends of his youth, that even with Lena and Grisha. Life is short, it is necessary not so much. Is it worth spending the rest years of fruitless struggle on their own people?
Walk away with dignity, and then again we will respect you, and maybe even come to love.


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