Open letter to the head by Alexei Zakharov Russian President

Alexei Zakharov, head of the portal

Dear Mr. President!

You set the task of creating 25 million "good and high-paying jobs" by 2020. It is a wonderful challenge and we as employers with both hands "for."

But the real policies in the areas of personnel, leading to the fact that the year 2020 will be an additional 25 million jobs for low-skilled workers. This is in addition to the 10-15 million jobs that have been created for them now.
As a result of government policy in the coming decades, the number of attracted foreign low-skilled workers will be more than half of the economically active population.
We certainly understand that the course on the innovative development of Russia. What is innovation? This increase competitiveness through the application of advanced methods of production management, cost reduction, etc. etc. In this sense, attracting a large number of low-wage and low-skilled labor force working to the same for the most part outside the law to slave-like conditions — is unconditional innovation that enables organizations to reduce the extra expense and become more competitive.

This is great! But it makes absolutely uncompetitive tens of millions of our fellow citizens. They already can not compete on low-skilled labor market. Can not and should not be a Russian citizen to compete for jobs and poverty wages with visitors from Central Asia. Are not prepared and do not have Russian citizens living in bestial conditions of 20 people in the room, receiving for his work very little money. And our citizens do not want.

But, I repeat, it does not mean that they do not want to work. They do not want to work for a salary, which does not allow to give birth and raise children, eat properly and treated. Moreover, according to our research, is already a real competition with immigrants from Central Asia feel 18% of our fellow citizens. But it is in general, and among low-skilled and low-skilled young Russians of older people on the state of competition for almost 25%! It's terrible figures, Mr. President!

What we have advantages of attracting tens of millions of low-skilled workers? I do not see any. We blur the Russian culture (I say, not Russian, and Russian). Uncontrolled migration creates problems not only in Moscow and other "Russian" metropolitan areas — in our "Muslim" areas of cheap labor from abroad creates the same difficulties.

Could anyone imagine a decade ago, in Moscow schools are classes where the children do not speak in Russian or do not speak the state language? Today it is a reality. If the flow does not stop, then after a short time there will be schools and districts, which will be difficult to hear Russian spoken. Five years ago, in the Russian language there was no word "Moskvabad." And today it is a joke and is not perceived.

What kind of a modern economy and its development may be involved in using slave labor? What kind of breakthroughs we say, if the average person living in Russia, twenty years will be difficult to read and speak in Russian?

We plan for the Ministry of Labour to spend in the coming years, hundreds of billions of rubles to attract and adaptation of migrants. If the same amount of money spent on further education of our citizens, there is a chance that after 20 years we still have not forgotten how to fly in space.

But the money just is not enough! Necessary today (tomorrow will be too late) to completely close the Russian labor market for unskilled migration from abroad. Completely! No quotas.

Inability to attract cheap labor force businesses to invest in the very innovation, increase productivity, create "good" jobs. No other way. Or degradation (and its velocity increases), or the hard political decisions.

CIS, military bases, geopolitics … This is fine, but who do need it in 20-30 years?

I urge you, Mr. President, to take tough political decisions to a total ban on the import of cheap labor in the Russian Federation.

The world does not collapse. And the prices will skyrocket. Increase wages much of the Russian population. First, low-skilled, and then those who have qualifications above all interconnected. And the money will remain in the country — they will be spent on the development of the Russian economy. They will create new jobs for the citizens of the Russian Federation.


Why I decided to write this letter? I am saying this for years: newspapers, radio, television, internet … and I would be okay alone. Discuss this issue with federal officials of high rank, which you, Mr. President, is also personally acquainted. All the hair stand on end from what's going on. But … I ask my friends: Well you power, why are you silent? And in response I hear us there (pointedly looking up) are not listening.

Hear us, Mr. President!

Head of the portal
Alexei Zakharov — Russia's largest job search portal and employees. Each year more than one million people are employed by

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