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The mayor is going to work.  Photo: go2load.com1. About zhlobstva and resentment
I once loved Moscow, but recently stopped loving this city. Moscow, in my opinion, has become the world capital zhlobstva (at least holds that dubious primacy among the cities that I know of). Zhlobstvo, I believe — is a reaction to the years of Soviet egalitarianism, multiplied by the legacy of Soviet aggression. It is well-known for his description. Redneck — a man groveling before the master, and did not recognize the people of those inferior to him in influence. The main thing for it — cool car (preferably with flashing lights) and a pile of dough. Moscow streets are steep and important pressured spread rot and trample all those smaller, traffic cops all fall under the flashing lights and the tyranny of simple and nevliyatelnyh. Redneck in a chemically pure form — is Nikita Mikhalkov, shamelessly shesteryaschy before hosts and lordly hamyaschy colleagues. In short, zhlobstvo — is prudently Kholuy-consciousness.

I would not write that all so familiar, if zhlobskaya basis of human relations did not come so universal that has become a political reality. Current Russian government, with its contempt for human dignity — the flesh and blood of the Russian zhlobstva his impending symptom. I think it can be changed only when the society itself will be cured of the disease.

Power as a vital interest in maintaining zhlobskih relationship — because they destroy the solidarity (and with it the ability to withstand the regime), and perpetuate the subordination Kholuy nachalnichkam. There seems to live so glad and let crawl on his belly in front of him. But though zhlobstvo and ideal environment for despotic power, it carries a great threat, and most of that power. This threat was once described by the name of Nietzscheresentment. Resentment — a feeling which is experiencing a slave to his master. This is a hidden hatred accumulated as a result of long humiliation, which can not be open-ended responses. From this it expresses itself in unexpected shifts and substitutions. Nietzsche wrote:"While the noble man is full of confidence and openness to the man himself … ressentiment devoid of sincerity, innocence, honesty and integrity to yourself. His soul is decimated, his mind was like shelter, loopholes and back doors, and all the hidden attracts him as his world, his security, his delight, and he knows a lot about silence, rancor, waiting in momentary samoumalenii and self-abasement "("Genealogy of Morals», I, 10).

But the definition of resentment given by the author of classic books on the subject, the German philosopher Max Scheler:"Resentment — isself-poisoning of the soul, having a definite cause and effect. It is a long-term mental setup, which arises from the systematic prohibition on the expression of known movements of the soul and affects, in themselves normal and related to the main content of human nature … The first refers to such movements and mental affects, like thirst for revenge and momentum, hatred, malice, envy, hostility, deceit. The most important starting point in the formation of resentment — pulsesweep'.

There are two types of rebellion. There is a revolt of free men, who were thought of Nietzsche, is a spontaneous reaction to the insult, and ultimately leads to a positive assertion of freedom. But there is a rebellion of slaves, especially ruthless, even sadistic: he — revenge for years of humiliation, and, moreover, it is revenge, as Nietzsche said, "the soul, which decimated." The longer zhlobskaya keeps the reins of power, the more sophisticated and brutal revenge is toadies.

Extraordinary level of aggression in the Russian society demonstrates the tremendous power of resentment accumulated "obedient" citizens. And the more they sag, force and mobilize, the more powerful it becomes resentment.

Feature of resentment that he can not express himself directly, carefully replaced, transferred from your site to another. So in a classic Freudian shear hatred shifted from its true object to "deputy". These sudden shifts is, in my opinion, all the rhetoric about the mythical Orange Revolution, which supposedly is about to sweep Russia and its power to the ground. Revolution does not smell like, but for some reason, many believe in a myth invented by spin doctors. Why? Because they themselves have hatred for authority, but, fearing myself to admit it, is credited with its insidious some unknown forces. It seems that the fight with orange — the result of the transfer feelings of resentment in others.

In Russia, the presidential election has grown previously unseen Institute "Vice" — "proxies" and candidate representatives. Between organized debate, they appear as strange figures of substitution in the landscape, where everything is based on the substitution and displacement. From the intelligentsia to this role primarily invited artists. This is, I think, not only to the fact that the theater in Russia — still feudal institution, but also to the fact that artists — professionals replacement, they say, either from yourself or from the faces of his characters. But they are willing to symbolically replace them and the viewer. These figures substitution particular brilliance appeared in the recent debate between Irina Prokhorova and actor Nikita Mikhalkov, who was commissioned to replace Putin.

Significantly, as Mikhalkov formulated in this debate a call to vote for Putin: "Today at the situation that is, Putin — the only thing we have. Then, as now, the West and the world, many of our friends abroad, do not want Putin, already makes me automatically vote for him. " Under normal circumstances, the hatred of "peace" policy does not a good candidate — most advantage may be for him the love and respect of "peace." But here we are obviously talking about the figure of substitution. The logic is, perhaps, this: "I have to vote" yes "to hide my unconscious solidarity with those who hate my boss, and thus reveals my own feeling. Voting "yes", I point to myself that do not test for Putin the feelings that I give the Americans (by the way, gave me the coveted "Oscar"). " Perhaps I fantasize, but I can not help feeling depressed resentment in the long-groveling man. No wonder that he is so active vent their aggression on those who can not answer. If I were involved in government (which, really, strange assumption …), I would probably have not relied on the boundless devotion Nikita.

The most striking formreplacementis totally groundless and hysterical anti-Americanism. American lackey in the mind is the master of his deputy, a figure not only replace, but offset. A feature of such displaced aggression in the ease with which it can be transferred to the real object of resentment. In this sense, the very curious famous episode of the stadium where the fight took place between Russian fighter Fedor Emelianenko and American Jeff Monson. As you know, after the fight spectators in the stadium booed Vladimir Putin. Whistle this was a complete surprise — perhaps even for those who whistled. The fact that this whole fight symbolically reproduce the eternal mythological fight with America. At a time when the American was defeated and the ring up the Prime Minister, there was an instant transfer of aggressiveness with metaphorical beaten enemy to truth, though unconscious object of resentment.

Indicative and society's response to the tragic death of two Russian children in their adopted American families. Exaggerated reaction to the death was related to the fact that the Russians when it comes to relations with the government to identify themselves with their children. Once upon a German psychoanalyst Alexander Mitcherlih called postwar German society society without a father. According to him, the relationship it built as a "horizontal" relationship between sisters and brothers. Russia has always been a society under the shadow of a cyclopean father figure, the last of which, in opposition to the German horizontal assiduously cultivated giant stoerosovuyu vertical. Kant believed that the Enlightenment marks the company out of childhood and gaining the ability to think independently. I do not think that we have grown to the Enlightenment in the sense of Kant. Childhood is still our destiny.

All this allows the social level to play classical Oedipal situation in which the father is a victim of repressed resentment. Freud wrote that his father carries his son and a symbolic castration by provoking the latter to "parricide." French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari talked about "edipizatsii" society, destroys the freedom and diversity of desires in the name of obedience rigid social structures. "Edipizatsiya" — a subordination structure of power and production, embodied in the figure of the symbolic father.

Painful reaction to the death of children caused by unknown Americans looked like a rebellion against the father figure (which is significant — not native, receiving imposed) and identification with vulnerable children. Americans are only replaced the figure of a father, who did not venture any inhabitant conceive nor name. The same with the exaggerated threat of pedophilia. From what suddenly Petersburg Legislative Assembly passed a law banningPropaganda(?) Pedophilia. The word "propaganda" usually appear in Russia in the political, and not in the context of paedophilic — here a clear Freudian shift. Seems as strange and emergency debate in the Duma (the time the campaign!) Presidential bill, hints at the possibility of chemical castration of pedophiles. I have not the slightest doubt that we are dealing here with Freudian repression. And the current president is constantly associated in the newest social mythology with a small child, the victim of symbolic castration of the all-powerful prime. In general, it would be interesting to subject the Russian collective unconscious of psychoanalysis seriously.

Here is an example of how the infantilization in undemocratic societies connected with resentment and makes the figure of substitution. I want to recall the hysteria around the Pokemon characters in children's games and cartoons, invented in 1995 by the Japanese firm "Nintendo." Pokemon has become especially popular in the Arab countries during the "second intifada" in Israel, or about the year 2000.

Suddenly, the Japanese Embassy in the Middle East began to receive letters inquiring whether the name of one of the most popular characters of "Pokemon" Pikachu means' I am a Jew. " They asked if it was true that the word "Pokemon" means "the world is not God." It was a real antipokemonovskoe madness. A member of the Jordanian Parliament, Sheikh Abdel Monem Abu Zent, a leader of the Arabantipokemonizma, wrote: "It is proved that this toy — a part of the Jewish plan to corrupt the minds of the younger generation, because it calls for blasphemy, mocks God and our moral values and, therefore, it is extremely dangerous to young people." Fatwa against the terrible Pokemon were made public in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, Jordan, and Egypt. But it did not end his misfortunes — the Catholic Church in Mexico declared its embodiment and symbol of Satan. Pokemon was both poor and anti-Islamic and anti-Christian, though not without reason it was invented in Japan.

Pindos in Russia play the same role as the Pokemon Pikachu and the Arab countries. Both are threatened vulnerable child. Arab authorities for years cultivated as a lightning rod hatred of Israel and did everything to the Palestinian problem was not solved. In the Arab world, Israel played the role of "deputy", the object of displaced resentment. Pokemon was a secondary figure in this affective replacement. "Arab Spring" fully demonstrated, against whom was assigned the primary resentment of the people for many years humiliated rulers. Jews played a role of "deputy" of their own "fathers"-heads, and Pokemon deputized Israel. Bullet, but in the end were not Pikachu, but Gaddafi.

What we have here is the stereotypical figures of bias showed very recent episode with roller Chulpan Khamatova where it calls to vote for Putin. The whole story would not represent special interest, if not a violent reaction to it in the blogosphere. This video was taken as the result of blackmail by the authorities, who allegedly threatened to cut off funding Khamatova established with its participation children's cancer center "Gift of Life." The reaction of this interesting is that it has equated Putin and the Americans, who lost Russian children to pedophiles, and … Pokemon. Putin has long been playing the role of father of the fatherland, here, in a direct line with the scenario of the Oedipus complex, the father took the form of cannibal and kastratora. In the minds of the society he was just ready to sacrifice the lives of Russian children, before it hated Pindos. Here's what he wrote about it, for example, Alexei Navalny, "If the authorities in Russia will be the person who causes burn campaign videos in his support, blackmailing the lives of sick children, it is impossible to hide. We must speak for most of these children. " But the reaction of one journalist's certainly fair to only that the visit of Putin to the center of the "Give Life": "A candidate for president in the midst of the election campaign by visiting cameras cancer clinic for children — is a cynical bastard with no heart and conscience. Terminally ill children stand in their ranks with cows, sailors and veterans. "

This emotional reaction shows how the system of displacements and substitutions resentment finds its true object. For Pindos, pedophiles and Pokemon finally emerges hated figure of the true "father" of the host.

Mikhail Yampolsky

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