Ostgruppen: Belarusian policy in Sweden and the EU to reform

This was in the pages of the Swedish daily online newspaper writes unt.se head of human rights initiatives Östgruppen Martin Corner.

In his article, the author emphasizes that "Lukashenko can not be regarded as a legitimate president." The head of the human rights initiatives Östgruppen supports the intention of the Swedish government to counteract the isolation of Belarus and focus on the active support of democracy in the country. However, says Martin Corner, such actions be consistent and focused solely on the effectiveness of efforts to advance democracy.

"Unfortunately," the author notes, "between Stockholm and Brussels policy towards Minsk there are a number of inconsistencies and that the main drawback of the Belarusian European policy."

Martin Corner offers a number of concrete measures to promote democracy and human rights in Belarus.

"Human rights not be the subject of a compromise. This means that further dialogue with the Belarusian regime should be based on clear requirements regarding respect for democracy and Human Rights. Moreover, contacts should be in the first place with representatives of the democratic movement in the country, "says Angle.

The head of the Swedish human rights initiative also considers it necessary to reduce the visa fee for all ordinary Belarusian citizens wishing to travel to the EU. Along the way he wants to resume visa sanctions against those responsible for the repression of top officials led by Alexander Lukashenko.

Advocates Östgruppen insist that Sweden and the EU brought to the Russian leadership a sharply critical position on the political and economic support of Moscow Lukashenka regime.

According to Martin Corner. Stockholm and Brussels should give Alexander Lukashenko made it clear that they see in him the legitimate president, and in its relations with Belarus to give priority to the Belarusian representation in the EU "Eastern Partnership".

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