Other worlds — when the dividing line

Someone did not believe in the hereafter, someone unconditionally believe in its existence. All people are different and have different attitudes to parallel worlds, but it should be noted that in any respect to this issue, on a subconscious level, one is sure, something was bound to have. And parallel worlds exist and that there is a lot of evidence. One would bring a lot of real life examples that have occurred with people, to take only the cases with clinical death, but now we will talk not about that.

Sufficient number of people faced with unexplained phenomena, when suddenly started to feel irrational fear bordering on terror, but do not worry, like, around, and does not occur. Do not just assign a status of a madman. In this situation, the doctors will not help you. Instead, their intervention can only aggravate the situation.

If you suddenly start this happens, the only one reason — you're in an area where the boundaries between the worlds are cleared. Unfortunately, the closest thing we're not to the higher forces of light, and to the lower world, where they live is not a safe substance. They zhivyatsya our fears. Lead to a blurring of lines between the worlds can for several reasons. This energetic and purposeful impact on you by your detractors. The people called this impact damage. Perhaps you conjured, calling to his aid otherworldly forces, but to send them back forgotten or failed. They did not immediately begin their attack, they will wait for the start of the time when you are most vulnerable, and then begin to eat your energy, more and more relaxing you. So, if you do not believe in their abilities and in the power of their knowledge, refrain from rash action.

In addition to these impacts, the boundaries between the worlds can be erased and for other reasons. For example, this happens all the holidays, such as Halloween, or days of the Sabbath. This is especially felt, if you find yourself in the so-called places of power, where the power of the world is particularly strong.

Because of the fact that most faces blurred between our world and the lower beings, we are not experiencing the joy and peace of mind, and the fear, terror, panic, began to develop a persecution complex. And these entities only that it should, since it is these feelings they feed. The first thing to do to protect yourself — it's a prayer, after a couple of minutes, you will feel that you feel better. And then, of course, refer to the master, who will put you on the defense. Or go to church constantly. The recovery process in this case will be longer, but the defense will be much stronger.

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