Over 1.6 thousand homes were flooded because of Mordovia flood

Flooding in Mordovia. Photo: http://fedpress.ru

More than 1.6 thousand houses in 13 districts flooded in Mordovia, evacuated about 400 people, said on Friday the Republican MOE.

"As a result of active snowmelt, stable zero temperatures and rains raise the water level in the rivers Partsa, Sivin, Ureyka Issa, Seitma, Vyazerka, Insarka, Insar, Alatyr. As a result, in 13 municipalities 1.642 flooded thousands of homes, where more than three thousand people, including 218 children, "- said in a statement.

Many of the rivers water level has reached critical levels.

Nearly 400 people have fled their homes, most of them have decided to wait out the flood with relatives, 19 people placed in temporary accommodation.

More than 300 houses flooded in the capital — Saransk.

The Republican GUMCHS open hotline (8-342-32-69-25), on which residents can report problems encountered in the flood period.

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