Over the weekend, beat Ukraine hail

Ukrainians for the holidays, do not seem to be able to get out into nature. In the coming days we are waiting for a cold snap. Starting from tomorrow across the country predict showers and thunderstorms. "On June 25, cooling to +15 ° C during the day is expected in the western and northern parts of the country, and the 26th will cover the rest of the Ukraine, and the bad weather we have delayed the beginning of July, — the chief Ukrgidromettsentra Nicholas Kulbida. — Cooling will be accompanied by heavy showers. Especially will fill the northern, central and southern regions. " According to the chief weather forecaster, it is expected that the hot summer weather returns in the second half of July.

Kievans by Friday evening even have to hide from the city, which will be accompanied by showers and thunderstorms. The site also forecasts Gismeteo grieve showers. June 24 in the capital of rain, rain. Day will still be warm +28 ° C and +19 ° C. at night On Sunday, according to the site, the day temperature drops to +18 ° C, +16 ° C at night The heat will not be back June 30 (+27-29 ° C during the day, at night +15-17 ° C). Clear and sunny weather promised to July 5. In the south, where now going on holiday, most Ukrainians also zadozhdit. We'll have to stock up on umbrellas. On the South Coast and in Odessa first showers and thunderstorms spoil the rest is June 25-26 (up to +23 ° C). Pouring will be the end of the month.

But in the west, including the Carpathians, finished with a small, bad weather there will be only on weekends. On Monday the sun will return. In the center of the country from Friday to Thursday, June 30, there will also be heavy rain and thunderstorms. In the east, rains from June 25 to 28, then the umbrellas can be changed to Panama — +28-30 ° C.

Catherine Stulen

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