Parallel worlds and ways to travel in them

Meanwhile topic travel to parallel worlds, perhaps, perhaps the most popular, but let's think, what is the parallel worlds? We should immediately clarify that we will focus on cases where someone (or something) gets out of the world, described by the author of the work (let's call it an objective reality) in a different world, a different order of reality, that is, a parallel world.

That's, like, a good definition of "parallel world should call any world other than the objective reality of at least one event."

Such an event may be the origin of life on the planet, and perhaps the name of the Montreal airport, the color of someone's gate cottage or Pyotr addiction to tobacco. In the first case, the worlds will differ dramatically, in the second, slightly, in the third and fourth — practically will not differ (if you are in their objective reality did not know any of Peter Ivanovich, how do you know about his addiction?). Notice these differences can only be a specialist. But there are parallel worlds that do not differ from the objective reality of virtually nothing, that is, worlds-twins.

It turns out that you need to add to the definition of "either physically remote from the objective reality in space and time, at least the unit", of course, provided that the physical distancing is not considered a distinguishing fact. In addition, the parallel worlds to be counted among the worlds do not exist, and the imaginary. Quadrupeds good example — traveling A. Privalov invented in the future. Too, should also be mentioned that physically distant from the objective reality of the world must be considered in the present, as parallel world have arisen from the objective reality of the past, and may merge with it in the future. Thus, the "parallel world — the world is any different from the objective reality of at least one event or physically far away in space and time is described by the present at least one unit."

Somehow the sort described by the parallel worlds — employment almost impossible, especially when you consider that in relation to the reality of our world is the product of any SF is a parallel world, and already have a fantastic element which distinguishes the event. Why dwell on the particulars, such as how to travel to parallel worlds, studying their consequences or causes of these worlds.

Despite all the apparent variety of ways and mountains of literature describing them, all of them, as in the case of time travel, can be easily reduced to the same five categories, including all the many special cases, many of which also coincide with the ways of time travel. Not to repeat what has been said, this time consider only the most popular, or on the contrary, the most rare and therefore not mentioned in the article about time travel.

1. With the help of technical devices. For example, with the help of some biblohronokara you can get into an invented past (A. Ziborov, "Ali-lion"), and with the bike — in the same invented the future (A. and B. Strugatsky "Monday begins on Saturday"). We can also add a cabinet (J. Burkin, Lukyanenko, "King, Prince, King, King's …"), mirror (M Assumption, "Dear Comrade King"), a cruise missile (J. Watson, "Slow Birds" ) and many other items.

2. Environmental resources. The most popular way is certainly a place, which offers a passage to a parallel world. This passage may be permanent, and may act on a schedule, can be overcome only objects of a certain mass, color, or size — most importantly, the characters are aware of its existence and use this (D. Brayder, N. Chadovich, "The Gospel of Timothy"; L. and E. Lukins, "You and no other"). Another fairly common way to enter into a parallel world — a journey into the past and create it hronoklazma. While at the same branches and the hero is he created a parallel world, often have no hope of returning to their own (G. Harrison, "The Fugitive", A. Gromov, "The Institute is an investigation of time"). It may be noted, and methods such as catastrophe (D. Wyndham, "I do not believe it") or crossing the river (L. Vershinin, "Enter into the river").
3. Human Resources. There is not any way, which was given a clear preference, unless you can provide people with abilities. Among them there are those who can create parallel worlds and (or) to transfer people in them (F. Dick, "Ubico"). Causes great interest and a way to booze (A. Ruban, "Dream War") — that would be all of our alcoholics, but once in a parallel world have failed! Unfortunately, we too are in danger of emerging from the invasion of alcoholics parallenogo world.

4. The action of external circumstances. For example, to read poetry while lying in the bathtub (William Tenn, "Jellyfish Lamp") — who would have guessed that this is the formula of penetration into a parallel world? Or the already mentioned method: the passages in parellelnye worlds open from specific points in space, with the only difference being that the hero does not know it. Go in peace on the road, and suddenly — bang! — Suddenly finds himself in another world (R. Silverberg, "Between Two Worlds", W. Le Guin, "Threshold").

5. Combination of methods. For example, a certain firm offers everyone to go into a parallel world by the customer. Move it there can psychics employees. For the client company its employees — environmental resources, they also use their abilities, that is, a new way to obtain a combination of 2 and 3 (M. Akhmanov "Scythians feasting at sunset").

As can be seen, to penetrate into the parallel worlds can be in the same ways as the move into other times. Why? Here is one possible answer. Space and time, as we know, are inextricably linked. Thus, according to one hypothesis, time is discrete, therefore, take a trip back in time is possible only for a certain number of years (A. Gromov, "The Institute is an investigation of time", P. Miller, "The Sands of Ages"), as in the gaps between our time are the times of parallel worlds. So, you travel in time, you can end up in a parallel world, and vice versa, ie in both places in one way. As required. The only difference in setting a time machine.


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