Parents appeal to Russia pontiff cathedral — Parents rise from Moroka! Who to call upon?


Parents appeal to Russia pontiff cathedral — Parents wake up! Who to call upon?





Parents who put their trust in the capture of Russian Orthodoxy (ROC), wake up, all prefigured in the Torah, the Talmud, how to deal with gentiles! Enough samoobmanyvatsya! TORA underlies the Bible — Old Testament. Can I, confessing, partaking, baptizing a baby, asking "blessing" in the Judeo-pop Yasnomyslyaschim stay and not be a sheep?


Priests do whatever prescriptions Torah.


You do the things that Rule the "New Testament", wrote the Jews for the flock!


Parents, you are like those boys who are sent to thousands of Chechen soldiers, but did not tell and show them that cry out to the jackals useless.



Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill on the Slavs!






"Association of the parents' committee and the communities in the …" Led by Russ Slavs there? How many of them Slavs? Maybe in this case? And organize (the hardest!) Parent Committees namely representatives of the Russian people and collected in bunch — fagot — Men!


Q: Who Steals and headed the Parent's Men, if you do not hear the leaders of the "ROC" voice of the most important and courageous parents, raised tens, hundreds of thousands of votes Parents from all over Russia?


-They do not hear the Voice of Parental HOST?


VOICE OF RUSSIA Parents, as a voice crying in the desert?


How is this possible?


Parents wake up!

Is not the reason that we do not develop and because of that trouble and happen to us and our children?

I wonder whether the children with their parents and grandparents, who are "beyond their noses and" scriptures "and do not see anything, and certainly not to know, and even to see you refuse?

Why you were not able to behold such obvious things about the essence of those who seized the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church and the souls of his flock of children — over you!


In the first place it was stopped flock MUST first shoots molestation — LUXURY — PILL, which sank priests — that flock and flock Parents!

Where was the congregation Parents?


Why are you seeing the corruption of your POPOV, continued to bend them back and drive their children to the preaching of the Judeo-priests?


And now approach them, in fact, as the last resort between you and "the Lord," they serve! You know they serve their Lord, but he OUR GOD!

Parents poZrite open eyes in the hearts of those you lead!


Parents wake up!



Parents appeal to the pontiff's Cathedral Russia



His Holiness Patriarch

Moscow and All Russia Kirill


Members of the Council of Bishops

Russian Orthodox Church



Chairman of the Commission Council Presence

on the interaction of the Church, the state and society

Metropolitan Krutitsky and Kolomna


Business manager of the Russian Orthodox Church

Metropolitan Saransk and Mordovia Varsonofiev


Chairman of the Synodal Department

for Church and Society,

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin



 Your Holiness!

Your Eminence and Eminence!


Council of Bishops 2.5 February 2013 you will take the draft document "The position of the Russian Orthodox Church to reform family law and juvenile justice issues." The said document was reviewed plenum Council Presence 22-23 November 2012 for the purpose of discussion earlier it was published on the official website of the Inter-Council Presence, site and the official blog of the Inter-Council Presence.

When meeting with reviews on the project is easy to see that the vast majority of the panelists indicatedto undue leniency document, its dual nature and uncertainty of position, which can be interpreted arbitrarily. It suggests that the Russian Orthodox Church(Invader of Russian Orthodoxy, destroy am, that's what myself and are dressed in sheep skins and cover up of alien names — Russian Orthodoxy!,— EB)generally allows for the introduction of juvenile justice and juvenile technologies, only calls to do so with caution.

This position is very concerned parent community, and we sent a letter to Council Presence our comments and proposals prepared by professional experts. However,despite numerous requests of citizens, the final document after review by the Plenum was never published.


What is so important to our society document is received in a closed, almost secret mode, creates a situation of even greater tension and distrust.

We understand the desire of our church to the world and the unification of different members of society, especially in the current political situation. But the threat of the introduction of the juvenile system in Russia, which is now before our country is so terrible, that it leaves no room for compromise. After all,juvenile justice system — is the destruction of not only individual families, but also the traditional spiritual and moral foundations of our society(Outlook — ALL RUSSIAN — Orthodox — Vedic tradition — EB).We can not allow, taking dangerous for families and for the country's laws, taking away children, officials referred to the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church. This will not only allow the enemies of Orthodoxy to speculate on this issue by giving the Church the responsibility for administration of the juvenile system in Russia, but also alienate many of its supporters to her. Andif tomorrow the need to call on the support of the Orthodox people of the Church and its Primate, how many members come out, knowing who gave them into the hands of juvenile Inquisition?(That and so it's a letter of appeal and the need to publish and distribute and expose of who was hiding under the sheep's clothing RUSSIAN ORTHODOX —EB)


It is time for the Church to raise its voice in defense of her faithful children of our people. But this should not be to show concern for them, individually, and the expression of a common and clear position on the inadmissibility of the invasion of privacy officials families, the relationship between parents and children, in the process of education. We can not allow the separation of parents with their children under the guise of protecting their rights, gathering complaints from children to their parents, and the introduction of other juvenile technologies.

It is important, in our view, to note that took place in recent years in our country liberalization punishment of juvenile offenders, does not require the introduction of special juvenile courts, which eventually turn out to parents and the courts over legalizing those repressive measures that can be applied to the family at any cases involving minors.

You must also condemn the trend of artificial criminalization of traditional methods and forms of education, unwarranted extension of the concept of domestic violence, including prohibitions and punishment of children by their parents, and to declare the freedom of parents to having children in their spiritual moral tradition, ideology and way of life, according to their material and social status, etc. Limit this freedom can be only the misconduct of parents to their children, and that measure neglect their responsibilities towards children, which causes a clear, direct and substantial harm to the health of children, or of clear and imminent danger to their lives. Only on the basis of the established court finds a violation of existing legislation, the State has the right to interfere in the affairs of the family.

Parents are responsible to God for the education of their children in righteousness and the Orthodox faith. They should be able to protect them from the evil. After all,children raised in permissiveness and impunity will not respect any government or church authority(not already there do not understand that the so-called "ROC"? On the contrary — the one who had it taxis perfectly understand what methods are Yuvenalki and that's why they are showing "softness" and "uncertainty" in the plantation thereof,— EB)

Who, if not our mother — the Church must now appeal to the world about the preservation of the traditional family — the small church, the destruction of which leads to the destruction of the whole society, to remind of the fact that the power of parents over their children, given by the Creator on the law of love that a man has the right and unable to cancel, and that theabove all the legal laws is the law of God and its violation threatens humanity collapse(I can not understand why the parents to understand that God KOH, Cohn Nature Above all, as leaders of the "ROC" does not understand this, and why parents continue to trust and turn to those who can not hear, in fact the enemy? —EB).


Your Holiness! Venerable Master!


Humbly and lovingly pray to the Lord(Why "Lord"? Why not to the gods — the ancestors — our BIRTH applying, ROD-and-Teli?, Why not to the truth as it is? —EB)the fact that he has given you the wisdom to take in the true spirit of documents, from which in future will depend on the fate of many lay people and the country.

Depends on your decision, will the Russia ark of faith and salvation.

Asking for your blessing and holy prayers,


Association of parents' committees and communities in the …( Led by Russ Slavs there? How many of them Slavs? Maybe in this case? And organize (the hardest!) Parent Committees namely representatives of the Russian people and collected in bunch — fagot — Men!

Q: Who Steals and headed the Parent's Men, if you do not hear the leaders of the "ROC" voice of the most important and courageous parents, raised tens, hundreds of thousands of votes Parents from all over Russia?

-They do not hear the Voice of the Parent HOST?

VOICE OF RUSSIA Parents, as a voice crying in the desert?

How is this possible?,-E.B.)


Institute for Demographic Security — Director Irina Medvedev, a member of the board of the Russian Children's Foundation, a member of the Union of Russian Writers


"Project Medvedev and SHISHOV'— Head Shishova Tatiana, a teacher member of the Union of Writers of Russia, member of the Russian Children's Fund 


Social center of legal expertise and legislative activities, Moscow — Director Olga Letkova, head of the Commission for improving the legislation in the sphere of protection of the family, mothers and children under the Commissioner of the Public Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Child Rights Advisor Public Service of the Russian FederationIclass

International public organization "Russian mother," Irina Bergset coordinator;

Tyumen City Parent Committee — Chairman Andrey Dobrynin


The "Under the Sun" — the author and project leader Vasyl Yatskin, filmmaker 


Public Organization in support of the traditional family, parenthood and childhood "PTA Stavropol" — Chairman Eugene Dukhin


Chelyabinsk Provincial Parent Board — Chairman Tatiana Koshelev


MOD "Parents Committee of the North Caucasus Federal District, Pyatigorsk — Chairman Cyrus Moses


OD "Anapa Parent Committee" — Co-Love Yatsuhno


Parental Internet — Committee Coordinator Olga Anokhin


Russian public organization "For life and protection of family values," Bashkir Branch — Chairman Archpriest Vyacheslav Archangel


MOD "In defense of orphans left without parental care"— Coordinator Elena Timoshina


Parent Committee KNOW PSOSH "Transfiguration" Anapa — Co Faina Nedikova


Parental social movement "Parents in defense of the family and children," Khanty-Mansiysk — Chairman Maria Fedotova


Voronezh City Parent Committee — Chairman Mikhail Shmelev


Sverdlovsk Regional Committee of the parent "Happy childhood in his own family," Bratislava — Chairman Archpriest Oleg Vokhmyanin


Samara City Parent Committee — Chairman Boris Kotsenko


NGO "Parents Committee Ugra" of Khanty-Mansiysk — Chairman Svetlana Polivanov


NGO "Parents Committee Mineralovodsky district, Stavropol Territory NCFD" — Chairman Peter Goldin


Nizhny Novgorod regional branch Ltd. "In Defense of Childhood" — coordinator Sergey Pchelintsev


Urban Parent Committee Vyatskie Glade — Chairman Archpriest Boris Grandmother


Charity Project "Russian Demographics» Moscow — Head Anna Starytska


Regional family social organization "Sunflower", Klin — Coordinator Elena Polyakova


Charity Fund for Children — Chairman Yuri Lazin


Pyatigorsk Managing legal and economic expertise — Chairman Tatiana Lukashenok


Information Portal "Juvenile Justice in Russia, we have — against" — director Andrew Zigulya


Joint parent committee of Moscow and the Moscow region — Chairman Olga Anokhin


Public organization of veterans of the armed forces, "courage and bravery" — representative Marina Grosheva


Arkhangelsk regional parent committee — Chairman Tatiana Dryagina


Information Security Center of families and children (Moscow) — Coordinator Larisa Efimova


Pyatigorsk Town Charity Organization "Union-Chernobyl" — Chairman Victor Lukashenok


Kaluga City Parent Committee — Chairman Alexander Mirtofanov


Nyagan City Parent Committee — Chairman ClaudiaElovskaya


Social Innovation Project "New World" (Moscow) — Head Anna Vititina


Charity fund revival of national traditions "Father's House" (Tyumen) — Chairman Alexander Kazantsev


Internet — site of "Cultural Studies" — Editor Andrew Karpov

Crimean Branch of the Interregional Public Foundation to promote the spiritual and moral education of the population, "Resurrection" (Krymsk) — Chairman Galina Dluzhnovskaya

Stary City Parent Committee "Happy Oskol family" —Coordinator Olga Cap

Regional Branch of All-Russian public organization "For the protection of life and family values" — co-chairNatalia Semenkina

Site "Cultural Studies", Editor Andrew Karpov

Neftekamsky urban parent committee, Representative father George (Zavarsky)

All-Russian Zemstvo Union (GGS) — "The Zemstvo," representative Marina Grosheva

Irkutsk City Parent Committee — representative Irina Popova

Kostroma regional movement "Flowers of Life"Chairman of the Board Adilov Ruslan Rafiq oglu


Municipal Committee of the Red Army parent, Chelyabinsk Region — Chairman Jeanne A. Krivorotova


Public organization of Moscow and the Moscow region "Save semyu.RF" — Coordinator Anna Kislichenko

Ryazan urban social movement in defense of the rights of parents and children "Parent Meeting" — Chairman Eugene Ryabov

NGO "Simbirsk parent committee", Ulyanovsk — Chairman Michael Saunin

Public association "Don Family"— Chairman Lyudmila Kiseleva







Association of parents' committees and communities "SARK"

on the draft document:

"The position of the Russian Orthodox Church

regarding juvenile justice "


Filial thank His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill blessed the preparation and discussion of this document.

Not only Orthodox Christians, and all of society have long waiting the official position of the Russian Orthodox Church on such sensitive issues such as juvenile justice. The fact that such an important document for the whole country before its final adoption, submitted to a broad public debate, suggesting that the position of the Church will be dug and it will reflect the most thoughtful opinions and suggestions of all stakeholders.

Association of parents' committees and communities of Russia fully shares the concern of the Russian Orthodox Church, the possibility of infringement of juvenile justice mechanisms emptive right of parents to raise children. Gratifying to make an offer on a broad and open discussion of any draft laws and administrative measures in the field of juvenile justice. Gratefully received by our commitment to the power of intercession of the Church in the presence of legal concerns or regulations adopted in this area, as well as specific violations of rights of parents to raise their children and cases of improper interference in the internal life of the family.

At the same time, some of the provisions of this document(entire document, in essence, anti-natural Life)In our view, need to be adjusted.

We believe that the document may have the following structure:

1. Church view of the family and the issue of parent-child relationship

2. Protection of children's rights

3. On the intervention of the state in family matters

4. On the application of juvenile technologies for juvenile offenders

5. In general, on juvenile justice

1. Church view of the family and the issue of parent-child relations


The draft document states that:"Orthodoxy is evidence of parental responsibility before God for the education of children, the need to care for their health, safety, security, and, at the same time condemns the neglect of parental duties, rudeness and cruelty to children."

We believe that in this part of the document should contain the opinion of the Church on this issue, as set forth in Scripture and Tradition.

Church of constant concern to strengthen the family way of life based on the values established by God.

The very first family was created by the Lord God in heaven. The Lord commanded the people:'Be fruitful and multiply".

Children — a gift of God to spouses. 'Here are a heritage from the Lord, children, the reward from Him — the fruit of the womb'(Ps.126: 3).

Clement of Alexandria calls the family, like the Church, "the house of the Lord ", and St. John Chrysostom calls the family"Small church".

Scripture testifies about honoring parents and children obey them.

The Fifth Commandment of God says: "Honour thy father and thy mother, that thy days in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee"(Iskh.20: 12; Vtor.5: 16).

In the Old Testament, disrespect toward parents regarded as the greatest crime (Ex. 21. 15.17; Proverbs. 20. 20, 30. 17).

In the New Testament, the Savior says:'God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and thy mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death'(Mf.15 4;Mk. 7:10).

The New Testament also teaches children to obey: "Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord"(Col. 3. 18-21).

Duty imposed on parents to raise children in righteousness and the Orthodox faith.

The Apostle Paul urged fathers:"Do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4).

St. John Chrysostom taught: "We do not apologize if our children are corrupted".

St. Ephraim the Syrian taught:"Blessed is the one who brings up children pleasing to God."

God has given the power of parents over their children.

'God exalted father of the children and the court approved the mother of sons'(Sir.3: 2).

'Leaves his father — the same as a blasphemer, and cursed by the Lord annoying mother'(Sir. 3:1).

Parents wake up! 

Moroka veiled Heart and Spiritual Eyes, Wraith!

 Is not the reason that we do not develop, but we trust in the'Be fruitful and multiply'and because of that trouble and happen to us and our children?

Fear has many — FEAR!

2. Protection of children's rights


The draft states:"Acute problems of our society are ill-treatment of parents with their children …".

Meanwhile, according to official statistics (MIAC MVD of Russia) in 2011, the number of juvenile victims of criminal attacks, was 93 241 [1] (for comparison, in 2010 — 100 227 people). [2]

Of this number, 49,332 minors were victims of crime, coupled with the violence (in 2010 the figure was 55,170 people). Of them directly from the crimes by family members affected 5099 people (2010 — 5208 children)of which are from criminal acts or omissions of the parents — 3849 people (2010 — 4044 children).


It should be noted that only 4% of the total number of victims of crimes of children are victims of parental abuse.Relative to the total number of children living in Russia, which is about 26 million, the number of child victims of domestic violence is 0.02%.


Of course, society must not remain indifferent even to the few cases of children suffering. But official statistics show the overall trend, which certainly indicates a lack of high level of child abuse in Russian families and the annual reduction of parental criminality.

Thus, theobjectively established that 96% of all crimes whose victims are children, is not in the family, and on the street, at school, in children's homes and other places.

This suggests that it is this violence is a serious problem in the present, in which the society is to focus. That is, the system of protection of the rights of children should be aimed at protecting children from family members, but from criminal encroachments of others.

In addition, the recentunder the influence of international organizations around the world tended to be unjustified expansion concepts of "family violence" and "abuse" (all have been written in the Torah, the Talmud, how to deal with gentiles! Enough samoobmanyvatsya! Any POP, reading every prayer, holding the "light" writing — the question: for whom the light? —EB).Today, the "ill-treatment" refers to the use of the Children educational moderate physical punishment (not related, as the centuries-old experience of a number of serious research, with any real danger to the child), prohibitions or lighter educational influences. Similar attempts to criminalize the traditional methods of education being made in Russia.

In the position of the Church, in our view, it would indicate thatemerged in recent decades as the world trend of criminalization of penalties, restrictions misbehavior of children, parental prohibitions dangerous to society. Parents are responsible for bringing up their children, and they should be able to protect them from the evil. Criminal law should cover the criminal did that cause real and significant harm to the act. Artificial same criminalization of traditional methods of education, common parental behavior — in order to promote certain specific views on education or justify further interference in the internal life of the family "by law" — should be declared invalid.


In addition, it should be noted thatincitement to denunciations as receiving complaints of children to the parents, if they relate to issues of education and family relations, and not committed against children socially dangerous acts are unacceptable.


This position is consistent with not only the spiritual but also the legal statutes. Under Article 60 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation citizen may exercise fully their rights and obligations at 18. Prior to that time, in accordance with Article 64 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, the legal representatives of children are their parents.(The Constitution — Basic The Act is written down by the same Jews — descendants of those who wrote the Torah — the Old Testament and the "New Testament"! Should delusion and reference, refer to the document in which no Russian people, which clearly states that between -folk (vdumaemsya!) rate in excess of the contract and contracts and regulations of the Russian Federation, paragraph 4, Article 15, Section 1 — the basic constitution of the whole of Russia? Closed wheel! —EB)

That is, according to the Russian Constitution and Russian laws, have no children and can not have any personal rights, carried out by themselves without adults. It should be borne in mind that Article 15 of the Constitution establishes the precedence of international law over federal laws, but not over the Constitution of the Russian Federation,has the highest legal force, to give it a popular vote(Lozh! absent popular vote! Lies! Would you vote for the Constitution, where about YOU — the Russian people and the word NO, as a people, but are all the other small ethnic groups, most of which are his own and are betraying the Russian people, by whom and there? We implemented postrasstrelny (execution of the Duma in 1993.) harvested draft Constitution! Either you cheated or …? THINK. According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation:"Black Hole". Liberal Lies about the Constitution (Information Studies —,at the end are links to several articles on the study of the existing embedded draft Constitution, — EB)

In this regard, the position of the Church should be noted thatthe right of children not be set against the rights of adults, becoming an instrument of destruction of family life and traditions of family education and moral values.


However, this does not mean that parents have the right arbitrarily to restrict the rights of children.

Appropriate to state that the Church believes thatparents must take care to preserve the life and health of children, their subsistence, development and education, moral education.


It should be noted thatparents may be responsible for the execution of their duties only within the limits of its financial and other opportunities, social status, which should be directly recognized by lawParents should not be held liable for breach of duty on the content and development of children in the event that the state's social obligations in respect of a particular family or the lack of real opportunity for the full exercise of parental rights and responsibilities (lack of jobs, lack of housing, facilities, etc.)[3].

In our opinion, the Church must also point out thatalong with the rights of children must be recognized that there duties of children, including the parents and family. In particular, the law should provide for such duties of children as an obligation to respect their parents (and those who act on their behalf, such as teachers, other relatives) and the obligation to obey the demands of their parents.


Can not exist right of children to disobey their parents, on the immoral acts and promiscuity, disrespect for elders and other people on the bad behavior.



3. On the intervention of the state in family matters


In the project the official position of the Church indicated:"The Church supports the government's efforts to protect children from criminal attacks, and recognizes that in the case of threat to life, health or morals of the child state has the right to intervene in family life, if parents can not or do not want to protect children, and only in the case when all the opportunities to work with the parents are exhausted. "


Currently, federal law cooperation with parents is not provided. In foreign practice, parents are often forced to work with the so-called public (juvenile) structures that protect the rights of children at risk taking away the child. This often leads to unnecessary invasion of the officials in the family in the process of raising children and family disruption to the most trivial, absurd reasons. We see many examples of this in the Western countries, where similar legislation has already been taken up and running.

The same system is prompted to enter today in Russia.This project, being introduced under different names (family social support, social patronage, etc.)allows officials under the guise of alleged social assistance interfere in the internal life of the family, parents impose their demands to raise and support children in the family, and strangers in our spiritual and legal traditions, to take away children because of violations of their rights, treated in a broad liberal spirit.

In the document, the Russian Orthodox Church is "cooperation" is mentioned as a tribute, as if the question of its introduction has already been solved, despite the fact that these projects will cause strong resistance on the part of the Orthodox community, parent organizations, and the rejection of the overwhelming majority of Russian citizens.

Given that in the absence of opportunities for such cooperation Church recognizes the right of the state to intervene in family life, it seems that the Church recognizes the right of public officials to intervene in the private life of the family, and the failure of parents or resistance — select children(Heads "ROC" do everything as prescribed by the Torah — to destroy the family and harass all the goyim Rhode goyim, all sort RUSSOV Slavs, —EB)


This listing does not include previously adopted Church documents and statements.

The Basic Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church, stated:


"Living the succession of generations, beginning in the family finds its continuation in the love of the ancestors and the country, in the sense of belonging to the story. Therefore, it is dangerous to the destruction of the traditional ties of parents with children, which, unfortunately, is largely due to the way of life of modern society. "


In a statement issued at a meeting of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill on the members of the Presidium of the Interreligious Council of Russia, which took place22April 2010, representatives of all Russia's traditional religions unanimously declared: 'We see them threatening any measures that would allow officials to interfere in the internal life of the family, her worldview and way of life in the natural relationship of parents and children. The child is happy only code lives with his father and mother. Rules laid down by the Creator of family relations in the nature of man, and the destruction of man and bring bad luck to the people".


Clause that the state has the right to intervene in family life"In case of threat to life, health or morals of the child"And that"governmental actions should be based on clear and unambiguous legal criteria ", not protect the family from official arbitrariness, as not the substance of these provisions and criteria, which gives rise to all sorts of interpretations and abuses in the area.

That the position of the Church on the issue of juvenile justice is not perceived as the dual need to get away from the formal terms, which can be understood by all that you want, and specify on the subject matter, in all cases, according to the Church, it is permissible intrusion of the state in the family, and in What — no.

Patriarch of Moscow and All RussiaKirillProposals on "State Policy Support of family, motherhood and childhood in the Russian Federation", directed the state authorities of the Russian Federation16/01/2011, in particular, noted the need to:

— legal ability to prioritize family to decide issues relating to its inner life;

— legislative measures that create additional guarantees the right of parents to raise their children, including the formation of their worldview and way of life, protection of children from dangerous and immoral behavior, regulation of their daily routine, performing their religious prescriptions, with the opposite sex, acquaintance with educational materials, printed and audio and video products, websites.


Based on this, in our view, the document is necessary to state the general principled position thatparents have the inalienable freedom given by God in matters of birth, methods and forms of education, education, degree of acculturation, training, recreation, etc. Limit this freedom can only be a behavior of parents towards their children, and that measure neglect their responsibilities towards their children, which is a violation of applicable laws.

Only in these cases, the state has the right to interfere in the life of the family. Beyond — to solve its internal problems, making decisions about their inner life — primarily personal life spouse, birth and raising children — the family has precedence over all other stakeholders, including the government.

Because of the divine nature of the family parental rights can not be alienated or arbitrarily limit state power, including the rule of law. Rather, they should be recognized and protected in any society.

Also illegal to punish both spouses, if guilty of breaking the law is only one.

Taking away children may be allowed only in emergency situations where there is a clear and proven imminent threat to the life of the child, or to prove a clear and imminent threat of serious harm to his health, and that this threat comes from his parents and can not be resolved by other means.

Inadmissible any "preventive" intervention to families on the basis of suspicion or for the prevention of possible offenses against children, as it is imposed on the juvenile justice system. The denial of the presumption of innocence, contrary to the principle of good faith and spiritual parents, and legal laws.

It should also be noted thatunlawful intrusion into family life is destructive to the family and society and should be punished under criminal law.

In addition,the law must be set to priority conservation blood family. And in case, if the transfer of the child to education of persons who are not his relatives, is inevitable, it is necessary to ensure the continuity of his education in cultural and religious terms.Alsothe law should be a ban on the separation of siblings.

In addition,concern expressed in the Church's official position paper, which allows state interference in the internal life of the family in case of a threat to the child's moral. The current law state intervention in the family on this ground is not provided.This proposal calls for the imposition of a family from the state of certain rules of morality and enforcement mechanism of their performance though these rules do not set in law (On the line "not set", but even very indirectly established — to claim 4, Article 15, Section 1, — EB).This could lead to arbitrary interference with family life by officials, with their own yardstick suitable to questions of morality and ethics.


4. On the application of juvenile technologies

Juvenile offenders


The document states:"There is a need to change the system of punishment of juvenile offenders, that it may not lead to violent children, making them part of the criminal community. Of the relevant experts and interested social forces should be aimed at changing the situation that led to the offense, in order to avoid its repetition in the future. "


Meanwhile, the Russian reality juvenile penal system has long changed and liberalized even more so than in some Western countries.


So, on the basis of Art. 420 Code of Criminal Procedure, "nManufactoring the criminal case of a crime committed by a minor, is in a general way … subject to the provisions of this chapter ". These are the "withdrawal" of the individual and provide a more gentle approach to children. Thus, in our country apply special conditions of juvenile of criminal procedure and penal action, as a preliminary investigation of cases in the court of criminal responsibility, purpose and execution of the punishment (Section 50 of the Code, Chapter 14 Criminal Code).

In addition to the designated requirements of the law and impose special conditions of juvenile criminal procedure and penal action during the preliminary investigation proceedings against juveniles are normally transmitted by the most experienced investigator who has qualified.

Our country is extremely rare juvenile offender who has committed a crime of minor or moderate, was elected a preventive measure in the form of detention, more than half of juveniles released from criminal responsibility at the time of the investigation.

In practice, all the judges, along with the core business, and have their conditional specialization, and the case in juvenile court is always given to the same judge who specializes in this field.

When a preliminary investigation and trial of the criminal case on juvenile crime, along with the circumstances to be proven, necessarily establish the conditions of life and upbringing of a minor, the level of mental development and other features of his personality, the impact of a minor by older persons ( Art. 421 of the Code).

As for prioritizing education measures for juvenile offenders, and here the Russian legislation allows not to give countries that practiced juvenile Technology.

Liberal domestic criminal justicewith respect to this category of people is reflected in the fact that the commission of a minor crime of small or moderate, he may be released from criminal liability if it is found (in much the same way as in the juvenile criminal law, Germany), that his correction can be achieved through the use of compulsory measures of educational influence. For more serious offenses minors give minimum sentences are usually not custodial.

In this situation, to say that our legislation needseven more liberalization in juvenile crime, hardly justified. If applied today compulsory educational measures, according to the Church, is not enough, it is possible to extend the range of special educational and rehabilitation programs for juveniles in large numbers developed in Russia.

In addition, the alarming statement that "the actions of relevant experts and interested social forces should be aimed at changing the situation that led to the offense, in order to avoid its repetition in the future." Itprinciple of juvenile justice. Under its cover, which are binding court orders parents to nurture and create an environment for their children.In fact, the trial of a child into a trial of his parents.A child is exempt from punishment.In this case we are talking about teenagers who have reached the age of legal responsibility. This raises the children impunity, disrespect for elders and provokes them to commit new crimes.(If you read carefully, and THINK in fact, the natural parents in the first place should be punished for it, what are the kids — this not a paradox? This homespun truth. Another thing is that, as leaders of the "ROC" and priests, and the law called likely not to be the perpetrators "to clean water," but muddy as the judges, creating a "run around" endless comments on the principal law! Who's taxis in jurisprudence? —EB)


In addition, the proposal does not comply with the document contained in the allegations that"Creation of juvenile courts and children's justice infrastructure can lead to unnecessary government interference in the internal affairs of the family and any family conflicts that affected children". After the application of juvenile technologies ordinary courts is no less dangerous for the family than if they were held by juvenile courts. In fact it is the juvenile justice system, no matter how it is applied by the court.

5. In general, on juvenile justice



The document calls on the Church "with caution in future implementation and development of the juvenile justice mechanisms and evaluate the improvements in terms of Christian morality. "This can be understood, and so that the Church in general, not against the introduction of juvenile justice, but urged to do so with caution.

But this approach is in direct contradiction to the words of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, what he said, at the opening of 01/23/2012 XX International Christmas Educational Readings:'Increasingly alarming-sounding proposal to implement the so-called Institute of Juvenile Justice. In our view, there are currently no objective and compelling reasons for the need for a new legal framework in this area. The existing system of law provides greater protection of the rights of children and adolescents, and additional safeguards in administering justice to their participation".


Considering the above, we believe that a more correct would be the question is not about the need for caution to the prospect of the introduction and development of juvenile justice mechanisms, and about zero tolerance of it.

It would be naive to assume that Russia will be able to avoid the violations of people and those excesses which are found in international practice as a result of the juvenile system to cope with rising corruption crime subsequent to such innovations, unjustified destruction of families, and thereforethere is every reason to abandon it altogether.Instead of implementing juvenile justice in Russia would be more rational to talk about improving the existing system of child protection in view of our peculiar spiritual and legal traditions.

It was the Russian Orthodox Church (WHERE onaya — Russian Orthodox — Vedic?)Being the guardian of the deep experience of centuries of our ancestors, can oppose western juvenile system, our spiritual traditions, which can improve the family, strengthen the authority of parents to protect children, and, therefore, to restore our society.

[1] Statistics MIAC Russian Interior Ministry. Form 455, Section 3 (for 12 months of 2011, only for Russia).

[2] Statistics MIAC Russian Interior Ministry. Form 455, Section 3 (for 12 months of 2010, only for Russia).

[3] In some cases, government representatives claim that the family had helped, but it was "not right." In this case, it is most often an extremely small financial assistance that can not really make a difficult situation in which there was a family. Prosecuting parents in these cases, inhumane and cynical, and should not be tolerated.

The Central Council of the Association
PTAs and communities (SARK)
established in Kazan

tel. 8-985-182-98-98



Parents wake up!

Moroka veiled Heart and Spiritual Eyes, Wraith!
Is not the reason that we do not develop, but we trust in the'Be fruitful and multiply'and because of that trouble and happen to us and our children?
Fear has many — FEAR!

I wonder whether the children with their parents and grandparents, who are "beyond their noses" and "scriptures" can not see anything and certainly do not know of, and even see you refuse?
In the first place it was stopped flock MUST first shoots molestation — LUXURY — PILL, which sank priests — that flock and flock Parents!


Where was the congregation Parents, when the priests grew fat, and we are impoverished?


Why is prayer,seeing corruption POPOV, continued to bend the back and front of them to drive their children to the preaching of the Judeo-priests?



And now turning to them as to the latter,in fact,instance between you and "the Lord," they serve!

They serve their Lord, but he OUR GOD!

Why you can not find yourself behold such obvious things about the essence of those who seized the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church and the souls of his flock of children — over you?

JEWS their name — The essence of a traitor!


Parents poZrite open eyes in the hearts of those you lead!



REMEMBER OUR FAITH GODS — our ancestors!

Not really our ancestors like this cranking?


Before what?


Writing of icons?


Yes, if that were the case, then we would be absent LONG!



Parents wake up!


Recalls WHOSE we are descendants!


The Central Council of the Association of PTAs and communities (SARK), established in Kazan

On the subject:

The Bible, the Torah, the Koran …


The Bible, the Torah, the Koran … Who and why they built the "sources of divine wisdom"
The Bible, the Torah, the Koran … Who and why they built the "sources of divine wisdom", following which over half — two dozen centuries, humanity has brought untold suffering to themselves?
Think about it, how to effectively manage people, manipulate the consciousness of millions of people, while remaining in the shadows? It's very simple. It's enough just to be God for these peoples and firmly take the place of the Most High.
That is the scam and cranked with humanity Zionists. No one would not dream that the biblical God Almighty Yahweh, Jehovah, God the Father, God Almighty, Almighty Allah in the Quran — this is just the Egyptian priesthood, the Egyptian priests warlocks Elders of Zion, The Secret World Government, World Jewish Kagan.
It is they who the authors of Scripture, that they are in the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, and in the guise of the name of the Almighty God for centuries continue to offer installation — precepts of humanity, following which, to the ground one after another disappear entire nations that once inhabited the planet, and Life on earth is extinguished in all forms of its manifestation.
Secret World Government — is today, always acting in concert, who came to power in a centuries-old biblical creeping terror, Zionist U.S. government, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Georgia, etc.
Here it is the great secret of Jewish Freemasonry, which are not devoted to the Masons who are at the highest levels of Zion pyramid of power, and which quite frankly beat his head against the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, not knowing that the Almighty God Yahweh Jehovah currently sipping coffee in one of the skyscrapers in New York and understands how to polovchee demolished towers of the World Trade Center in New York, to stir up another military conflict in the Middle East, to organize the next financial crisis, redirect U.S. nuclear missiles from military to important industries of Russia, Russian bleed Chechens, Ukrainians, Estonians, Americans with Arabs, tear civilians of Tskhinvali, to instill some humanity a new influenza virus, feline, canine, and other grievous diseases of Egypt, in the past, this plague, smallpox, cholera, and much, much more.
In addition to the Bible, the Torah, the Koran authored God Jehovah belong the protocols of the Elders of Zion, Talmud, Kabbalah, Shulchan Aruch,, the catechism of Jews in Russia, and various instructions for the extermination of the Jews of the goyim.
Here it is the great mystery of the World Masonic Lodge, on which for centuries Jews were shaking, trembling, waiting every moment, when their victims finally awake.
And that time has come.

With the awakening of you, mankind!
We are not the Almighty God, as Zionists, but still try to shed light on the nature around us isTORYcheskih events. Therefore urge you, be not faithful to anybody, as required of you Zion Lord God, and to think what you gave birth to Mother Nature.
Forewarned is forearmed.
Lowering the biblical account of creation crap, let's start our discussion with a very real and well-known to all the rite of circumcision.
— Eight days old shall be circumcised among you (Jews) in your generations every [child] males (the Old Testament, the Torah Byt.17: 12)
Complaints of pain experienced by the child at the time of circumcision on the eighth day of age disfigures the human psyche to the point that one of the cerebral hemispheres in the future ceases to function properly, and the person loses the ability to distinguish between good and evil.
Knowing this, the Egyptian priests centuries ago to carry out this monstrous operation on one of the nomadic tribes of Semites. Then, under the guise of and on behalf of the Old Testament God Yahweh Jehovah Egyptian priests have developed for these poor fellows circumcision mutilated the Old Testament, the Torah (Law of Moses), in which under the leadership of the "prophet of God" Moses for several generations in the Sinai desert selection was made, displayed genotype biorobots — Jewish fighting unit functional killers, with the inevitable suggestion to them that they Elects, the further they are scattered around the world — the future inquisitors terrorist revolutionaries who will drown the world in blood, will bring the Elders kagalom multimillion casualties.
Then, under the image of Jesus Christ gave the Zionists the appropriate setting — the commandments on humility, slavery and misery for Christians, and by way of the Prophet Muhammad appropriate settings — commandments for Muslims, thus dividing the peoples of the world to the "chosen by God" of the Jews, and to all others, not Jews who were Jews by the inspiration of Almighty God should consider the goyim, cattle, animals, enemies of the people of Israel, which according to the law of Moses should be destroyed without leaving any living soul.
Therefore, holy, righteous, good, meek, the prophets, the children of God in the Bible, the Torah, the Koran is "Elects" Jews, respectively wicked pagans, infidels, enemies, dogs, wicked (without Torah), the wicked is goyim.
Goi businessmen, celebrities, people who have "all right" — is shabes-goyim, other gentiles who can not afford to "nothing more" — is a Zionist rednecks. Immediately make a reservation, it is hoped that among the Jews there are still a lot of normal, decent people who can distinguish between good and evil.
See what setting — the commandment to Zionist Jews in the physical destruction of the people in the Old Testament, the Torah:
— I (Kagan) completely destroy all the nations (Gentiles) have scattered (introduced) you (Jewish circumcision) (Old Testament, the Torah Ier.30: 11)
— And in the cities of these nations (Gentiles), which the Lord God (Kagan) giveth thee (the Jews) the possession, do not leave (the Jew) in a single living soul (goyim)
— But utterly (Jew) their (Gentile) destroyed (destroy) as commanded you (the Jews) the Lord God (Kagan), Thy (Old Testament, the Torah, Vtor.20 :15-17)
— And thou shalt consume (destroy) all nations (Gentiles), which the Lord, the God (Kagan) giveth thee (the Jews): Do not spare them (goyim) your eye, (the Old Testament, the Torah, Vtor.7: 16)
— All will destroy the land, saith the Lord (Kagan) will destroy people (gentiles) and livestock consume the fowls of heaven, and the fish of the sea, and temptations (Laws of Mother Nature) with the wicked (Gentiles) will cut off man (goyim) to the ground , says the Lord (Kagan). (Old Testament, the Torah, Sof.1 :2-3)
— For the wrath of God (Kagan) to all nations (Gentiles), and his fury upon all their armies (goyim). He (Kagan) gave them (goyim) destroyed, gave them (the Gentiles) to slaughter (the destruction).
Their slain (goyim) will be cast out, and their carcasses (goyim) rises the stench, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood (goyim). (Old Testament, the Torah, Is.34 :2-3)
Those who wish to comment, please.
Next, prepare a script for a Hollywood horror movie, which will break all box office, horror Old Testament story of human sacrifice to Jehovah in Numbers chapter 31:
— And Moses gave the tribute (thirty-two persons girls had known no man's bed — the victim without blemish) an offering to the Lord (kagalom), Eleazar the priest, as the LORD (Kagan) Moses. (Old Testament, the Torah, Chis.31: 41)
Then at least a terrible picture of Jewish ritual cannibalism:
— And he was angry [Moses] (square brackets!) With Eleazar and Ithamar, Aaron's remaining sons, and said:
— Why do you not eat the sin offering in the holy place? Behold, the blood of her (girls, not to have known the male bed) are not brought in within the holy place, and you had to eat it in the holy place, as I commanded (kagals) (Old Testament, the Torah Leviticus 10:16-18)
— Eat as it (goy) (Jews) as follows: Let your loins be girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand, and eat it (goy) (Jews) with haste (so no one would know) is — Easter Sepulchre (Kagan) (Old Testament, the Torah, Iskh.12: 11)
Passover — is a human sacrifice, followed by eating the victim.
All the sacrifices described in the Bible, in the guise of sheep, rams, bulls, oxen, and so on — it's human sacrifice.
— And you (Jews) took the Lord [God] (Kagan) (brackets!) (Cut) and brought you (Jews) of the iron furnace, out of Egypt, that you (the Jews) were his people (Kagan) inheritance, as it is now we see (kursiv!) (Old Testament, the Torah, Deut. 4:20)
Appearance on the scene of new characters:
— I (Kagan) will raise them (Gentiles) of the Prophet (New Testament of Jesus Christ) (Muhammad) from among their brethren (goyim), like unto thee (Moses), and will put my words in his mouth, and he (the New Testament Jesus Christ ) (Quran) will tell them (to Gentiles Christians, Muslims goyim) all that I (Kagan) command him (the Old Testament, the Torah, Vtor.18: 18)
At the behest of the Zionist Christians erected prophet speaks the following ::
— Do not think that I (Jesus Christ New Testament) have come to abolish the Law (Torah) and the prophets (Jewish Moses, David, Solomon): I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you (Gentiles), Till heaven and earth pass, not one iota or one tittle shall not pass of the law (Torah), till all be fulfilled. (New Testament Matf.5 :17-18)
— Is easier for heaven and earth pass away, than for one tittle of the law (Torah) lost (New Testament Lk.16: 17)
In the Quran we read:
Surah 3 Al 'Imraan "The Family of Imran"
3:3. Allah (Kagan) has sent down to you (O Muhammad!) Koran — And He sent down (Kagan) Torah to Musa (Moses) and the Gospel — 'Eesa (Jesus).
3:4. The Torah and the Gospel were revealed (kagals) to the Koran
But the Qur'an Zionists set against Muslims on Christians:
Surah 3 Al 'Imraan "The Family of Imran"
6:21. There is no more wicked and unjust than he who builds a lie against Allah (Christians)
invented by that Allah has a son and companion (holy spirit), or treacherously denies His signs which prove that he — One and the truth of His Messengers. Unrighteous wicked (Christians) will not be the welfare of any immediate life or in the Hereafter!
Except Allah Akbar nothing to add here.
And to Gentiles Christians behaved quietly, the Zionists have given them the appropriate setting for humility, slavery and poverty:
— And I (Kagan) telling you (Gentiles), Love (GOI) of your enemies (the Jews), bless them that curse you (Jews), do good to them that hate you (the Jews) and pray for those who persecute you (Jews). (New Testament Matf.5: 44)
— For what pleases God (kagals) if someone (goy), endures pain, suffering unjustly (by the Jews). But if, (SOI) by doing good (the Jews) and the suffering (of the Jews), bear (the Jews), it is pleasing to God (kagals). (New Testament 1Pet.2 :18-20)
— Shock Me (goy) cheek (Jew) and lend another and robs you (goy) Outerwear (Jew) forbid not to take thy coat also. (New Testament Luk.6: 29)
Combining Old and New Testament in the Bible, a book, a Zionist deftly blocked the minds of millions of people and for centuries legitimized genocide of the peoples of the world.
Jews continue the extermination of non-Jews in the Old Testament, and the New Testament requires the goyim be submissive, humble sheep to the slaughter.
— Thus saith the Lord God (Kagan) my Tend sheep (Gentiles), the slaughter
— And I will feed the sheep (goyim) slaughter, sheep (goyim) really poor (the Old Testament, the Torah, Zah.11: 4.7)
— He said to him again a second time, Simon, son of John do you love me? Peter (kursiv!) saith unto him, Lord, Jesus (kursiv! at the behest of Kagan) said unto him, Feed my sheep (goyim) (slaughter) (New Testament John. 21:16)
— For if that first covenant (kursiv!) (Old Testament Torah) had been faultless, there would be no need (Zionists) sought for the second (New for the goyim)
— Speaking of "new" (in quotes, for the goyim) showed decrepitude (antiquity, the stability) of the first, and the aging and crumbling close (close, but no more) to destroy (the New Testament Hebrews. 8:7,13)
Of course, in reality the Jews in the Old Testament (Torah) and there is no shortage but one — without the New Testament Jews would not have coped with many people for the destruction of the law of Moses (Torah).
— And built (Kagan) horn of salvation (the New Testament of Jesus Christ), we (the Jews) in the house of David, that will save us (Jews) from our enemies (goyim), the mercy promised to our fathers (the Jews), and to remember his holy covenant (Old , the Torah), delivered from the hand of our enemies (goyim), (New Testament Luk.1 :69-74)
— I say that Jesus Christ (the New Testament) was a minister (Saviour) of the circumcision (Jews) — for the sake of the truth (the law of Moses, the Torah) of God (Kagan), to confirm the promises (the Old Testament, the Torah), fathers (the Jews) (Abraham , Isaac, Jacob) (New Testament Rom.15: 8)
— For we (Jews) aroma of Christ (!) God (kagalom) in rescued (Jews) and the lost (goyah)
— For some (non-Jews), the savor of death, but for others (Jews) savor of life unto life .. (New Testament, 2Kor.2 :15-16)
And more than a frank recognition of the Jews in italics on the second coming of Christ — the savior of the Jews:
— Do not soon shaken in mind (the Jews), or be troubled nor by word, nor by spirit, nor by letter, as if we (the Jews) sent, as that the day of Christ. Let no man deceive you (Jews) by any means, for that Day will not come (kursiv!). (New Testament, 2 Thess ,2:2-3)
— And put a covenant (the Old Torah) between Me My (kagals) and you (Jews), and between thy seed (the Jews) after thee in their generations, the covenant (the Old Torah) for ever in that which I (Kagan) be a God your (the Jews) and descendants (the Jews) after your thee (the Old Testament, the Torah, Byt.17: 7)
— For all the prophets (Moses, David, Solomon) and the law (Torah) prophesied (for Jews) until John (the Baptist). (New Testament Matt.11: 13)
Accordingly, all that after John the Baptist prophesied the Zionists for the goyim — the New Testament, the Koran.
— Will be preached these things (Jewish) The Gospel of the Kingdom (the Jews) in the whole world as a testimony to all nations (Gentiles), and then the end will come (to Gentiles). (New Testament, Matf.24: 14)
"Orthodox" Catholic churches, monasteries, chapels, mosques, and, of course, the synagogue — a sign of the complete victory of Zionism in Russia and the world, with the "Orthodox", Catholic priests, pastors, priests — are direct accomplices of Zionist crimes against humanity.
Christians, Muslims — is a human shield behind which hid the Zionists.
— For the Lord (Kagan) loves the truth (Torah) and leaves the "saints" of their (Jews) are preserved for ever, they (the Jews) and the seed of the wicked (goyim) cut off (the Jews).
— Righteous (the Jews) shall inherit the earth (Gentiles), and dwell therein for ever. (Old Testament, the Torah, Ps. 36:28-29)
— Do not like the (Jewish) world (gentiles), or the fact that the world (Laws of Mother Nature): who (a Jew) loves the world (non-Jews), is not the Father's Love (Kagan).
— For all that is in the world (The laws of Mother Nature), the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life, is not of the Father (Kagan), but of the world (from Mother Nature) hereof. (New Testament, 1Ioan.2: 15.16)
— For when the Gentiles (goyim) do not have the law (Torah), the nature of the law (according to the laws of Mother Nature) do, then not having the law (Torah), they (the Gentiles) a law unto themselves:
— They (the Gentiles) show that what the law (Mother Nature) they (gentiles) are written on their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness (goyim), and their thoughts (goyim), (New Testament Rim.2: 14,15)
— And in the days of these kings (goyim) God of heaven (Kagan) will set up a kingdom (the world domination of the Jews), which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom (the world domination of the Jews) will not be left to other people (Gentiles), it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms (goyim), and self-(world domination of the Jews) will stand forever (Old Avet, Torah, Dan.2: 44)
We also offer you the article "The real charge against the Jews, one of which shows the full depth of their guilt" Mark Ely Ravazha to reduce, with brief explanations in parentheses. Full text of the article is easy to find on the Internet, where it is freely available on many Internet sites.
In addition to the article.
The document has great validity, because under all that bloody nightmare personally signed by the Rothschild family biographer Mark Eli Ravazh Jew. Memory of the millions of human victims, requires us to establish an international (non-Jewish) tribunal to investigate crimes against humanity, the Zionists, which killed hundreds of millions of human lives.
Russian, Americans, Germans, French, British, Spaniards, Italians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Estonians and many other nations of the world deluded Zionist Jewish worship Jehovah God (kagals), under the guidance of which the Jews to exterminate the people in the millions.
This is a practical implementation of the Bible program.
— I (Kagan) completely destroy all the nations (Gentiles) have scattered (introduced) you (Jews) (Old Testament, the Torah Ier.30: 11)
— God (Kagan) has given us (the Jews), his chosen (cut) to the people (the Jews), scattering, and this apparent for all (non-Jews), the weakness of our (Jewish) and told all of our (Jewish) power, which is now led us (the Jews) to the threshold of World domination. We (Jews) are now little remains is to complete construction of the pledged (Egyptian priests) foundation. (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 11)
— Jacob (a Jew), the twelve tribes (Jews) which are scattered abroad, — rejoice. (New Testament Iak.1: 1)
Very many people thought, and think that this is the scattering of the Jewish settlement of Jews all over the Earth, then it turns out in fact, Jewish scattering — a mutation, the scattering of the Jews among the nations, the introduction of the Jews in the human race for the conquest and destruction of the peoples according to the law of Moses.
Away with this bloody mess Jews can do "due to" features, unique to the Jews, their ability to dissipate-moiseevatsya (implemented, mutate) among the nations, "to become" Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Armenians, Georgians, Germans, Spaniards, the French, the Americans, Finns, Norwegians, Japanese, Chinese, Arabs, and so on, always remaining Jews living all as one under the law of Moses, the Torah — do not let a Jew living in any goy.
As has happened hundreds of times in the past, the Jews "drove" goyim Christians, roasting them at the stake, under the guise of "Holy Church", plagued Russia in the guise of the Mongol invasion, burned Moscow under the guise of French Armenians slaughtered under the guise of Turkish, Russian peasants and Cossacks under the guise of the Bolshevik revolutionaries, millions left to rot in the Russian Jewish Stalinist death camps scattered across Russia, cut, hung, burned Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, under the guise of German executioners, organized Jewish pogroms, holocausts under the guise of any kind, tearing apart civilians Germany in 1945 under the guise of the Soviet soldiers who were deported Crimean Tatars, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, people under the guise of Russian Caucasus, blowing houses, trains, supermarkets, under the guise of terrorists Arabs, Chechens, bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam , Serbia, Iran under the guise of Americans, and much, much more. (Babylon, Rome, St. Bartholomew, Byzantium, Russia, Kosovo, Ossetia …)
Extract one of the performances of the Russian People butcher Trotsky. His words, deeds and goals are not passed away, and today they accurately reflect the nature of the Jews perpetrated in our land:
"We (Jews) have to turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes (Russian gentiles) who (Russian Gentiles) we (the Jews) will give (and give) such tyranny (according to the law of Moses, the Torah) that had not ever dreamed of the worst despots of the East . The only difference is that this tyranny is not right and left, and not white, and red, for we (Jews) shed (and shed) such torrents of blood (Russian) (according to the law of Moses, the Torah of Yahweh Jehovah), before that shake and pale all human (goyim) losses of the capitalist wars (organized by Jews).
Largest (Jewish) bankers across the ocean will work in close contact with us (Jews). If we (the Jews) will win the revolution, squash Russia, on the ruins of her funeral will strengthen the power of Zionism and become a force to which the whole world (Goyim) dropped to his knees. We (Jews) show (Gentiles), which is the real power! By, terror, blood baths we (Jews) will bring the Russian intelligentsia (goyim) to complete idiocy, to the animal state …
And while our young men (Jews) in leather jackets — the sons of watchmakers (Jews) from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa, about as good as know how amazing they (Jews) hate everything Russian! (Not only Russian, but also all human) With what pleasure they (the Jews) are destroyed (by the law of Moses to Yahweh Jehovah) Russian intelligentsia (goyim) officers, engineers, teachers, academics, writers … "
Leon Trotsky (Bronstein)
— Goi lamb flock, and we (the Jews) for them (goyim) wolves, and you (Jews) know what happens to sheep (Gentiles) when the fold climb Wolves (Jews) (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 11)
— When we (Jews) took the reigns, we (Jews) do not want to be the existence of another religion (Laws of Mother Nature), but our (Jewish) of the one God (kagals) religion of Moses (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) led its strong and well-considered system to conquest (destroy) us (Jews) all nations (Gentiles) (especially Russian).
Mystical (mythical) of its truth, which is based all its educational (misanthropic) force … no one (except for Russian) will never discuss our (Jewish) faith to its true point of view, because nobody (except Russian) fundamentally do not know but our (Jewish) (and Russian), which (except for Russian) would never dare to give her secret (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 14).
— Multiple (diffuse-implanted) members of the seed of David will prepare the (false) Kings and their heirs, however, that no one (of the Gentiles) did not know these secrets (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 24)
— Must constantly stir up all of the people's attitudes and the government to do in all the discord, hatred, struggle, hate, and even martyrdom, famine, inoculation of diseases (fierce Egyptian), needs to gentiles did not see other way but to resort to our (Jewish) cash and total domination (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 10).
— And away from you (Jews) the Lord (Kagan) [your God] (square brackets!) All sickness, and no evil diseases of Egypt, [which you have seen and] (square brackets!) Which thou knowest, upon thee ( Jews), but will lay them on all (non-Jews) (Old Testament Vtor.7: 15)
Zionists inoculate humanity Disease, producing vaccines in secret Jewish laboratories. Smallpox, plague, cholera, dysentery, AIDS, all types of flu, which infects millions of Jews annually goyim. This is a deliberate contamination of the field and wood mice hemorrhagic fever viruses (rat fever), infection of the tick encephalitis virus (encephalitis) in the Jewish secret laboratories for the production of biological weapons to kill goyim, and more.
— Our (Jewish) state, marching peacefully through (very peaceful) of conquest, has the right to replace the horrors of war, less visible and more appropriate penalty (goyim), which ought to support terror (apartment bombings in Russia blasts twin towers in New York, explosions stations, trains, subways, pursuing a single Jewish international terrorist organization with branches in Russia — FSB and U.S. Jewish — Jewish CIA), we (Jews) should stay programs of violence and hypocrisy (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 1).
— Called advanced countries (USA, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain), we (Jews) have created (for the goyim) crazy, dirty, disgusting literature (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 14)
— We (Jews) duped, drugged and corrupted the youth of the goyim by upbringing in obviously for us (Jews) are false, but we Jews) inculcated principles and theories (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 9)
— Do not assume that our assertion (the Jews) are unsubstantiated: note rigged us (Jews) the success of Darwinism, Marxism (Leninism) nitsshetizma. Corrupting the minds of the goyim importance to these areas, then we (the Jews), at least it should be obvious (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 2).
— Peoples of the goyim drugged liquor, and the youth of muzzy from classicism and early depravity to which it egged our (Jewish) agents in the entertainment areas of the goyim (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 1)
— We (Jews) have always acted in the most sensitive chords of the human mind (goyim) (Christian) (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 1)
— From the time (three thousand years) of evil, which we (the Jews) have to do. Result (hundreds of millions of people killed goyim) justifies the means (lying and blood)
Before us is a plan line (the law of Moses, the Torah), from which we (the Jews) can not retreat without risk to see the destruction of centuries of work (for the destruction of all life on earth) (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 1).
— In general, however, our modern (Jewish) press would expose state affairs, religion, disability goyim, all in the most unprincipled expressions (jokes, funny, comedy), to humiliate them in every possible way (goyim), as it is able to do only our brilliant (Jewish) nation (An-dross, Union of Jewish comedians in Russia, the last Jewish TV-project "Comedy Club", "Our (Jewish) Russia» and many others).
— At that time the LORD separated (Kagan) tribe of Levi to carry the ark (of gold, the spoil of the destruction of the people), the covenant of the Lord, to serve Him (kagals), as it continues (kursiv!) to this day (the Old Testament, the Torah Deut .10:8)
— The weight of gold that came (from the blood and tears of destroyed nations) to Solomon in one year was (kursiv!) six hundred sixty-six talents of gold. (Old Testament, the Torah 2Par.9: 13)
— Here is wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast (Kagan), for it is man's number, the number of his (Jewish) six hundred sixty-six. (Rev.13: 18)
— We (Jews) have collected the gold in their hands, despite the fact that we (the Jews) had to take it out of the streams of blood and tears (gentiles) … But we (Jews) paid off (not the first time), sacrificing many of our people (Jews ). Each victim on our (Jewish) side is worth a thousand goyim before God (kagals) (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 2)
— In our (Jewish) hands the greatest modern power gold in two days, we (Jews) could get it out of our stores (out of the ark of the Lord) in any desired quantity (all six hundred sixty-six talents of gold Kagan on the organization of wars, revolutions, financial crises , terror) (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 22)
— In our (Jewish) hands unstoppable ambition, burning greediness, merciless vengeance, evil hatred (against the people, land, sky, sun, nature, against all living things) from us (Jews) comes inclusive terror (!) (The law Moses, the Torah) (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 9)
— Remember the French Revolution, which we (the Jews) were given the name of "Great": the secrets of preparation for it we (the Jews) are well known, for it all — the work of our (Jewish) (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 3)
Remember the "great" of the October Revolution, the first and second world wars, famine, colonial and serfdom, the invasion of Genghis Khans, Napoleons, medieval torture and the fires burnt victims (!) Inquisition, Jews remember Adolf Hitler, the Jewish Third Reich, substituting German people, Jew Joseph Stalin, on account of which millions of human lives, remember the nazi camps, which are in fact nothing more than a Jewish concentration camp deaths.
Today the Germans pay the money to the Jews for the Holocaust, Jewish themselves as victims of genocide by the law of Moses (the Torah). Broken unbeaten lucky. Remember the hundreds of thousands of Jews deported to Germany Gentile children — victims without blemish.
Think of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, remember Afghanistan, Chechnya, the Nord-Ost, Beslan, Serbia, Kosovo, Georgia, Abkhazia, Crimea, Sevastopol, blasts in Russia, remember, all the evil perpetrated on the earth, for it all — the work of our (Jews) (the law of Moses).
The documentary film "The FSB Blows Up Russia," forbidden to be shown on the Jewish telavideniyu in Russia (fear), reveals the shocking truth about the bombings in Russia, with numerous victims (!) Under the law of Moses (the Torah), prepared and implemented by the Federal Service safety of the Jews in Russia, which allowed kagalom sanguine then heads FSB, now dead, the first President of the Russian Federation. Similar situation with the bombings twin towers in New York. At the same time the Jews once again fueled hatred Russian Chechens, Arabs Americans.
— It is necessary in order to achieve other than us (Jews) in all the states were only the masses of the proletariat (goyim), several devotees (sales) we millionaires (shabes-goyim), (corrupt) police and soldiers (of the Gentiles) (Protocols of the Elders of Zion № 7 )
— In all parts of the world the word — "freedom, rabbinate, fraternity" — becomes our (Jewish) ranks through our blind agents, whole legions (gentiles) who enthusiastically carried our (Jewish) banner. Yet these words were worms, which undermined the welfare of non-Jews, destroying everywhere peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying all the foundations of their countries (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 1).
So when you see the angry speech of Boris Mironov, Konstantin Dushenova and other ailing soul for Russian people, but in the background you can see the icon of Christ the Savior of the Jews, sadly, you realize that it's just a defenseless sheep Sucitu hoof on its armed to the teeth with the Boss, the chances are equal to zero.
Now imagine what will happen when the Jews deceived 1.2 billion Catholics, 1.5 billion Muslims, 800 million "Orthodox", shall know what it is. What then will become Jewish?
One answer — to dust, ashes, into nothing.
That is why the Jews are so carefully concealed their isTORYyu, their "nationality", their real names, all of them secret, pseudo, it is not present, all lies.
Thus, the Jews were removed from the passport of the nationality clause, which must be restored without delay and in a short time.
— That they (the Gentiles) do anything to not think we (Jews) their (non-Jews) are distracting entertainment, games, pastimes, passions, people's houses, and soon we (the Jews) will become the press to offer (goyim) competitive race in the art (Eurovision), sports of all kinds (the national championships, world, European in various sports, the Olympic Games), these interests will distract finally minds (goyim) of questions (the truth about the Jews), in which we (the Jews) had to be with them (goyim) fight (Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 13).
For this there is a Jewish entertainment, Jewish show business, with its Jewish Hollywood horror films, blood and corruption, Jewish Russian TV, all radio channels FM, all Jewish newspapers, magazines, annual Jewish Grammy, Taffy, the Oscars, the Jewish Internet with its Jewish anecdotes, jokes, photos and video entertainment, Jewish computer games.
Entertain means no fun, but distracting, distract, lure, to fascinate and divert attention from the truth, entertain the mind, not to give focus to the head of the goyim was constantly busy with something.
Goes further soldering peoples in unlimited quantities advertised and sold beer, cigarettes, drugs covered, rising crime, and more.
Here is fatal to all life on earth Jewish scientific and technological progress, with its unbridled arms race against the goyim:
— That is why we (the Jews) will send more minds (goyim) just speculation fantastic theories, new and supposedly progressive: we (Jews) with complete success turned the brainless progress goy head, and not the mind of the goyim, who would have seen that under the this word lies a distraction from the truth (Laws of Mother Nature), for truth is one (Laws of Mother Nature), there is no room for advancement. Progress (Jewish) as a false idea, serves to obscure the truth (Laws of Mother Nature) to anyone (of the Gentiles) did not know her, but us (Jews), God (Kagan) (cut) elected, custodians (now in the past) it (the Protocols of the Elders of Zion number 13).
Elementary, holding money in banks, the Jews in one day organized financial crisis — another crime against the Jewish people of Russia.
Similarly, once the Jews was organized famine in Ukraine, when grain was overflowing with thousands standing at the station, and millions of people in this time starved.
Jews in the U.S. nuclear missiles aimed at Russia, respectively Jewish nuclear missiles in Russia aimed at the U.S., with Russian and American people have no idea about the real heart of the matter — it is called the nuclear standoff powers.
Can not be the enemy of Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Americans, Germans, Finns, Latvians, Estonians, Georgians, Tajiks, Chechens, Armenians, Arabs, etc.
Every nation has only one real enemy — the Jews who live according to the law of Moses.
Without social upheaval, no incitement to violence, bloodshed, without offending anyone's national dignity, without disturbing the peaceful flow of life, with a mandatory open explaining the essence of what is happening to the masses of the public, the legal legally, by exclusively peaceful reforms necessary to establish in Russia the Russian government, Russian Army, Russian police, Russian SWAT SWAT, Russian media, the Russian armed forces to protect the Russian people from the tyranny now acting according to the law of Moses the Jewish occupation of the Government of the Russian Federation and the horrors of the Jewish FSB, nothing understanding of the Russian military, police, riot police, guarding its not the Russian people, and the Jewish occupation government in the Kremlin, the Jewish banks, Jewish casino telavidenie Jewish, Jewish newspapers, magazines, Jewish jewelry stores, Jewish sex shops, Jewish alcohol and beer factories, Jewish occupation regime.
Jewish law on anti-Semitism everywhere declare criminal. Jewish Article 282 of the Criminal Code of Jewish incitement to ethnic and religious differences, for which Jews hid like a stone wall, to declare a criminal, as no one but the Jews never inciting ethnic and religious hatred was not engaged.
Any call to a breach of public order, all kinds of boycotts, protests, marches, strikes, violence, bloodshed, seen as another act by Jewish intelligence — what the people of Russia have already swallowed up with the Jews.
Otherwise, for now surviving generations disappear from the face of the earth last Russian man, and the other etched Jews together people burn in the fire of a nuclear World War III. Do not doubt — the law of Moses, "holy" requires that the Jews.
— You (Jews) say that we (Jews) (SOI) will rise up in arms if they will bite what's up ahead of time, but that we (Jews) in stock terrorizes a maneuver that the bravest souls tremble, metropolitenovye underground moves corridors will by then be held in all capital cities, where they will be blown up with all their organizations (and all Jews), that of the country (Protocols of the Elders of Zion)

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