Parents classmates eldest daughter Ales Mikhalevich prosecutor asked him to change the measure of restraint

January 18 PTA meeting was held in the 4A class 23rd Minsk gymnasium, which is trained Les Stephanie Michalevic — the eldest daughter of Ales Mikhalevich. During the meeting, the parents took the initiative to file a petition to change the measure of restraint for the former presidential candidate, who is now in the KGB detention center.

Friend of the parent committee Tatiana Gatsura"The eldest daughter of Ales Mikhalevich learn in our class. We were just worried about the situation of his family now, and therefore there was such a proposal. Appealed to the two persons who are responsible for changing the measure of restraint, the Michalevic — the prosecutor of Minsk and to the head of the police department of Minsk Executive Committee investigation. Parents reacted very positively. Only one person refrained from having to sign a petition. And, moreover, there are the parents decided to provide financial assistance to the family Michalevic. "

In the petition, in particular, notes that many parents are willing to make personal guarantors Alexei Mikhalevich. However, since this procedure is possible only with the permission of the Michalevic, the authors are kindly requested to bring an application to the former candidate or his desire to provide him access to a lawyer.

Yuri Belenky, father adnaklyasnitsy Lesia Michalevic, also participated in the meeting;

Les finds out that her father had a difficult time not alone.

"The consequences will be for a minimum of those people, who did this act. The consequences will be for Lesia. She will know that in a difficult moment her father was left alone — it was supported by the people was solidarity. "

Milan Michalevic, mother Lesya, was not on the parents' meeting, as she was not one to leave a one younger daughter:

"Indeed Ales even some time been in the parents' committee of our class. It is nice that people remember this, and not only remember, but do not be afraid to express their support for the more noticeable way. "

The petition will be sent to recipients and for 14 days the parents have to get an answer. To sign the petition will be offered to parents and other primary school gymnasium.


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