Pentagon worried about the progress of the PLA

Pentagon worried about the progress of the PLA

Last Wednesday Pentagon reported to the South American Congress on the situation of things in the Chinese armed forces. Namely, analyzed the merits of China's military development in the past year.

The report is an obvious concern that the Communist Party of China leads systematically to the financing of the PLA (People's Liberation Army China) With the aim of upgrading and modernization. It is not that South American military establishment fully accepts the Chinese army as a potential enemy of its own, but also the inherent Yankees alertness evident. For example, a Pentagon official told Congress the platform that already has a fairly strong PLA missile systems, is developing the latest long-range ballistic missile capable of destroying targets, including the terrain and the United States and owns severe warhead. In addition, Chinese developers this year presented a model airplane made on the basis of stealth technology. The speaker said, and that China has held a series of self-tests the latest marine equipment, namely, the modernized Russian aircraft carrier.

In addition to openly demonstrated gains in the Chinese military, the country, according to the Americans, is working on the hidden workings. In the conditions of contemporary globalization and improvement tracking systems such activity to hide from other states is virtually impossible.

Care Pentagon and the fact that the Chinese military are referred to as cyber warfare, trying to master the information contained on the hard drives of their own PCs possible enemies. Specifically, the theft of materials in Chinese cyberspace military bureaucrat did not read, but scandalously recognizable resource WikiLeaks has published several articles at once with the facts diversion of materials from the U.S. military servers, which occurred in connection with the introduction of a system of spyware made, allegedly in China. How can we trust these data, it is not necessary to judge, but if such a leak is accomplished, then the potential of the Chinese kibersistemy really powerful. This may come across a South American military establishment to new ideas about the need to strengthen information security soon.

China does not limit itself to ground and air military means. Plans China has long focused on gallakticheskoe place. It is planned that in the next 5 years, China increment its satellite constellation, including, at the expense of military spacecraft, with 100% coverage, a Chinese electronics.

The Pentagon also shows that a sufficiently high activity of the fleet of China in the South China Sea, which can be read as a demonstration of strength adjacent to China to Taiwan.

The report was heard words and bolshennom percentage of obsolete equipment, which is armed China's army. But a lot of progress in recent years in terms of updating the military-technical potential in China, the Americans also noted.

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