Phantom of the disconnection. Why Nazarbayev spoke of freedom of the Russian Federation

Phantom of the disconnection.  Why Nazarbayev spoke about "freedom from Russia"Once in 1861, was killed last Kazakh Khan, we were a colony of Russian kingdom, then the Russian Union. For 150 years, Kazakhs nearly lost their own national traditions, customs, language and religion. With the help of God we are in 1991 declared their independence …

I dearly would have given anything to informpovoda it was not, but it is, and ignore the will not work. In principle, nothing so much unexpected. After prominent, translated from the diplomatic — almost mocking (and frankly at the same time fully explained) rejection of the invitation to the inauguration of Vladimir Putin, something like that, would be a shame as it sounds, to be expected. And no matter how tempting, calming himself, to explain this speech a desire to please the Turks would be a shame as it sounds, does not come out.

Let's call a spade a spade.

For the first time interminably long years own rule Nursultan Nazarbayev openly stated that the case with the Russian Kazakhs have historically been negative, and there is no hesitation that this trait is projected from the day or day before yesterday at present. Earlier this does not happen ever. Not that the wisest and most experienced man from Astana was absolutely no sense of nationalism. And there was such. As there were, first, first, for the sake of giving a large, multinational state "title" color scheme. Cast, so to speak, shape, topped with a label in some correspondence with the content. But never — particularly as the wisest and most experienced — he did not allow himself to go to the line beyond which begins, "We are not on the way" to the inevitable at some point, "Kazakhstan for the Kazakhs."

So the first step is made.

Small, discreet level cautious declaration.

But start with the river streams.

It is logical that experts puzzled, and it is logical that in the search for an answer first issue is what is on the surface. For example, Mr. Shade, an analyst discreet enough in wording, this time stepping on the brink of a foul, offering a choice of two options: either an old politician "does not respect and appreciate their own multi-ethnic people and the world in it," intending to turn away from the already seemingly agreed with Moscow action for the formation of the Eurasian Union (right there, wrapped in a luxurious "megalomania", clearly visible hint of insanity), or became completely dependent on their own winner today, negating the need for a Eurasian Union in general and the orienting Elbasy the West ( and then, again, in a luxurious wrap "has become a victim of" once again clearly heard a hint of the same insanity.) Because of what began his political vibration, from which his allies, and his neighbors, and his own people — well not be.

In fact, but there is and the third embodiment.

That Kazakhstan geostrategic plans for America's fundamentally important, is not a mystery. Without control over it Yankees advance to Central Asia will not vsepolnotsennym. And for Russia, this country is also an important link in the security of its southern borders. More clearly than is cut on the horizon perspective of "containment" of the Russian Federation and restraint "China, the significance of this above. A wealth of mineral resources, stuffed with supplies already being developed vigorously all added to the dish special spices. Moreover, that control over Kazakhstan may become more massive and means of putting pressure on the gas content of Turkmenistan.

For all because no longer first year of the competent services of the "civilized" summed dig under construction, made by Nazarbayev, whose main drawback is that it is correctly noted by Mr. Shade, "unique." All her action was based on the strength of the 1st person and it is impossible to convey the impact on heritage. A man already old. And it crushed.

Over the past year I have often vorachivalsya to this issue tracking trends:

(A) at all of course, already echoing in the media, there is a processing of those elites (in this case, each clan and any "clip" get "steel" guarantees);

(B) is sufficiently intense (though, of course, as neatly) supported resuscitation mezhzhuzovoy tension;

(C) the people, have never been very fanaticism deliberately infecting virus Salafism, and the returns are there is, without only in the form of headscarves and beards in a never knew this poruhi campuses, and in the form of terrorist attacks;

(G) in the end, as many experts daveshny strikes oil in western areas captured weird way, in the main, crafts, controlled by China — an almost complete diligence on wells operated by the Europeans and the high level of support on strike "civilized" media.

Personally, I have no hesitation to Elbasy all this not only was not a secret, and — in a serious private, — brought to his attention by representatives of interested parties. Roughly speaking, the old and wise person make an offer hard to turn away: the post to see out of natural skin and in their own lives to behold country caving into chaos, but instead did not try to warn that the West has planned and what does not want to back down. In the seriousness of such proposals no hesitation, and the invitation of Mr Blair's man home, Knoll and the Gulf, as an adviser (or, if just looking), in my opinion, confirmed by the fact that the elder is not beheld ability to butt with oak.

Stand under such pressure could Nursultan if and only that single case, if I had confidence in the full and absolute support of Moscow, is not only to himself, and those successors, whom he considers to push. Unfortunately, judging by the fact that we are litsezreem, such conviction of the Kazakh president does not have. And so far there, his decision to announce new targets (in terms of pan-Turkism, and in terms of outright support for U.S. aggression against Syria) is logically explain.

In fact the case, said Kazakhstan's ability to discern "option Karimov." This, incidentally, would mean the collapse of the idea of a Eurasian Union. With all of this stems from the consequences. And even if the Kremlin in some degree in the way I try to represent him, his reaction to this move can not be — though not necessarily public — but very tough. On the brink, if anything, "either — or". It is so obvious that another option is not there.

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