Phantom of the Kazan Islamism

Phantom of the Kazan IslamismSome believe that in the Volga region and spreading Wahhabi Islamism grows stronger, others completely deny even the possibility of a terrorist hiding somewhere in Kazan. Some people think that all the major powers of Islamists today have focused on the Middle East, where their task — led by the American Union "Al-Qaeda" to take Syria. The least bit militants operating in North Africa, it is a small part — in Western Europe with an information center in the Balkans. Even a little bit of terrorists working in the name of Allah in the North Caucasus — is in. But — in the Volga?

Yet on October 24 in Kazan was averted terrorist attack: Two militants were going to kill people in prazdnichka day of the Muslim Eid al-Adha. And one of the attackers was a specific agent killing of the deputy mufti of Tatarstan Waliullah Yakupova (19 July 2012). Also militants suspected in the assassination of the mufti of Tatarstan.

Both bandits were followers of Islam constructive. During the celebration of Eid al-Adha, these people were going to destroy those Muslims who consider themselves "moderate." The terrorists called themselves the "Mujahideen of Tatarstan."

On the body of the 1st of the criminals was found suicide belt. The apartment, which serves their evil offenders found several guns, bombs and components. During the assault had been wounded three security officials, one of them died.

The battle between the combined forces of the Interior Ministry, the FSB and a group of armed men came to the street chemists. The bandits were taken in the siege of the apartment on the ground floor of a brick five-story building. At the time of the assault one of the criminals detonated an improvised explosive device.

Saving from destruction, and civilians, and fellow band members, one of the officers of the FSB covered him bomb.

"During the counter-terrorist operation died heroically at the Center for a special purpose FSB that covered his body gunman led into action when it located an explosive device. This act has permitted to save the life of an employee other participants in the operation, and staying in a specific proximity to civilians "- uttered by the FSB.

Both slain militants identified. Their names — Kashapov and Vale. Last on the federal and international wanted list.

The media immediately began talking about an armed terrorist underground that is growing and thriving Kazan and generally in Volga. In general, there were those who denied it.

Director of broadcast services to Mongolian and Bashkir languages "Radio" Liberty "Rome Gilfanov believes in Kazan armed Islamist underground there. In his view,

"… The events are automatically transferred to the matrix of Tatarstan. Ordinary people who have no more or less detailed disk imaging on a feeling level spend a direct parallel between Tatarstan and the North Caucasus. "

The Emperor himself Gilfanov spent another parallel:

"I look at the actions of Tatarstan in the context of what is happening in Russia. The Kremlin has established a special department for public projects. Is preparing a strategy of state policy until 2025, where the plaintext is written that the Russian people is like "decisive" people in the Russian Federation. The President always says that it is necessary to make the latest political civilization — the Russian, as his time in Russian Communists were doing folk. Against this background, there are suspicions: instead of next to it is that of a public project is implemented in Kazan? We have reported, for example, on Eid prayers came a lot less people than usual were afraid. "

The question, of course, is what they feared. Do not just bomb?

As for the clashes on the streets of Chemists, the Gilfanov does not share the official point of view and, in addition, is contradictory to the Interior Ministry.

"… It was said at first that the two were killed, there is fighting. In the end, it turned out that all the participants — with the exception of employees of special services — two of them. Who, after all, was led fight? That's a lot of misunderstanding. Announced that one of the defenders blew himself up, the other blew something else when shot back. And later about them, of course, as if in a movie, according to the custom, found a "suicide bomber's belt" … "

The existence of an armed Islamist underground in Tatarstan director Broadcasting Service rejects:

"… But to say that this is an armed underground … not for that, no preconditions, no facts. While there is only what we says the Interior Ministry and the Interior Ministry, according to the practice of the North Caucasus, to present the matter in such a profitable makarom that they are working with an abundance of enemies, fighting with the armed underground. But in Tatarstan, I believe there is no such underground. "

However, the two terrorists from outside Khimki called themselves the "Mujahideen of Tatarstan." In addition, on the same day, 24 October, at the same Kazan police arrested another group that is moved through the city by car. Under the black flags of Islamic "Al-Qaeda" and inscriptions in Arabic: "There is no God except Allah."

Another early October Eugene Great wrote:

"Continues to amaze that while Russian" imaratchiki "trained to lay land mines and firing at checkpoints in Syria, the government retains Myagenko stance against Islamists Volga region. For example … Kazan Tribunal did not find evidence of extremism in nedavneshnem meeting separatists. The referee ignored an indication of the fact that the protesters used signs organization "Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami", recognized by extremist territory of Russia. By the way, "Hizb ut" on its Web site is collecting funds to support the Syrian rebels, which in itself is exhaustively characterizes this organization. "

Not undertake to criticize the court's decision, but the episodes unfold one after another in the Volga region, suggest to some reflection.

Last week in Kazan conducted a search in the apartment of the Imam of the mosque "Al-Ikhlas" 39-year-old Rustam Safin which previously been convicted, and now again is suspected of involvement in an extremist organization "Hizb-ut-Tahrir al-Islami." After a search of the companions of Imam structurally configured stated that arbitrators need … to tear the head.

They recorded a video clip with the dangers of the expressions added there Safina and sent an entry in the Web.

How should the file itself Safin announced ongoing investigation against him act as "a criminal case against Islam and Allah himself." According to him, take a "law-enforcement agencies attempt to suppress Islam." Was in the frame of a lawyer Taufik Vasiliev read the ruling Vakhitovsky chairman of the district court of Kazan Fanis
Mussina of the search, and then urged the audience to "rip the heads of all those who wrote these words." Later, the sovereign lawyer three times referred to the arbitrator, "shit."

And on Oct. 26 about three 10-ka cars driven by Kazan unfurled black flags with "Hizb-ut-Tahrir al-Islami." Police intervened after an action has received reports from people.

According to the Deputy Governor's press-service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan Maxim Kostromina, in order to test this disk imaging was delayed about 20 cars. Law enforcement officials asked drivers to questions about the purpose of the rally and used symbols. He received the answer: flags is shahada, "There is no God except Allah and Muhammad — his prophet" and the auto action is an expression of joy at the Eid al-Adha. All the same, flags were transferred to the Religious Research.

The trick is that the law enforcement source said the agency «REGNUM»: the car is more parishioners from the mosque "Al-Ikhlas", which earlier in the rallies did not hide his own goal — the establishment of a global caliphate. October 26 "halifatchiki" tried to attract the attention of urban residents to the planned action in Kazan Victory Park (which was not obtained the consent of the city administration).

An unnamed source news agency expressed bewilderment as to why even after a special operation to eliminate Islamist militants on October 24, police costs half measures.

The deputy chief of the center to combat extremism MIA Mordovia Oleg Kopylov said not long ago in Saransk:

"One of the problems we litsezreem in the penetration of religious extremism by migrants from Central Asia, who in their own countries are wanted as fundamentalists, but coming in the Volga region, they feel themselves comfortable and begin to distribute their attention in the middle of the Mongolian young people. "

It turns out the situation is paradoxical, says commentator Dmitry Remizov: if the Central Asian states local law enforcement behold the danger of religious radicals and directly compete with them,

"Russians can lull yourself by saying" peaceful religion ", etc. If the Central Asian security forces are able to distinguish between ordinary Muslims from extremist degenerates, the Russian society is afraid of pursuing religious radicals inadvertently offend all of Islam …"

There are more "real" world view on the matter. The control center of the Volga regional and ethno-religious Russian research institute of strategic researches Rais Suleimanov believes that the feeding of extremists Volga plays into the hands of certain forces in the Russian corridors of power. According to the views of Suleimanova Tatarstan authorities have embarked on the support of national separatists and Islamic fundamentalists "methodology" of the 1990s. The expert notes that in the process of settlement of Tatarstan enhanced rural migrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus. According to the famous Islamic scholar, in the center of his field expeditions were found villages in which migrants live professing non-traditional forms of constructive RF Islam. As an example Sulejmanov led village Shumkova Rybnoslobodskii region of Tatarstan, where currently lives seven large families Tajiks (some — polygamous).

Of the 320 inhabitants of the village about weaving — Tajiks. Migrants need to build a mosque in the Russian countryside, and against it are local Tatars, explicitly states that Islam is in these Tajiks — non-standard. Spiritually favorite Tajik settlers is the imam, formerly 15 years has lived in North Waziristan (Pakistan). The expert said that after the U.S. military operation against the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001, many of the Tajik Wahhabis settled in Pakistan, and from there began to move to Russia.

You can, of course, turn a blind eye to the fact that not only the existence of, and the establishment of radical Islamists in the Volga region, or to look at it through his fingers, but it is naive not to attach a value to it. Speaking about "underground"Should see that Islamism in Tatarstan if only he had not armed, obviously prefers open forms, meeting in Kazan mosque" Al-Ikhlas "and preaching Rustam Safin, insulting judges, video messages, tuples of cars under the Islamic flag, settling Russian villages, promotion of "non-traditional" forms of Islam through the sample in these villages to build the mosque, to which objection to the local Muslim Tatars — all this leads to some reflections …

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin
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