Phantom of the mother-to-child came


To believe or not to believe in ghosts — a private matter. But the facts speak for themselves. Recently, the editors "chronometer-Astrakhan 'family asked Tyurin. Hope accidentally took a photo on his cell phone transparent silhouette of a woman and asked for an examination of this picture.

Pictured: The one ghost in blurred dymke.Udalos find a photo of this quality and size.

Tyurin family celebrated the five-year birthday of Ani. The apartment house on the street of Victory were a lot of children. Balloons, music, contests — kids were delighted. Their happy faces Hope Turin decided to capture it on a cell phone.

— The picture is not very successful — says Nadezhda — but I still kept it. Later, considering the footage, I noticed on one of them, "blurred" the image of a female figure in a white dress … She was standing behind the birthday girl. It was somehow not on itself — because no one this woman has ever seen.

Hope suggests that the picture girl's dead mother, "came" to her birthday party.

— Before this incident, strange things have happened in our apartment. One day, while lying in bed, I felt someone sat on the edge of the bed and ran his hand over his head — says Hope. — I never for a moment doubted that it was my daughter Jana. But he opened his eyes, did not find anyone nearby.

Armed with photographs of Astrakhan encountered with ghosts, we decided to conduct its own investigation. Pictures showed specialists.

— I can show you a lot of similar frames — tried to dispel our doubts photographer with experience Anatoly Tulnikov — we call them "marriage" and do not pay attention to the highlights, which are simply the play of light and shadow.

Opinion of his colleagues on the lens — the head of junior studio Alexander Gavrilov was quite the opposite.

— These pictures are not photomontage — peering into images, diagnoses Alexander. — Apparently, they were sealed paranormal phenomenon. In my practice, I am often faced with the fact that the photographs of nowhere, appeared silhouettes of people and strange objects.

In the crime lab our photos were thoroughly inspected. An experienced eye criminalist Nicholas Pyzhov long peered in through the double image of a magnifying glass. And after thinking Nicholas delivered its verdict.

— In the black-and-white photos are likely to defect, resulting in the manifestation or print this picture, — says Nikolay Pyzhov. — It can be a light-struck area of negativity or spoiled paper, which has been printed. About the cause of the shadows in the image on the camera mobile phone, definitely hard to say. I would not dare to speak about the presence of paranormal phenomena at the poor quality of the picture on the camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels.

"Diagnosis" criminalist confirmed skeptic physicist Denis Merkulov: "Definitely — it's a marriage in the press." Proved more difficult to comment on the image of a woman in white. Denis Yuvenalievich could only say: "While science can not explain these phenomena."

As you can see, to write off a "marriage" picture taken a camera phone or a physicist, or criminologist, nor the photographer did not.

Regina Abdrazyakova

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