Pirates of the White House

Group "Al-Qaeda "has declared his opponent of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This is another case where the objectives of the organization and the United Countries of America are the same.

It has long been no secret that "Al-Qaeda "did the Americans to fight the Russian Union in Afghanistan. Word"Al-Qaeda "means" base "or" base. " Organization first is a database of payments to certain wage the anti-Soviet fighters, wrapped in the banner of Islamic radicalism. Maintenance of the database entrusted descendant influential Saudi family business Osama bin Laden. He was quite rich, so as not to steal out of greed, and quite fanatical, so stealing it just did not like. In fact, his position was financial. The funds for the organization received in the main from Saudi Arabia, and for certain purposes it set against the Americans.

After a long fruitful collaboration Osama bin Laden fell out with his boss because of the fact that European and South American troops, preparing to drive Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, based in Saudi Arabia. Islamic holy land, in his opinion, has no right to trample wrong. By way of revenge, he has inspired several actions against the Yankees — for example, the attacks inflatable boats packed with explosives into the South American warship "Cole" in the port of Aden, with the result that the ship spent a couple of months to repair.

In general, the history of the brain attributed Al-Qaeda terrorist attack — the attack on the Global Trade Center in New York — is dotted with snow-white spots such that they can render virtually any version. In purely technical terms, the official version is likely true. Structure seems to have fallen not from internal explosions, and indeed from the weakening of the upper floors of overlap due to overheating. But too studiously looked the flight training 2-10-s weird personalities in one person intrigued by all the aviation school. In any case, Osama bin Laden was involved in the case except as a marketing sign shown perfectly cooked broadcasters around the world.

Kind whatsoever, except for a few small conflicts of the terrorist organization necessarily choose for themselves the adversaries of those considered enemies Americans. At least remember that after our withdrawal from Afghanistan, the same gunmen got into the habit to go first in the Central Asian republics of the Union, and after its collapse — the North Caucasus.

Affairs of the United Countries of America to the database on their own to their hirelings hard little resemblance to the irreconcilable contradiction. Faster they are described by "cute curse — is upset." Al-Qaeda — not pirates attacking anybody. It's faster pirates have received official permission to rob and kill those who are currently in trouble with the permission of the publisher. With all the talk of an irreconcilable struggle against terrorists Americans can still command them to "face!" and indicate to whom exactly "face."

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