Poczobut was given a penalty 1,750,000 rubles

This verdict was voiced by a journalist in the October district court of Minsk.

Hrodna journalist Andrzej Poczobut received 1,750,000 rubles fine "for taking part in an unauthorized rally" on December 19. Upon hearing the verdict, the journalist said loudly: "Long live our Soviet court — the most humane court in the world" "Its kamentaryi keep to yourself," — responded the judge, — the Nasha Niva.

Pochobut today to go home in Grodno. He plans to appeal the verdict.

After a search last night in his apartment in Hrodna journalist "Gazety Wyborczej" delivered to the Regional Directorate of the KGB, and then — at night — in the October in Minsk police department.

Dec. 19 journalists detained in the square in Minsk, the night he spent in the paddy wagon, and later released him at the courthouse. Andrew said at the time that he was released because of his newspaper.



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