Poland seeks help in the defense of the country

Poland expects that in the creation of its new missile defense system will also participate in France and Germany, as well as other political Allies. So said Polish Defence Minister Tomasz Semonyak in an interview for the Polish Press Agency.

He said that the government relies for its plans for all major areas for the development of the armed forces, which have been approved by President Bronislaw Komorowski in November 2011.

The priority areas appear to develop missile and other defense systems. The quality of these systems must be on a completely new, modern level. It is also reported that NATO supports Poland's aspiration to cooperate with other countries in this regard.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the Poles profitable this cooperation, as projects of this level are highly expensive. The minister also added that the planned missile defense system is estimated at about 3.6 billion dollars. Development and implementation by Poland alone could seriously hit its funds and bring the country to a crisis that will affect the countries of Europe.

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