Poltergeist create children


In your home and then heard a strange sound, some things disappear, while others do not show up in their place? It is possible that you are the victim of a poltergeist! The term "poltergeist" literally means "noisy ghost" and involves interference in our lives supernatural forces. But sometimes the most unexplainable phenomena are quite tangible explanation that simply does not come to mind …

We are talking about the phenomenon of the so-called psevdopoltergeysta. This phenomenon is often experienced by people who have lost someone close to them. Left alone in the house, a man unwittingly begins to listen to the different sounds — does not come from a hazard? It is in our genes.

As a rule, once discovered dozens of extremely suspicious sounds. If a person is prone to hypochondria, he begins chuditsya a presence. In fact, most of the unexpected sound effects are explained quite prosaic reasons: the howling wind outside, scuffling mice and rats under the floor and in the attic floorboards creak crack …

Sometimes, the house is very acoustically permeable. Then you hear all the loud noises on the landing side of the wall and the neighbors on the street, and in the stillness of the night it seems that they are distributed directly in your apartment. Often the perpetrators psevdopoltergeysta are insects.

For example, in 1979 in the UK some mother and son began to complain that their house makes a squeaking sound like the ticking of a clock, while nearby there is no clock. "The Tick" heard by many who came to their house. There was an investigation, which found that strange sound publishes rare species of insects, biting book.

With the inexplicable loss of items and money matters are more complicated. The reason for this may be the mental state of the house owners. Single elderly people often suffer from multiple sclerosis. They do not remember where to put this or that thing, forget what the money is spent, and in the absence of other potential perpetrators tend to blame the other-worldly powers.

Sometimes a person suffers a nervous or mental illness, resulting in often does not realize their actions. For example, in one family out of the fridge constantly disappearing products. All have sinned against each other, but no one confessed. Then the house was invited by a doctor called to observe them.

A few days later the doctor woke up at night from the noise. He saw that all the members of the family got out of bed, got dressed and headed to the kitchen. There they lit a gas heated up the food, ate, cleaned their dishes, then went back to their rooms and matter-of-factly went to sleep … The next morning one of them did not remember anything. A rare case — the whole family suffered lunacy!

Sometimes, people who claim that they are haunted by a poltergeist who knowingly mystify their friends and the authorities. One family was constantly called the police, complaining that someone invisible breaks in the apartment and the furniture has dishes.

While one of the investigators studied the extent of the disaster, the other casually glanced into the kitchen and witnessed the hostess herself broke the plate, throwing her to the floor. Everything was explained simply: the owners had hoped that due to the extraordinary circumstances they will be given a new apartment — the old one was a bit crowded.

Often the perpetrators "poltergeist" is children and teenagers. Behind adults they break down and set fire to things, move them from place to place, giving it all the tricks of "evil spirits". Motive for such actions — the desire to make a row, annoy adults to mislead them, to attract interest.

Psychologists say that so often "naughty" children who have not paid enough attention to the family, who feel unhappy or defective … In most cases the parents of these children were in divorce, and in addition, they had problems with their studies and did not develop relationships with their peers.

If the "poltergeist" comes only in the presence of a child or adolescent, experts say, it indicates that it is associated with it and all the "miracles". Do not rush to apply to law enforcement agencies, the press, or to the researchers of anomalous phenomena, better make a note of your child to see a good therapist.

Margarita Trinity

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