Possibility of telepathy

December 28, 2012 5:12

Possibility of telepathy

Today, scientists have confirmed beyond doubt that for a long time categorically denied yesterday's science. Namely the possibility of telepathy, that is, the transmission and reception of thoughts from one person — inductor — to another — pertsepientu — without the participation of the senses. However, the mechanism of this phenomenon is still a mystery.

Often confused, and even combine telepathy and dalnovidenie, or, as it used to be called, clairvoyance.
Since both of these phenomena do not fit the conventional ideas about the surrounding physical world, many believe that the gift of telepathy and dalnovideniya is sent from above, very few people.

As for dalnovideniya, it is really very rare. But has telepathic abilities almost everyone and, more importantly, use them in everyday life, but does not pay attention to it.

And it's not about the situations in which, say, the husband came home from work and my wife immediately asked:
"What trouble again?", Although he did not say a word. Or: "Well, again, two?" — Ogoroshivaet mother of his son, he barely crossed the threshold. In such cases, it is not a "mind-reading" in the literal sense of the word, but a wordless perception of information about the patient's emotional state through the expression of his face, look, demeanor.

This telepathy is when someone takes quite complex thoughts of another person, which are not related to the specific situation at that time. So that he is forced to admit: "You read my mind!" We believe that each of us has experienced this. In general, the telepathic abilities are well developed with professional fortune-tellers. Often, they deliberately or read information directly from someone else's brain, and then fooling people: using the obtained information from him, pretend to communicate with otherworldly forces.

Most often seen in spontaneous telepathy loved ones, particularly the wives and husbands, long married. Laboratory studies have shown that 10-15 percent of them can consistently get meaningful information from the brain of a familiar person. And often a "reading" occurs even at a considerable distance. A vast majority — 70 percent — of the experiment participants can do it in half the time. Characteristically, the mentally transmit something to others, even loved ones, it is possible only in very rare cases.

Inner vision

Although, as mentioned above, the official science does not recognize telepathy, the facts in favor of it were so obvious that the bias-minded scientists could not get past them. In 1882 in London, created the "Society for Psychical Research" by Professor Barreta. Its members have made it their goal to explore various unusual manifestations of the psyche, including the "mind reading."
While in London, talked a lot about a mysterious case. A certain young lady has shown a remarkable ability, are as follows. It was enough to show her mother behind her any picture or written word, as she once described — and unmistakable! — Brought by overeat. But the mother had to meet one essential condition: mentally, too, to present it.

Professor Barret encountered in studies with another interesting case. Observed — a young woman who came from Peru and not knowing the English language — sit in front of a bunch of letters, carved from ivory. He had only Barretu or his assistant, becoming behind the chair on which sat a woman, touch her shoulder as she was, like a dumb obedience commands that begin to choose from the mass of beech same one mentally called experimenter.

One of those who passed the test in London society and was better known as "mind reader," a clerk Irving Bishop in 1884, came to St. Petersburg, made a big splash. Here is an excerpt from the report of his speech published in the newspaper "News":

"The session, given by Mr. Irving Bishop in the presence of the press and others, presented a truly amazing experiences that defy any explanation … On the table lay 12 daggers. Inviting our famous writer Mr. DV Grigorovich, he invited him to choose one of the daggers, and then, in the absence of the Bishop, to make over one of the audience movement, which would mean that he killed him, and then hide the knife where he pleases, in the hall.

When all this was done, Mr. Bishop returned to the room with a blindfold, and took Mr. Grigorovich's hand, and ran with him to the hall to the master, who suggested "killed." Approaching the alleged victim, he punctually repeated movements that made Mr. G. on hit. Then povertevshis near several seconds, Bishop flew back to that person who was hidden dagger, and found it. "
On the basis of many experiments and observations British scientists have come to the conclusion that "mental vision", which explains telepathy. At the level of knowledge of the then London researchers were in principle correct guess on one type of telepathy — the so-called myslechteniya. This conclusion was reached at the end of the last century, but remained not popular science. The reason was her arrogance with which it referred to the miracles and those practicing them. Throughout the XX century telepathy remained unsolved mystery in the first place because scientists could not answer the most important: What is the point? Only recently, experiments were conducted, during which it was possible to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding the physical nature of thought, and thus to provide a partial explanation of the phenomenon of telepathy.

Photographed thought

Fate accidentally brought the American psychologist Julia Eykzenbuda with the clerk of the Chicago hotel Ted Seriosom. Exploring the so-called ray vision, which still remains a subject of scientific debate, during the experiments Eykzenbud aim the camera at eye-polaroid Seriosa and take pictures.
Some shots were completely illuminated, others were white, the third reason, a picture of the face of the Seriosa. And in the picture, stood out vague outlines of buildings, vehicles and people silhouettes. And interestingly, sometimes blurry picture occupied only part of the frame was sometimes inclined or even inverted.

Studying the pictures, the psychologist concluded that Ted Serios has strange ability to fix on film some mental pictures. It followed that thought in the form of visual images are transmitted by the optic nerve to the retina, there are emitted into the environment in the form of light rays and thus fall on the film.

But in the course of further experiments and weird things started to happen that contradicted the original scheme. It was found that the ability to be much better Seriosa when the port is in a state of intoxication and, as he himself admitted, he thought confused. However, it was a mere trifle compared with what was found later. Eykzenbud Ted showed pictures of landmarks, which he could not see before, and asked how to solve them, and remember photographs of his eyes. And then sometimes happened that defied any explanation. To "pictures of thought" images, such as the Cathedral of Santa Sarina Di Loreto and columns of Trajan in Rome, were different from the originals: they are slightly shifted in space, as if they rented from a different angle.

Visualize what it looks like the same column of Trajan, looking up at her, Ted Serios could not. For this you need an architect, not a hotel receptionist. Then what sealed polaroid lens?

The second riddle is generally overkill. Suddenly it became clear that the picture is obtained not only by photographing eye or face Ted. Image on the film came and when he accidentally covered in tension with his hand-eye, which was sent to the camera lens!

It turned out that the eye here at all to do with it, as no "rays of view" could not pass through the dense tissue hands. It turned out that the film is not imprinted image, and the thought of it!

At first glance, this seems unlikely. Still, let's not jump to conclusions, but consider the above cases are unique physical impact thoughts on gross matter — film, based on new scientific hypotheses about the "products" of the brain.

Let's start with the fact that, according to academic YB Kobzarev, creates the appearance of a special thought ultralight particles, which he called psihonami. And this process is accompanied by the release of energy to charge them. Psihony energy can form clots — solitons, in the terminology of biophysicists. A parapsychologists call them thought forms (mental images).

As studies professor A.V.Chernetskogo, these electromagnetic in nature objects can radiate into space, not only through the eyes, but also through the energy centers — chakras. Figuratively speaking, "turned its back" on the breed of their brain, thought patterns they go into a separate "floating".
In those moments, and they filmed American psychologist Eykzenbud. When they are emitted through the eye, right in front of the lens polaroid image on the film is completely coincided with the original photograph. If such a "way out" comes through the chakras, such as Ted Serios close my eyes with his hand, the objective of the camera "saw" thought forms and capture a different angle.

Thoughtforms communicate …

Something similar happens with spontaneous telepathy. Once in the environment, one person thought forms spontaneously in contact with the brain of other people subconscious literally sees them. But as the energy charge of these solitons are very small, the mind does not see the traces they leave behind. In other words, their impact is lost in the noise of information, do not fall through the filters on our mental screen "Chief."
And here at the close people brain eventually starts to produce a thought-form of each other this constant noise. The same principle is "read" other people's thoughts and sverhvosprimchivye psychics. And ordinary people do it unconsciously. In any group that exists for a long time, its members have
a clear understanding of each other, it does not matter, talkative man or not, he shares their troubles and joys, or prefer to keep silent. And usually, it's pretty objective opinion, because people are reading each other's minds, but not aware of it. But clearly understand the results.
It follows a very important conclusion. It is not necessary to speak not only bad, but think badly about others, if you do not want to make enemies. Good idea generates the corresponding ratio. Evil thought, escaping to freedom, not only destroys the peace of another, but also their own well-being, because the ability to boomerang back to the person whose brain gave birth to her.

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