Prague Autumn

Apparently, the pendulum of Eastern European politics is now ready to swing in the other direction. This became clear after the announcement of the results of the different steps of elections in the Czech Republic and Lithuania. After counting the votes of people who came to the Czech polls has been a trend that has 8-10 years back would have seemed simply indescribable. Czech people at this time decided to give voice to representatives of the Communist Party, and the Socialists. After the first round of the elections to the Senate of the Communist party Bohemia and Moravia gained 17.4%, and took second place, behind the Czech Social Democratic Party, which gained 22.7% of the vote.

Prague Autumn

After the second round of the election Czech Communists and the Social Democrats in the general totality already gained about 56% of the vote, leaving the plainclothes Democratic Party with 23 percent of votes, not destiny. It turns out that now in the Czech Republic will work left the Senate.

After the announcement of the election results in the Czech Republic "democratic West" nervously fidgeted in his own chair. Of course! It turns out that one of the mainstays of democratic change the standard of the late 80-ies of the last century, once again decides to test the model of development that is not based on Western norms. This is even more humiliating for those who consider themselves the favorites in Cool war because after the "victory" was just something a bit more 20. In other words, the Czechs had 20 years with little to realize that focusing on the western option is not always trivial preferences promises that economic development in the never-ending loans with a multiple of mandatory debt repayment at the ECB — a road to nowhere, which can lead the Czech Republic to the state in which resides, for example, Greece.

Of course, the West just did not give myself to report that the Czech Republic — is far not the government that will be for all the criteria to praise the new political system, if this system does not meet the interests of the Czech people.

Apparently, the West to this day believes that the standard Prague Spring of 1968 was focused only on the rejection of the full impact of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. But after Senate elections in the Czech Republic in October of this year, it became clear that the Czechs are protesting and not protesting against one or another ideology, and seek to show that, if the political system they for whatever reason does not suit them, they are ready to initiate change. The Prague Spring of 1968, which was called anti-communist, gradually flowed into the Prague Autumn 2012, which fit to be called an anti-capitalist.

More than half of Czech voters have shown the world that, in fact, to their principal, which is the title of the one or the other political force, and it is crucial for them to be seen whether this power to make their lives better. If the party who had openly pro-Western vector, for more than 20 years has not been able to dramatically make a better economic situation in the country, citizens have decided to simply abandon their political services and give a chance to the other policies of the institutional direction. Can this be called a typical call to Brussels? I think so!

Of course, the major European ideologues early relaxed, thinking that the same delay in the Czech Republic can be only a small leash only in the presence of point reminders of her "terrible" held as part of the so-called socialist camp. Say, but where now these Eastern Europeans from us disappear, — considered in Brussels — if they start to "arise", we give them all at once on the socialist past recall, will tell about the terrible "Russian threat" and silenced another loan tranche under heavy "friendly" percent.

In Lithuania, the victory in the first step of elections also celebrated the "left" forces. The first took place, "Labor Party" and the Social Democratic party Lithuania, gaining a total difficulties over 38% of the vote. Their closest competitor — the block "Homeland Union — LHD" which, in fact, was the ruling power in Lithuania all soon, got about 15% of the vote. Now the current authorities will be obliged to Lithuania to run across to the opposition, and Lithuanian citizens have shown that it is not willing to follow the path of the policy of "debt load" but only in exchange for promises to remain within the "one united European family."

Of course, we should not assume that the elections in Eastern Europe, will lead to the fact that both Lithuania and the Czech Republic suddenly refuse to European integration. But it is not important. The main thing is that now more and more people in these and other countries are willing to evaluate politicians not only by how close they are "ideals" of Western democracy, as far from the "horrors" of the communist past, and on how these policies able to solve the real tasks for the development of the country and increase the living standards of its people.

In general, the illusion of the perfect life only begins to dispel Western principles, showing the world what is on illusions, either yesterday or today just does not go too far.

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