Pre-election tank clinch

Pre-election tank clinchWhat argued Dmitry O. and Nikolay E.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the Russian government of the military-industrial complex, argued in his own Twitter with the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces General of the Army Nikolai Makarov. He rebuked the latter is that, as Makarov said at a meeting with the capital's journalists, the Ministry of Defence for 5 years stopped the purchase of armored vehicles for the Army. "CHODs (Chief of the General Staff. — VL) — not the only one who takes decisions on procurement of weapons and military equipment. The Army and Navy are planning to rearm, "- wrote in his blog Rogozin.

In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister saw that "if CHODs have a claim to the tanks or to other equipment, it can give them to the professor among our designers and industrialists." "We should not keep our commanders dispute with military science and industry through the media. There are many other methods to solve problems, "- identified Rogozin.

What still so annoyed by Dmitry Rogozin, a journalist on his own first class, always fought for openness to dialogue military, politicians and society? Neuzh then Chief of the General Staff of the municipal inadvertently discovered a terrible secret, which really can only open a discussion with your special proxies?

Nothing like that.

Open secret

No riddles General Makarov did not disclose. And more than that, did not say anything new. The fact that the Ministry of Defence has completed purchase from the Russian manufacturers of armored vehicles, including tanks, long and widely understood. And criticism of the address of this equipment manufacturers also sounded by the military and again. It differed and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, and past Vice-Minister for Armaments, and now the head of "Roskosmos" Vladimir Popovkin, commander in chief of the Army and the Russian Federation Gen.-Colonel General Alexander Postnikov, and other military leaders. For that they got it, like Makarov from Rogozin, representatives of "Rosoboronexport" and the Committee for Military-Technical Cooperation with zabugornom countries and even from members of the government? For the fact that they Tipo undermine the authority of Russian military equipment to foreign buyers, working almost on our rivals from the Western States and China. Which, of course, not the case.

Specialists, buyers and consumers of Russian military equipment and of at least some other similar products are well aware of its strengths and feeble hand, the advantages and shortcomings. "Open your eyes" Indian or, say, a Venezuelan General on vulnerabilities, imagine fighting vehicle BMP-3 infantry or main battle tank T-90 is virtually impossible. They perfectly understand that in at least some combat vehicle perfectly and even excellent, and what did not. And for that they need not read the newspaper or look that indicates about TV. Add them knowledge and experience none of the media can not. As someone interested worldview, even if it is quite a noble man, that knows better than any other spec.

But here's the curious thing. Tactical and technical characteristics and combat effectiveness of the military technology or other experts at price is not generally in isolation from other events, but on the contrary — the fact that is armed with a possible opponent, he may seem to run as a technique, he is going to buy fits into the strategy of modern warfare, weapons systems in those who are already in service with its attendant army … Many events have an impact on the choice of the generals of a species to supply weapons to his army. There are also political preferences and taste, and attachment to, or other systems, countries and their products. And not the last role in the international market instruments played by such factors as the value for the properties of weapons.

India, Algeria, Venezuela, and other countries with delight acquire Russian main battle tank T-90, since it is their tactical and technical features — engine power, speed and capability to overcome any obstacles, in armament, ammunition, an onboard electrical innards and ballistic computer at an impact device, and of other features, including crew protection, surpasses similar military equipment, which is at their neighbors. Moreover, this tank just repaired, upgraded and can be assembled at its own factories. He has repeatedly shown his highest combat and operational properties and in combat. Including the North Caucasus and in the August Georgian aggression against Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. Well worth it, at about the same qualities, slightly lower than, say, the German "Leopard", the French "Leclerc" or South American "Abrams".

Only the problem is that such tanks like T-90, T-80 as well, the upgraded T-72B, the Russian troops and military equipment storage bases — with a surplus. Need only some 2.5 thousand, and there are more than 10 thousand (Handbook of English international institute of strategic researches The Military Balance — 2011 states that on our bases of storage is 18 thousand tanks. — VL). Same thing with armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles (according to the same source, in 7360 the ranks BTR and BMP in 8500 with supplies still. — VL). Where to borrow more?

Because Russian generals and refused so far to get Russian armored vehicles. General gave the designers, directors of the respective companies 5 years, that they have created and offered his army to breakthrough something that is not present in the Yankees, or the Germans or the French. What you can adopt for yourself and that later exported. His friends and associates. At the same time, they have bought a small lot of foreign armored vehicles — testing, study, takes over everything that was quite good, do better …

Chief of General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov at the meeting with journalists, the information of which served as the basis for the statements of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, said that the Defense Ministry has downloaded the same "Uralvagonzavod" orders for four years in advance. According to him, the Ministry of Defence as part of the state defense order "to allocate more resources for the development of a fundamentally modern technology and the modernization of existing. Funding is rhythmically. "

LESSONS "Merkava"

This is not a time it was written in the press, but so much is said in the meetings and in the Defense Ministry, and in Command of the Army and the military in meetings with industrialists. Tank, the main striking force of the Army, — in itself for itself, so to speak figuratively, as an aircraft carrier in the order of a multi-purpose group of warships, is very depending on the combat vehicles and their crews, as those on his right, so left and also from those above it. In modern warfare it is very vulnerable due to the fact that the commander of a combat vehicle, and driver is very limited in its own observation of the battlefield. And entrenched somewhere in the bushes of a soldier with a grenade launcher can shoot him in the stern on the engine or in the section of the tower, in the most unprotected by armor place. About because it was the last of the Israeli-Lebanon war, when more than a dozen most secure, are considered to languid tanks "Merkava" were knocked out of the Russian RPG-29 "Vampire", it is unclear how got out of the Lebanese army in the hands of fighters " Hezbollah. "

Israelis remember, were outraged that the Russian party put their own "killer" grenade launchers nearly terrorists (although we have no links with "Hezbollah" was not and is not, and supplies her guns — too). But the fact is that in this case, the IDF withdrew from his own long-approved strategy — just use tanks along with helicopters. With the "pinwheel" can be seen all around for miles, and no soldier with a grenade launcher, also on a more or less open country, if he could not hide from his "all-seeing eye." Tanks left without protection and got what we got.

For us, too, very fundamentally, especially in the criteria of modern deeply integrated and all-encompassing battle, cramped "link" armored vehicles and helicopters, armored vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles, or perhaps a distant radar reconnaissance planes and management. Chief of Staff says that some elements of the proposed defense companies products, for example T-90S tanks, military suits. Specifically, the device turret complaints. At the same time, he said, the Russian industry lags far behind its own western rivals in features manufactured armored vehicles, as the degree of protection of the people.

Makarov said — and here it is unrealistic to argue — as is usually the Russian industry has paid special attention to the firepower of armored vehicles, its mobility, maneuverability, but "forget about people's lives." This applies to both armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. Including tanks. "Any disruption malehankih mines leads to what killed the entire crew," — says CHODs.

And it is not only as an armor, and a strategy for the use of armored vehicles on the battlefield. Lessons "Merkava" should be a stern warning to our commanders and defense industry. But somehow it does not coincide with their approaches to the subject. On the same "Uralvagonzavod" did a beautiful tank support combat vehicle, the optical systems which allow excellent detect and identify targets at a distance of 5 km of days and up to 3 km NIGHT MODE, and paired automatic guns, machine guns, grenade launchers and ATGM — kill at least some zanykat burrow terrorist or enemy combatant. But these were not to the taste BMPT our military. Kazakhstan buys them, the Russian generals — no.

Why? No one can explain. Perhaps, too, the base on which stands the tower BMPT not like it. How, in general, and the chassis of T-90S tanks. One thing is clear, the protection of the crew from mines, grenades, shells — it's not only improved armor, and numerous other components of armored vehicles — from the optics, the "Arena" and "Cape", the engine power, maneuverability and stealth machine to full communication with the UAV and helicopters.


The principles of order battle technology is now very changed. The agreement with the defense now signed personally by the minister of defense, not CHODs and not another commander. But before that, the Interagency Commission on the commander in chief of the Armed Forces or the commander of the troops must come to prove that such a machine or such weapons it is very necessary that it has a decisive advantage over the similar "iron" foreign-made and that it will provide a new, more highest quality of certain military structure. And if this general support other military leaders, only then the contract will be on the table minister.

With the same "Uralvagonzavod" the military signed agreements to modernize the 170 T-72 tanks — more than 6 billion. rub. The Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, reported to the presence of the general director Oleg Sienko Tagil Enterprise Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. "He (this order. — VL), which is produced, — said the head of the military department — and we agreed, that can be completely, the plant can open up additional capacity in order to increment the available power deep modernization of the fleet of tanks" . "This — the minister — every year modernized tank suited to the newcomer the tank, which we want to get as part of our okra, which we signed with the plant, and lay the hope that in 2013 we get the first sample. "

Sienko confirmed these words. The head of the government saw that "his profound awareness of modernization of T-72 is almost brings quality products at the level of the T-90", but all the same to go to a brand new product on the technology of the latest generation.

This meeting is lowered several degrees imposed media confrontation between the military and the tank builders. Dmitry Rogozin, even at a later meeting of the Congress Engineering said defense industry that the comments of the military should be heard. A lot of complaints come from troops on the quality of the product that comes into the army. These difficulties need to be addressed.

It turned out the general's criticism — it's not criticism for the sake of criticism, and the engine of progress, a wish coming forward to breakthroughs in the development of military technology of the future. And the fact that Dmitry Rogozin, immediately after the meeting with General Makarov journalists defended the defense industry workers — is also understandable. Approaching election of a new President of the Russian Federation — Deputy Prime Minister had to show his players that the management of the country on their side. The usual pre-election move. All the more so if he vpribavok everything to the same property would increase defense products.

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