Pre-war diplomacy Stalins victory

Stalin's pre-war diplomatic victoryOpponents of the Red Empire adore "stroll" on prewar diplomacy USSR. In particular, over the August non-aggression pact between Germany and the USSR from 1939.

But constantly "forget" to mention the actions of other European powers during this period. About Munich contract September 30, 1938 many of you know, but that's not all heard about the fact that apart from Germany participated in the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia, Poland (Cieszyn region received) and Hungary ("bite off" a number of cities in the south).

After Munich, 30th as of September, the third Reich and Britain, on the initiative of British Prime Minister Chamberlain signed the Anglo-German declaration of peace. In it, Germany and Great Britain have stated a desire to live in peace negotiations to solve all the questions. With this declaration, London has provided almost complete freedom of the Reich in the East. Immediately Chamberlain was misleading the population of Great Britain, saying that after the Munich contract and the Anglo-German declaration of war danger has passed. London, Berlin immediately pushed to the next steps, guaranteeing him a "rear".

Just outside London so did Paris October 13, 1938 in Berlin, French salting A. Francois-Poncet in communication with the Secretary of State Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany E. Weizsacker has attempted to "feel out" attitude Berlin's concluded between the two countries-name contracts of non-aggression, contract consulting and financial agreement. Berlin was not interested in deepening "friendship" and agreed to the Franco-German declaration, a kind of non-aggression agreement. With this declaration, essentially, Paris crossed the Franco-Soviet contract 1935 on mutual assistance. According to the views of France, the Reich had to bring the main attack on the "Bolsheviks".

London and Paris are deliberately pushed Germany to the "crusade" against "Bolshevism". Concluded a non-aggression treaties with Germany by the USSR, and for some reason all the blame Moscow. Why the "democratic regimes" can and can not Stalin?

Stalin tried again to agree on keeping the peace in Europe — to conclude a military alliance with Britain and France, where the true obligations of the parties will be registered. Britain and France did not go for it. And only after that, on August 23, signed a non-aggression pact. Stalin, as at least some common favorite country fussed about the safety of their own country, apparently because it and the Westerners can not stand.

He was a very wise man, and beheld the whole deal: there are three camps — the West (Britain, France and, perhaps, USA), the axis Rome-Berlin-Tokyo and the USSR; war on the doorstep. And the Alliance later it will come, the better. Stalin was well aware that the British and French politicians want to put the brunt of the Reich against USSR, but he beat them.

Stalin's pre-war diplomatic victory

Edouard Daladier (center) with Joachim von Ribbentrop at a meeting in Munich in 1938

He gave the Soviet Union a contract of non-aggression?

— Most importantly — time and a half years. This is a valuable time was not spent in vain, yet became stronger army, reinforced by the industry. Europe was raging, and we had the world must regret that it is not able to pull up to the time of 1942-1943. Then could be completed by a number of important defense programs.

— Stalin outsmarted Paris and London. "Roy's grave," the Soviet Union's own policy of "appeasement" of Hitler, handing him one country after another, they have forgotten that "stick with 2-ends", and lost.

— Stalin was able to avoid a situation where the Soviet Union will be organized against a "crusade" across Europe. After all, we wanted to make war ally London — Warsaw, the Poles wanted in alliance with the Wehrmacht to get access to the Black Sea. In the end, even the Western world has become our "ally."

— USSR caused a diplomatic blow to the Land of the Rising Sun, in August 1939, in the East there was fighting between Russian and Japanese troops. Tokyo was not expecting that Berlin will sign a similar contract. It has led to confusion in the Japanese elite, Tokyo even protested Berlin. Japanese Cabinet of Ministers headed by an adherent of the war with Russia, along with Germany, Kiichiro Hiranuma, resigned. It was one of the turning points in the history of the Land of the Rising Sun, Tokyo began to develop "Southern Plan" expansion, and not the "North".

Practically this Ribbentrop-Molotov, Stalin already "beat" opponents, winning the Second World War on the diplomacy front.

That's why he can not stand and "internal enemies" — pro-Western liberals — and outside. Although external enemies, for example, Hitler and Churchill, enough reason to recognize the genius of Stalin and his great contribution to the victory of the Soviet Union.

Stalin led the "absolutist" policy of not allowing the fighter to throw a Russian "cannon fodder" in other people's wars. USSR at it aggressively defended the interests of their own people.

Stalin's pre-war diplomatic victory

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