Precedent or no precedent?

Precedent or precedent?Only that an international tribunal has recognized the applicable self-proclaimed independence of Kosovo. In fact, acknowledged the destruction of the applicable basic principles of the UN itself. The popular reaction — "It is precedent!"Well, etc. So precedent or not precedent? There can be no legal precedents, if there is no law. Who is strong, and sneakers. In principle, it is commonplace. It was there, and there will only be one defining event in politics — it might. Neighbor East — The most painful point of the status of the world — what a colorful illustration. In addition, since the legal nuance here was paralyzed at first because of recognizable events.

…"History is holding a whip. And in this case, the Jews, the victims of its classic, steel whip "- wrote Arthur Koestler, known follower of Zionism in 1949. "Zionism — the only rational solution to the Jewish question" — Adolf Eichmann saw a couple of years before it began its "final solution." It is interesting that the majority of British workers who discovered this "Pandora's box", from Lord Balfour and ending with the bureaucrats of the colonial administration, is engaged in Jewish emigration were to one degree or another anti-Semitic. The term "apartheid" used by our creator Thierry Mejsane against Israel, that sounds outrageously politically incorrect, but completely accurate in fact. Again the same irrespective as to who belongs Apartheid.

Our homeland in the Middle East is not new. This, of course, not an argument, but the fact is that our role in Middle Eastern affairs always ended badly for us. Let's start with the opening, when in the middle of the last century, intentionally engaging us in sharing the Christian holy places in Palestine, we planted a "Crimean catastrophe." Our peak of success in the Middle East — the anti-Western oil embargo after the 1973 war — the ultimate aggravation of the Middle East conflict. Another thing is that the deterioration is not provoked us and we do not use it. Remembering that the Soviets took the Western world for the larynx, was the uniqueness of the positive and mentoring for the West itself. The fact that this is the prologue victory for Russian bloc, was the beginning of the end. For the year 1973 followed not only the Camp David, and Afghanistan, accompanied by the famous Yankee deal with Arab sheiks — affordable oil for gun Mujahideen. In other words it is possible to divide the claims of the veteran Russian diplomacy Basil Berezovsky's ideological Russian policy in the region.

But not compared to today's Russian. Our hours are not braked in 1991, as noted by Meyssan. Then they just took off somewhere in the trash. Later found a, washed, listened to — like going. Clock began very stall when finished Russian Plant and braked with the beginning of the crisis — in connection with the collapse of the illusion that we have something to present themselves in a global world. Visible sign of stopping the clock — our Iran's rejection of the treaty on the C-300. The event, which could deprive Russia of some independence not only trade instrument, and indeed in world politics. Our hours, something like that, braked not only in the Middle East, and everywhere. Our hours are yet.

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