Predpraznichnye difficulties of the American Astronautical

By unusual coincidence of events at a time when the whole world is celebrating the anniversary of the first manned flight into space Y. Gagarin, the United States gradually developed another round gallakticheskoy hysteria. But she did not spur the successes of far as it was 40-50 years back. Decommissioning of reusable Space Shuttle was an incitement to increase public attention to the prospects of the American Astronautical Science. And, as it turns out, the future of her far not the rainbow, in any case, specifically such outlook is becoming more and more common.

Predpraznichnye problems of the U.S. Space

It so happened that in gallakticheskoy industry in the U.S., particularly in the center of Gallakticheskom them. JF Kennedy works a lot of people with a strong passion own work. And those who have no ideological overtones in his work, it is still proud of the merits of the whole country in space, for trips to the moon and for the study of the solar system. In general, the picture is nice looking and looking. But … the first of April in the South American television program "60 minutes» showed a plot that could very much hit by the first witness. As it turns out, the most Gallakticheskoe coast of Florida, the pride of American industry and technology, the current time is starting to gain momentum in a very hostile area. There just grows unemployment.

The premise of the social upheaval was the folding of a number of programs and cuts in funding research space. Some analysts believe that the fate of a few thousand people so quirky and indirectly impacted the collapse of the Union of Russian. The fact is that in the early 90's the U.S. advantage in gallakticheskoy area was such that the sound began to offer slightly "hold back their horses." Well, it is now not compete with anyone, and the funds can be izderzhat to other areas. In the end, made George Bush Sr. steps to reduce military spending and increase allocations for space exploration have not received the expected ending. On the contrary, at first Clinton administration headed for reducing investments in space and even threatened to close certain areas. Later, George W. Bush had difficulties more important, because with him the government's attitude to the program there gallakticheskoy practically unchanged. The latter now south american President — Barack Obama — over the years managed to implement a number of initiatives aimed at cost savings. And the most annoying, from this economy has suffered South American space.

Is noteworthy that the reduction in funding came here when reusable shuttles were decommissioned. They must come to replace the new mc, but the means to create it, it seems, will have to look for, what, bottom of the barrel. Of course, if the next president does not return a value of old Astronautics and will raise financing. But the fact that the usual increase in the number of the allocated funds will have the expected consequences. For example, one of the managers of the American gallakticheskoy applets M. Albrecht sees a danger for the future of his industry in a number of features of the U.S. system. For example, the state of local government agencies inflated beyond measure and does not give right to make decisions and allocate resources. In private companies, things are not better — they're used to the state of the state apparatus, and learned how to take advantage of it. In gallakticheskoy industry revolves heavily a lot of money, and this is a good bait for a variety of bad characters. As a consequence, begins corruption, theft and unfair competitiveness. It is unlikely that it can be called decent criteria for the development of astronautics.

To get out of the crisis begins to change and improve the bureaucratic machine, which, frankly, can only open or close programs from them. As practice shows, the comparison of the available, processing, etc. American bureaucrats gallakticheskoy industry are given with great difficulty. Without configurations prevailing nasty situation will only get worse, right up to the point where nothing can be corrected. At the current time, former U.S. primacy in gallakticheskoy industry gradually fading away. For example, over the past 2011 Americans spent 17 successful launches. Our homeland, in turn, has fulfilled 28. It is unlikely that in 2012 or 2013 will be able to drastically change the situation in favor of the United States.

It should be emphasized that the backlog in gallakticheskoy industry can lead not only to a loss in numerical terms. Astronautics, being a fusion of the most leading technologies not only consume, but also makes and develops them. Accordingly, with a poorly developed industry gallakticheskoy separately taken country could lose on all the fronts that arise and are used in the program notes gallakticheskih. It turns out that the missing attention to space can slow the development of the vast number of other areas.

But it is not only in the economy and development. There still is a moral side. Past Congressman DeLay B. believes that the wrong approach to space exploration is very unpleasant effect on many other things. Specifically, the failure of the zeal in so far almost unexplored area, even if it is located at a small distance from their home planet, will deprive the people of motivation. They can not do anything to try and fuse on the fact that they already have. And this is contrary to the very nature of man, which, of course, will be a prerequisite huge number of other problems. If the same zeal for the new and for knowledge is and will be encouraged, then right in the flight space and catch up with the industry and the economy, and even consumer services. In the end, a huge number of people still see a dream. Unattainable as unattainable. Certainly, it is worth well shake up the bureaucracy and restore order in the area.

The order will direct the Americans. In truth, their gallakticheskaya programm and they deal with it. But other gallakticheskim powers necessary to direct attention to the difficulties the United States. Direct attention and to take into account so as not to repeat the mistakes South American.

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