Pregnant women are persuaded to abortion. The new idea of killing and supporters of population decline

Pregnant women are persuaded to abortion

Pregnant women are persuaded to abortion

It's no secret that the UK is the source of numerous initiatives to control the birth rate. So, the central office of the International Planned Parenthood Federation is London (Russian branch — RAPS).

Below is an article with the new idea, which is to persuade women to have an abortion. Although this practice is widely used in Russia, official documents that require a doctor t persuade a woman not to have an abortion.

It is important to note that expressed the idea that is in the medical community for a long time and the British formulated it, and brought up to the level of an official document of recommendation yet. As far as they will go on — is unknown. For us it is important that much, and the worst thing that was invented in the West, "successfully" introduced us.

Project to promote abortion is the answer, "planners" of birth-controllers to create a crisis pregnancy centers and maternity protection in the future, it may backfire at us.

Give "probaortny" text:

"Physicians should inform pregnant women that abortion is safer than birth. The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the UK again made recommendations to all British doctors. From now on, they should inform pregnant women that abortion is much safer for the health than to give birth. And women also do not have to worry about any psychological problems after an abortion — not their conscience muchit.Prichem, these data should be reported just those women who were contemplating on whether to make it an abortion or keep the baby. At this point, the future mothers tend to get the most useful information. And if before the doctors usually advise women to give birth, but now they will have to report the truth.

In addition, until recently, gynecologists say patients who wish to have an abortion, that they face serious psychological problems. Alleged level of mental illness and even suicide attempts in women after an abortion is much higher. But in fact science does not have any serious evidence to make such a statement, so now pregnant will no longer cheat.

Abortion opponents have called the new recommendations for physicians monstrous "and will give birth to a new wave of" medical murder ". But experts of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, say that women should own objective information. And if you actually make abortion safer for health than give birth, there is nothing sacrilegious — a pregnant woman just has to know about it "

On the subject:

Azerbaijani authorities have proposed an alternative measure of birth control — the sterilization

Azerbaijani authorities intend to prohibit ultrasound (U.S.) in order to determine the sex of the fetus and to further restrict abortion in the country. The chairman of the committee on social policy of Milli Majlis (Parliament) of Azerbaijan Hadi Rajabli.

As an alternative measure of birth control to married couples in Azerbaijan will offer voluntary sterilization. appropriate measures, according to Rajabli, in accordance with law on bioethics, which now debating Azerbaijani lawmakers.

The need to determine the baby's sex ban by ultrasound and to restrict access to abortion due to the widespread practice of Azerbaijan "sexual selection" of embryos, the family, prefer to have a son rather than a daughter, terminating pregnancies, if it becomes aware of the female sex of the fetus.

Birth control in low-income families, the Azerbaijani authorities intend to use sterilization. in that they refer to the successful Iranian experience.

"After all, raising the question as in Iran? if you can feed two, three, four, ten children, please — give birth. and if you can not feed, shoes, to ensure the health of children, then why do you give birth? go and do the sterilization, you have enough, and two children, "- said Chairman of the Social Policy Committee of the Parliament.

In Dnepropetrovsk doctors infants are buried waste

In Dnipropetrovsk region doctors maternity ward Ninth Municipal Hospital Dneprodzerzhinsk buried at least 15's babies with post-operative management. At this medical authorization from their parents did not ask.

According to hospital staff, the dead baby — this is not a child, but the fruit for which the coffin is not provided, and there are no name or surname.

In the special plant that dump did not know that they gave stillborn directly in bags.

"Big bag of frozen biological mass, that is, it is impossible to verify. Burial place we did not take into account, because it's biological waste, "- said the former chief engineer Alexander Goryainov Dneprodzerzhinsk special plant.

"Under the law, stillborn buried by all the rules, and doctors knew about it — says a former chief engineer. Says it all: last year at the request of the hospital four buried like this, "- he added.

Prosecutors Dnipropetrovsk region has opened a criminal case on "negligence." Punishment for it — up to 3 years in prison.

According to a senior investigator Prosecution Office of Dnipropetrovsk region Denis Shevchenko, parental consent for burial by the hospital should be in the history of labor with the personal signature of the mother.

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