Prepyadstviya Russian Navy

Office of Russian Federation decided to modernize the Navy as the prime priority weapons programs from the period up to 2020. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, has recently confirmed the allocation of the fleet of about 5 trillion rubles in the coming 10 years.

The plans are excellent, and if some items are made gradually, by the main classes of ships questions inspire more fear than optimism. If many of the issues are solved in a purely technical and organizational terms, the financial plans, as usual, the situation is very bad, plus there were some fundamental projects in business.

In the middle of 2011 at IMDS-2011 President of the United Construction Company, told reporters that in 2016 will begin work on the design of a new aircraft carrier, and the construction of the ship may have to start in 2018 and after 5 years the aircraft carrier may enter into service, besides the carrier will develop a atomic engines. Still, it was announced that in conjunction with the aircraft carrier will be built destroyer escorts, and it actually produced missile cruisers for carrier strike group. Although the future of the Russian aircraft carrier issue rises in the near future is quite often, the Ministry of Defence denies the very hypothetical nature offers an aircraft carrier.

Anatoly Serdyukov, head of the Ministry, said that self-promotion USC had no effect on the decision of the ministry. Conducted research work on the subject, and until you can see the result of this work, solutions to order an aircraft carrier will not even open a discussion. By the way, in the accepted weapons program there is no GPV-2020 built aircraft carrier is not provided.

Build an aircraft carrier — it is quite necessary to change the tactical and assault force, to change the strategy of naval warfare, and in fact, to upgrade naval squadron to build a completely different ships.

Multi-purpose submarines

So, in the coming 10-15 years, about 10 planned construction of multi-purpose submarines. Has held out to the sea Underwater Boat Series "Ash" nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk".

At this time, at the "Sevmash" is building a second submarine Project 885 — NS "Kazan", which will be commissioned in 2015.

Problems of the Russian Fleet

Pricing plant "Sevmash" on the part of the work on the project "Ash" not once been criticized by representatives of the Ministry of Defence. The submarine "Severodvinsk", made on the basis of reserve left over from 1993, successive came at a cost, and it is only due to the freezing mark of 47 billion rubles. And now the factory "Sevmash" requested for the second submarine "Kazan" from the War Department to 112 billion rubles. It is unrealistic to say anything for sure, not having access to the calculations of price, but it seems that the amount claimed is hiding behind is not only the inflationary component of the construction industry, and the effects of freezing prices submarine "Severodvinsk".

On the design of lightweight and low-cost successor to the existing submarines of 945, 971 and 671RTM (K), the question is not rising, although many useful life comes to an end of its own. Back in the Russian Union wished to bring all nuclear multipurpose submarines to one project — the creation of underwater submarines of the "Cedar" 957. But, like so many other great projects and initiatives, project to implement a life not lived.

There is no doubt that the submarines of the "Ash" will be able to change not only the nuclear-powered missile-carrying cruiser "Antaeus" Project 949A, and all other types of light submarines. Having the best weapons and technical properties, "Ash" will perform at the highest level tasks that are easy to put anti-submarine submarines. But to build a huge amount of functionality "Ash" in the current criteria is virtually impossible — they have a fairly large size, difficult to assemble and quite expensive. As can be seen, all built by "Ash" is simply not enough to perform the tasks assigned to the underwater submarines of Russian fleet.

While there are no precise data as well underwater submarines need to perform the tasks to be solved at the moment Submarine Project 949A, 971, 945 and 671 of them remained in service less than 30, that even the Department of Defense considers damn missing.

Submarines strategic focus

The situation on the construction of strategic missile-carrying submarines yavna — basis is the Project 955 "Borey", for 20 years of the project now have four incarnations in life:
— head underwater vessel "Yury Dolgoruky", which ends up running tests, and only recently had shot regular ballistic missile missile system "Mace";

Problems of the Russian Fleet

— 2nd Project 955 submarine ship "Alexander Nevsky", pinning hopes on the tests will be released at the end of 2011;
— Third submarine ship "Vladimir Monomakh" is on the order stocks;
— Fourth submarine ship "Borey" project, the working title is "St. Nicholas", will soon begin to build, started building construction backlog.

Under the project "Northwind" has become the main problem is visible. After all, the strategic submarine boat "Yury Dolgoruky" and "Alexander Nevsky" going to have touched submarines of 949A and 971, which were available at the "Sevmash" since the Russian Union. But submarines "Vladimir Monomakh" and "St. Nicholas" will build a factory from scratch, and what will be the cost of construction, it is clear no one can say.

Most likely, we are waiting for the next confrontation between the military authorities and shipyards, as advocated Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky — "we will not put up with low levels of literacy inflated prices" and that the worse of all, the contracts for the construction of nuclear missile-carrying strategic focus up to now have not been signed.

Multipurpose frigates

JSC Shipbuilding Plant "Severnaya Verf", which comes in the defense industry, has received government guarantees 10s billion for the early implementation of the Municipal defense order. These guarantees are provided prior to 2015. "Severnaya Verf", based on the State programs from GPV-2020 until the end of 2018 undertakes to deliver to the customer — the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation — 6 corvettes of project 23180 and 23185 of the project (project 23180 modernized), 6 frigates of Project 22350. At present, "Severnaya Verf" builds 2-frigates of Project 22350.

At the end of 2010 was launched at the head multipurpose frigate of Project 22350 "Russian Navy Admiral Gorshkov" and will soon be running the tests.

Problems of the Russian Fleet

At the shipyard "Northern Shipyard" is founded in 2009
, the second ship of Project 22350 frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" descent is expected in 2012-2013.

As we see, with the cash collateral of the project everything is in order. And then hunt to note a step obmyslenny military professionals — the transition to abundant use of UKSK, as a legacy inherited from the Soviet ships and submarines have a range of different-sized bolshennuyu solutions and missile systems. Being a modular system, curb universal launchers UKSK allows you to fire at the enemy in different shells, missiles and torpedoes 1-caliber — even the multi-purpose missile system bears the title "Movement". Missile complex can be used for firing a 533-mm torpedo submarines and for shooting from coastal missile systems. It only sets the introduction of greater flexibility UKSK.

This is a very timely step — the application UKSK, it will positively influence the tactical, industrial and economic component. Increase the efficiency of the introduction of Russian fleet, will allow to reduce the cost of the purchase of additional weapons, reduce the time of the productive activities of production standard weapons.

Patrol ships

In the Baltic Shipyard has laid commissioned three Russian Navy ships of project 11356. Not long ago, three ships have already been built on the "Baltic Shipyard" commissioned by the military of India — the type frigates «Talwar». Another three frigates of Project 11356, according to the agreement signed with the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation, waiting for the bookmark.

In December 2010, the head was laid Project 11356 frigate "Admiral Grigorovich," frigate "Admiral Essen" laid at the end of July 2010, and will begin laying Project 11356 frigate "Admiral Makarov" to illumine the end of 2011.

Project 11356 frigate is designed to repel attacks from the air as without the help of others, and as part of the marine group as an escort, surface and underwater warfare ships of the enemy in the sea and ocean areas.

Problems of the Russian Fleet

Multi-purpose nuclear-powered missile cruiser

In Project 1144 is virtually no problems, as this day marks the Russian Navy, the cruiser will be provided with all the necessary first. It is planned to put into operation languishing nuclear-powered missile cruiser of the "eagle" in 1144 by upgrading them to a multi-purpose ship missile. The Ministry of Defence acknowledged that without the big warships of the Russian Federation's military presence in the World Ocean is achieved. Modernization Project 1144 scheme will be applied to the languid nuclear missile cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov", which is already in repair docks.
Ship promise to hand over to the Navy in 2015. After the running and combat test will be decided the fate of the other ships of the modernization project in 1144, "Kirov", "Admiral Lazarev" and the pride of Russian fleet "Peter the Great".

Problems of the Russian Fleet

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