Prerequisites failures of in the space — the general state of the country

The reasons for the failures in the Russian space - the general state of the state"Another gallakticheskaya trouble Lupita hurt the prestige of the country, with regret to note that serial woes are the rule. Prerequisites are in a general state of the country. ", REGNUM said the chief editor of the magazine" National Defense "Igor Korochenko, Commenting bad start rocket "Proton-M", which have been lost due to communication satellites — "Express-MD2" and "Telkom-3".

"Gallakticheskaya branch is the derivative branch situation. Given that the cases we have a number of areas are neblestyasche, all affect gallakticheskoy industry "- said Korochenko.

He believes that because of the failure of industry funding will not be cut down. "On the contrary, we litsezreem that gallakticheskie applets have allocated all the more and more money every year. And it's completely true. Together with the fact, of course, that we need katigorichnye configuration management system in general and the Russian Space Agency gallakticheskoy industry as a whole" — said the expert.

"I believe that the steps to solve the new manager of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin, completely correct. We need a bold fight against corruption, precise control of financial resources, their focus on the target spending. Most important thing — need a restructuring of the industry, the creation of large vertically integrated holdings system gallakticheskoy industry as it has already made in the military-industrial complex "- said Korochenko.

In general, the expert said, Our homeland retains some capacity, "it is not lost." "Namely, the Russian Federal Space Agency is developing a new management at this time promising gallakticheskih program from those for the country until 2030. As important values such programs from there named as ensuring access of in the self-contained space with Russian spaceports. Two cosmodrome" Plesetsk "will specialize in military handbills, cosmodrome "East" — on civilians handbills. For all this you need to move away from dependence on Kazakhstan from Baikonur. Naturally, we will keep its positions there only from the standpoint of commercial launches can be manned programs, but more specifically to carry to us here, in Russia. put forward in the program Roscosmos goal — mission to the moon, there is constant creation of the current lunar station with repeated visits to the astronauts, and other items — completely realistic, "- said the expert.

"The most important thing — you need a large-scale target first for the country, if such a target will be set for the country, of course, it will be formulated for the Russian Space" — concluded Korochenko.

As reported to IA REGNUM, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev today, August 9, at a meeting of the Government stated that "impossible to sustain further losses" that our homeland is in gallakticheskoy industry. "We are losing credibility and billion rubles," — he said.

According to him, the following week to be followed by a meeting in which the vice-premier in charge must report, "whom to punish and what to do next."

Communications satellites — "Express-MD2" and "Telkom-3" — have been lost as a result of a poor start to the rocket "Proton-M", which could not bring them into orbit. In Roskosmos acknowledged that cell phones now turned into gallaktichesky garbage. The damage caused the tragedy, is estimated at about 6 billion rubles.

Media reported that the layoffs are expected in the Khrunichev Center, where the satellites were created.

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