Prerequisites national distrust of D. Medvedev (Poll)

The reasons for people's distrust of D. Medvedev (Poll)Clearly, then Russian President Vladimir Putin will either Dmitry Medvedev, it is not clear that significant resources will be focused on the promotion of some other candidates. In order to Medvedev took place on the second term, work is already under way — "smooth out" so-called. security forces, changing shape in state corporations, Medvedev supports Washington.

But many ordinary people dissatisfied with the decisions and events that took place during the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev. Totality of errors Medvedev expressed his great Dugin, "Medvedev — is a complete failure, poor and powerless, sickening in Russian families. Putin played a terrible game, as he put quite ignorant and empty, causing irritation only loser."

— When Medvedev processes desovereignization Russian Federation on the scales began to remember the Gorbachev even have read about "Perestroika-2." Russia has practically become a "rear base" of NATO, allowing the transit of military cargo United States, NATO, through its countryside, Moscow Russia substitutes, making it the enemy of the Islamic world. Failure to comply with an agreement with Iran for the supply of defense systems of air defense has further strengthened this feeling.

Although the process is not started desovereignization Medvedev, so has the 1993 Constitution enshrined the primacy of international law over the Russian, the independence of the Central Bank (who do not know, the Central Bank — it is a personal shop, ie, the people of the Russian Federation has no control over its own monetary system). Central to the current time — the impact of a conductor of the Western world, not so long ago, the first deputy chairman of the bank's Ulyukayev suggested to reduce the increase in pensions, reduce the public sector (with the reduction of budget for some reason does not always reduce overstaffing managers, and those who actually maintains the integrity of system — teachers, doctors, officers working on the "ground" the police), to reduce the support of the regions.

Go hidden from the people of capture processes foreign corporations Russian mineral resources and agricultural land destination, as, for example: the Danish company "Trigon Capital" owns 100 hectares of agricultural land in the Penza and Samara, an Italian-Swiss company "Black Iers Farm" only the last three years has bought more than 300 hectares of black earth and going to buy another 300 hectares, the South Korean company "Hyundai Heavy Industries" in 2009, the company bought the Khabarovsk "Horol grain" with 10 hectares of land. And there are many examples, Russian evenly buying land, soon the Russian people and other indigenous peoples will no longer strangers in their own land. And protect their property by foreign companies can — look closely at what is happening in sub-Saharan Africa, for this purpose they have NATO and the entire private army of perfectly cooked fighters from military companies.

— Medvedev foreign policy was based on the constant delivery of the interests of Russia and the Russian people on all major positions. Would you like to bomb Libya? Yes, for God's sake! Need to give way to the shelves of Norway? Take! Russian humiliated in Central Asia, the Baltic States? We do not litsezreem not hear and do not know! It is necessary to recognize the "Katyn"? Please! Medvedev — "the problem of non-citizens — Latvia's internal affair." In other words, Moscow and Medvedev personally do not care about Russian outside of Russia?

The failure of the CIS Collective Security Treaty Organization and the paralysis of the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces, freezing Union countries of Russia and Belarus. The retreat of the Russian shtetl before the orgy of nationalism, racism, before the rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators, limp retreat to the oligarchic regime of Kiev, quarrels with Lukashenko — the sole governing the country, which is trying to preserve and enhance the legacy of the Soviet Union.

Medvedev driven man, he made a slave and Russia — junior partner not only the U.S., and Poland, the number of regimes in the territory of the former Soviet Union, following the lead of others' proposals that do not meet the fundamental interests of the Russian civilization and its peoples.

— Russophobia domestic policy, in response to the Manege Square Medvedev said: "The massacres, fights, vandalism — all these atrocities. emphasize, this is not the administrative offenses and crimes. Their members should sit in jail. They should be planted, not educate." In other words, when the Russian trying to show its position, to remind the authorities that the Russian-Russ — the core of civilization and only focusing on it, restoring its best traditions, we can save Russia and its people from death, they are written in the extremists. Where support for the country's Russian fighting styles? Many utter that they are not, so be it — it would make new ones, for example, that come from the depths of the 1000 lety! The main thing that it was his! Where hundreds, thousands of movies, cartoons about Perun, Svarog Svyatogora, Sadko, Svyatoslav, Alexander Nevsky, St. Sergius, Ermak, Minin and Pozharsky, Suvorov, Pokryshkina, Queen, Gagarin, Rokossovskogo Panfilov Dovatora … you can name hundreds, thousands of Russian names Gods, heroes, saints, saints, warriors, scholars, teachers, masters of art. Where?! What occupied the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation? Propaganda "creation" of degenerates?

The suppression of the class — the separation of the people on the "successful" and "losers", which was created in the 90s — was supplemented by the state. Russia became not only the "donor" of the Russian Federation, and his slave, and that lead to no good, example 1917 should sit in the memory of officials — there is a possibility that they would kill for a lovely home and foreign car ownership. And povinet this is not people, but the management body.

February 11, 2011 Dmitry Medvedev said: "We have a big task relating to the formation of future identity. I wish to confirm that the read on the Municipal Council, and that in fact read as all of my colleagues. Indeed, our task is to make vsepolnotsennuyu … Russian nation. "In other words, the Trotskyist experience to establish a" Soviet people "is not completed, rossiyanskih heirs of Trotsky's works it will continue. Russian people, even in a weakened, demoralized form, the Russian authorities are not satisfied, they need" rossiyantsy. "

Continued colonization of the Russian Federation migrants from Central Asia and China replaced in order to carry out a number of programs to restore the strength of the Russian people and its sustainable growth. Another Russophobian event — the settling of the representatives of the North Caucasus in the Russian Federation. It's just "mine" under the Russian Federation. The authorities do not have enough manpower? A dealcoholization applets, denarkotizatsii Russia, the elimination of unemployment in the middle of the indigenous peoples to weak? Conduct a program from Russian for the export of Central Asia, the Baltic States: spending program from providing free housing, jobs, bezprotsentnyh loans to start a business, purchase of land, movable property.

— Elimination of residues achievements of the socialist system, elementary, secondary, higher education is practically become paid, t
here is a reduction education programs, destroyed health care, science, the infrastructure of the country. The government almost gives up his own commitment to the development of the country, with all this pumping resources of the country for the maintenance.

In the words of Vladimir Ryzhkov, a liberal: "In Russia, you need to spend a revolution in education: from school to inspire the man that he has to earn a living, rather than hope for the government." In other words, a student, instead of the trainees must earn a living for themselves and to pay for school. If the government does not hope, for what it is then the people? This Prorva people with good content, and more willing to abandon all responsibility.

— The Law on Police, Lofty memory of Russian war still live in the Russian people, and, calling the law enforcement system of the Russian Federation dirty word, Medvedev has offended people, it Protz, who thrashed the Nazis and his accomplices, including policemen. Almost Medvedev recognizes the power of the occupiers and the police were — this minions occupiers. He is the head though from time to time include? This is a war, while only informative, but it will end social explosion. Working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs should be aware that they are being turned into a punitive body and immediately on death row who will cover their bodies escape the political elite in the case of the "Russian revolt." Con, drawing the wrath of the people at the Interior Ministry, not the corrupt officials and the oligarchy.

-"Medvedevskikh villages" nanoillyuzii, it is an imitation of real projects of the Red Empire, every five years there was visible result — hundreds of thousands of people were moving to a new apartment, made and built hundreds of companies to the growth of production, the army often received new military developments, and are not isolated, and serial. Develop new land, worked naikrupneyshie scientific projects of global importance. Today's power only mimic — one word: "modernization, innovation, modernization, optimization," etc. In fact, continuous reduction — reduction of the people, healthy people and kids, schools, hospitals, villages and the army.

Medvedev modernization — this is the final dismantling of Russian heritage and the solution of the "Russian question" in the style of Hitler, but only under anesthesia verbiage. Even joining the BRIC bloc confirms this. Due to what is on the rise in Brazil, India and China? Due to the brutal exploitation of ordinary people, who "lives at his own expense", for example, in Brazil, there are private houses of rich (we, too, are being built), their personal police guards that can just shoot 'outsiders' from poor neighborhoods, the favelas.

— Continued mental debilitation and fooling the people, on this "work" senior bureaucrats of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture. Thus, the sign of our "elite" K. Sobchak said subsequent "Our homeland has become a state of genetic scum." She explained: "The so-referred to as the educated stratum we belong to one percent of the population. Others properly represented on television only" House-2 ".

— Continued coming on the family and the introduction of the juvenile system. In Russian society completely alien to enter, an aggressive tumor — yuvenalschinu. Almost creates another system punitive occupation of temper. Encroach upon the most sacred. The last limit of Defense — Russian and all kids of small nations (the Caucasian peoples spoen, they will not push, but they will be able to protect themselves). We've got to use your loaf is about resistance, concede there — and will be full of "pipe", we will lose the last hope for "Bright Rus".

This also comes on the television media war against the peoples of the Russian Federation — promoting immorality, profanity, drug use. The introduction of the sexy "enlightenment", graft tolerance for perverts, propaganda potreblyadstva.

— Creating a system of economic genocide, in Russia is more expensive to live than in almost all the countries of middle Europe: petrol, food, housing and utilities, the price of housing and education (in relative terms, and in Moscow — and absolute). And this while the impoverishment of the population, "the rich getting richer (than millionaires and billionaires), the poor are getting poorer."

— Support at the municipal level, the traitors of the Red Empire — Gorbachev and Yeltsin, who hate and despise most of the people of.

As more and more people will sing a sense of "fake king," and if it will pull through in the second period, the situation could increase dramatically.

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