Prerequisites tantrums U.S. over Ahmadinejads visit to the ALBA countries

The causes of hysteria U.S. over Ahmadinejad's visit to the countries of ALBAA week-long tour of Latin America, which carried President Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has caused the U.S. media an unusual burst of hatred bordering on hysteria.

Naturally, at first, was showered with accusations of preparing terrorist acts. So, to all popular newspaper "Washington Post" said Ahmadinejad in the development of Latin America terrorist groups capable of in the event of hostilities arrange the U.S. 'second September 11. " As evidence of the newspaper filed accusation Iran in the bombing of the Jewish organizations in the public in 1992 in Argentina. Argentine authorities is accusation refute, but the "Washington Post" believes completely logical to use as proof of the 1st baseless accusations another equally unfounded.

Eighth of December programm Univisión regaled the audience the film "The Iranian threat." The movie was intended to expose the preparation of Iran and Venezuela, a large-scale cyber attacks on computers actual principal objects of the U.S., such as the Pentagon, the white-washed house and nuclear power plants. The viewer once again pugnuli reminder of the eleventh of September, promising that in the end will be the consequences of a similar attack abruptly.

Andres Oppenheimer, an Argentine political scientist living in the United States, Ahmadinejad has ordained more than 10 ka articles visit of the Iranian public's favorite in Latin America for several reasons explained immediately. In the middle of the standard, aggressive and threatening, such as: the creation of terrorist groups, working together with Venezuela uranium for Iran's nuclear utilities that deliberate challenge to the U.S. firm. In addition, the analyst sees in the behavior of the Iranian president's expression of helplessness: Iran Tipo was in complete isolation, there is a loss of confidence in the government in the country — is de urged Ahmadinejad and earn political dividends for PR in belligerent towards the U.S. countries.

It must be said, such a storm of feelings is completely logical surprise when you consider the fact that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes a similar trip in the fifth time since 2007. And there was always recognized and loved in the countries of ALBA. This is not unusual, except for the general dislike of the United States combined with Iran made in 2004 on the initiative of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez's Bolivarian Alliance fairly strong economic ties.

In 1-x, Iran is a massive investor ALBA. In the same Venezuela for 5 years with his participation built 27 plants and 14 thousand homes. Developed banking system, which should provide estimates between countries in public currencies. Nicaragua relies on the support Iran in the construction of small hydro power plants are planned investment in different sectors of production, fisheries and agriculture. Ecuador relies on the joint construction of a refinery. In 2001, Cuba has built in Iran naikrupneyshy Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Tehran and opened the country to the credit of 700 million dollars.

In-2, Iran, Ecuador and Venezuela are members of OPEC, as international oil suppliers. So friendly meetings were always important, especially now, when the question of likelihood of a sharp rise in price of oil in the event of overlapping of Hormuz duct.
Statements favorites ALBA about more economic talks confirmed the lack of emphasis in the Iranian delegation, the highest military rank.

Certainly, this kind of obviously inadequate response of the American media explained by the fact that the United States used to wage war on someone else's country, in fact — in someone else's, East, hemisphere, and is not ready to see a serious enemy in their own own borders.

But in light of some events allegations of terrorism are seen as a red herring. So, a little bandyugan and hidden under his shirt just stolen a purse, yelling at the top of his lungs: "Stop thief!"

Not on as the fourth of December last year to the East Iran collapsed south american drone RQ-170 Sentinel, filled with hidden technology "stealth" properties are clear, as it turned out later, are in great secrecy. According to the Iranian aid was shot down, according to the American version — fell, exhausted supplies of fuel. Latin American media have expressed great concern over the fate of the hidden devices, simultaneously reporting that belonged to CIA spy. Explanation of how the aircraft was in Iranian airspace had been received. It was the third incident of the falling / spy plane shot down over the past year.

Twelfth of November of last year as a result of the explosion soared into the air base of the IRGC, which according to Western media was a research center for the production of ballistic missiles far radius acts. Seventeen people were killed, including General Hassan Tehrani Mohaddam — Designer missile programs from Iran.

Just two weeks later — the most powerful explosion in Ifahane. British "Times" said that seriously injured a uranium enrichment plant, designed to build the Bushehr nuclear power plant Russia.

Even the Western media say that over the past two years, there were more than 2-10-s incident, the assessment of which leads to the idea of a planned sabotage directed against nuclear and missile programs Iran.

Two killed (by some reports three) physics and one was missing.

There have been several hacker attacks, the most resounding of which put out of action centrifuges needed for uranium enrichment.

Latin American experts, recognizing the existence of systemic targeted sabotage nod to Israel, arguing that U.S. laws forbid this kind of activity. It is impossible not to agree with the media are independent, who called this explanation izymatelstvom.

According to the Iranian secret police, during the last year they arrested more than 30 CIA agents.

Famous aphorism: "Never so quite a few do not lie, as before the election, during the war, and after the hunt." In light of all of the above, made up memory that the war has already begun. Maybe this is another explanation of a particularly intense American media.

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