Preserve in Primorye threatens flooding due to pipeline construction

The lack of bridges over the streams and tributaries of the rivers near the newly built gas and oil pipelines in Primorye may lead to flooding of the reserve "Sredneussuriysky", told the director KGBU "Maritime Administration PA" Oleg Shorskin.

State natural biological reserve "Sredneussuriysky" was established in October 2012 and reached the regional value. On its territory there, including the Amur tiger and stork brought in the International Red Book.

"On the eastern boundary of the reserve is to guard the border oil and gas pipelines and convenient, but they started to look, and found that about seven keys and streams that come from the reserve, if a pipeline were closed and no bridge, there's nothing," — said Shorskin.

He said that along the pipeline was extended road you are driving on the builders, and in the future will travel experts that monitor the state of the pipes. Technical standards in areas where the road crosses the river and creeks, to be built bridge.

Instead, however, the bed was partially buried, and the cars moved on them wade. In winter, covered with river sections peremerzli and reserve on the border formed a large accumulation of ice and snow.

"Now begins the melting snow, and his lot, and this is likely to lead to a partial flooding of the reserve. Hopefully this issue will pay attention," — said the official.

According to RIA Novosti coordinator Amur branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Svetlana Titova, flooding eastern border reserve "Sredneussuriysky" particularly dangerous due to the fact that in this area the Red nesting stork.

"Near the eastern boundary of the reserve — the swamp, where the storks build nests. Due to flooding, they can leave this place," — she said.

According to Titov, currently held in Primorye acceptance constructed pipelines, in connection with what environmentalists hope that shortcomings in the construction will be addressed.

RIA Novosti has not yet commented on the construction of pipelines subject.

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