President Bashar Al-Assad: The patriotic activity — a balm that heals the wounds of society

President Bashar Al-Assad: The patriotic activity - a balm that heals the wounds of societyPresident Bashar Al-Assad gave a speech in which referred weather which Syria is going through now, storm clouds hanging over the state. Addressing the citizens in the main hall of the Opera House in Damascus, he noted that one does not return the feelings of the victims, do not feed the hungry and did not return to stability and security in the country.

Hope is born in suffering, which ripen in overcoming the major decisions. Storm has passed, and the cleansing rain carry away with them all bad.

President Al-Assad said that can not be read on the successful resolution of the Syrian problem without taking into account local, regional and international causes. Now there is a confrontation between the Motherland and its enemies, Mezhuyev people and criminals, crimes which are a prerequisite for the country's shortage of food, fuel, power, undermined the stability and safety.

Bandits penetrated into Syria, killing the national staff, destroying schools, bakeries, band power and telephone communications, infrastructure, made by folk remedies. How can you call it a power struggle? Absolutely — no! This is — flat anger against the Syrian people, who gave the response to terrorism. Anger directed at Syria fragmentation and division of Syrian society.

President said: "Our enemies dubbed action in Syria Revolution. But, after the Syrian people opposed to imposing his will of others, they are a means of large-scale information campaign, support, smuggle weapons and terrorists decided to intimidate the Syrians have done against them their bloody crimes. "

The President added that takfiristy and members of the "Al-Qaeda", arrived in the ATS from all corners of the world, defected to the organization of terrorist acts and massacres. Their ideology imported from abroad, is alien to Syrian society.

Al-Assad stressed that Syrian crisis is justified by both internal and regional factors, as there are countries seeking to crush Syria and weaken its role in the region.

Supply terrorists gun and chased funds specifically for this purpose, but the consciousness of the unity of the Syrian people were even stronger than what komplota. "Syria — singled out the president — has been and remains free, does not recognize the policy dictates that, of course, causes irritation of the West, which use internal neuvvyazkami in the country to do away with the idea of resistance and make us one hundred percent dependent. "

President Al-Assad saw that the international community — it's not just the West. Many countries, such as our homeland, China and the BRICS reject interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries.

At the same time, you can not read the settlement of the Syrian crisis without taking into account the regional and international causes.

The differences between opponents and supporters of the government in developed societies lead to the development of the good ways of development, and not their destruction. In these countries, these differences are regulated from within, without causing disruption of stability and security.

The President pointed out that Syria is a confrontation between the people and the foreign agents, which asks the consolidation of efforts of all sectors of society.

Al-Assad said that this war can be won by the defense of the country and the implementation of the planned reforms of the course, as it will strengthen national unity and immunity Syrians in the confrontation komplotu. He stressed that reform is impossible in the absence of security.

"Everyone blames us in choosing the ways of power are wrong. From the beginning we said that the reform and political change does not preclude the fight against terrorism. "

President Al-Assad is seen that the control from the first day did not turn away from political solutions based on dialogue, "We have reached out to everyone who has a programm promotion Syria on the path of progress and prosperity. But now, with whom we have a dialogue? With extremists who understand only the language of killing and terror, or bandits, receiving instructions from the outside? It is better to read with the major players, and not with their dolls. With the sovereign, and not with his slaves. "

The President recalled that the colonial West closed the door of dialogue, as accustomed to command. But the Syrians — freedom-loving and proud people, who often do not obediently follow orders and obey the dictates. That's why the West does not want dialogue. "He who zapamyatyvaya about it, says a political solution — or ignorant, or a coward, serving their country and its people as a tasty morsel on the table of criminals, terrorists, and those who are behind them."

President Al-Assad stressed that a political settlement in Syria can be followed properly.

In the first step, regional and international countries must abandon the financing and arming of terrorists who have to complete a criminal activity to make the conditions for the return of Syrian refugees. Only after that army units to complete their transactions while preserving the right to respond to anger.

We need to create mechanisms for determining the commitment of all parties to the conflict to fulfill the above.

Then, the current government will direct and open discussions with all sectors of society to prepare for and convene a national dialogue conference, in which perceive the role of all the forces, interested in a peaceful resolution of the crisis. The government should convene a conference of national dialogue for the development of public charter, in what proved to be the sovereignty, territorial integrity of Syria, the rejection of foreign intervention and the cessation of violence, from whatever quarter.

This charter will outline the political future of Syria, its constitutional and legal system, the main directions of development of the economy, new laws on political parties, elections to parliament and local councils. Charter will be put to a referendum, after that will be formed expanded government that will be able to implement its provisions.

The next step will be the preparation and the referendum on the newest version of the Constitution. Once approved, the government will accept an expanded laws approved by the Conference of the national dialogue, including the law on elections, on the basis of which it will elect a new parliament.

According to the latest constitution, the government will be formed, the general conference held public reconciliation, amnesty to participants of events restored the destroyed infrastructure and paid compensation to affected citizens.

President Al-Assad said that no matter what kind of peace initiative should help the Syrians, but do not try to take their place. Syrian citizens do not want someone to come from abroad, and said, that they should do. He stressed that no matter what kind of initiative, endorsed by Syria, should be based on the idea of sovereignty.

The President reiterated that Syria has never accepted and will not accept the policy of diktat. She is ready to accept help, but never accept dictatorship. Any initiatives emanating from the sources of the "Arab Spring" burst like a soap bubble.

The President said that homeland — are most important, and its defenders will fight for every inch of ground. Syrian people awed the public pros and because most of the people fell on the fight against terror. Some Syrians help the law enforcement agencies by providing information about the terrorists, others marching against militants and murderers, and others — with a gun in hand, shoulder to shoulder with soldiers, defend their town, neighborhoods, infrastructure facilities. Many patriots have given life for their country. Conscious citizens are not watching events, warehouse hands, they do not run away from the threat, and do not obey the dictates of foreign forces. Homeland belongs to those who live on her land and protect it, not those who profited, plundering its resources, and then ran away as Syria called him on defense.

The President confirmed that the Motherland has kept the blood of those who fell for it. The blood of martyrs will continue to preserve national unity and territorial integrity, in addition, it clears the Society of betrayal. And this is the main achievement. When Homeland crowned with final victory, she will not forget those who shed blood for the sake of it.

The President praised the military exploits of the Syrian Arab army, its officers and men, who are doing everything they can for the sake of the victory of the Fatherland. He welcomed the soldiers of the Armed Forces, the leading strong special operations against terror, restoring peace and security in the country, and at least some citizen who does own patriotic duty, standing next to the fighters.

"I am of the people, and will always be with the people. Posts are temporary, but the motherland is eternal," — said the Syrian favorite.

Bashar al-Assad expressed confidence that Syria remains so well what it knew all the people of the world, it will come out of the trials stronger than before, and will never back down from its principles. And those who have made a bid to weaken Syria within — is deeply wrong.

Wrong and those who wish to country forgot captured the Golan. This — the territory Syria, and people will forget about it. Palestine — it is also a problem of principle for which the Syrians have suffered huge losses and gave their blood. The president said that Syria would continue to support resistance groups, speaking for his own Palestinian brothers. Any attempt to involve the Palestinians in Syria action is doomed to failure, since the Palestinians living in Syria, make your own first patriotic duty to Palestine, and the second — in front of Syria, even with the Syrians.

The President reiterated that Syria and its people will continue to provide assistance to the Palestinians, no matter what plans and actions against it. No one was able to, and will not be able to shake all the majestic and powerful, that Syria has. Patriotism in the blood of each of its citizens, and that is the main thing. Action is taking place in the country over the past 2-years, only confirms that Syria break unreal. Her only people stronger hardened in these events.

"Hand in hand, despite all the injuries, we go along with Syria to a new, brighter future", — concluded the president.

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