President of Kyrgyzstan to the public refused to promise to withdraw U.S. airbase

Kyrgyz president has publicly refused to promise to withdraw U.S. airbase

During his own official visit to Turkey president Almazbek Atambayev has made a proposal to reformat the U.S. Transit Center, located at the Manas airport near Bishkek, after 2014 in the civilian center of transit shipments. By role in the project, according to the "Rosbalt" Kyrgyz President invited Turkey and Russia, and other countries that wish to join the project.

Practically this statement cancels campaign rhetoric Atambayev, who in December 2011 was that in 2014 the South American base will lead to the Kyrgyz countryside.

Commenting on the proposal of the President, Ruslan Kazakpaev, the head of the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry, told reporters that it is in no way contrary to the prisoners in the CSTO the new arrangements.

Recall that in late 2011 the CSTO signed an amendment to the charter of the organization, which includes the requirement to coordinate with other members of the CSTO military deployment bases third-country nationals on its territory. "The charter of the CSTO and previously was a way that members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization at the opening of its territory on the bases of third countries to carry out coordination and consultation — said Kazakpaev. — At this point simply was manufactured supplement, in which spelled out" if not by the members of the CSTO formal objection. "With all this Kazakpaev noted that this does not apply to agreements signed earlier.

Perhaps this statement is due to other factors. In the Kyrgyz parliament appeared dissatisfied with the signing of agreements on CSTO. A source in the country's parliament said "Rosbaltu" that Tekebayev, the head of the party "Ata Meken" the circle of close friends said that "Kyrgyzstan Atambayev bent under the adjacent autocrats". In addition, according to the views Tekebayev Atambayev their actions to the sovereignty Kyrgyzstan makes the danger.

Many members of the "Ata Meken" convinced that president gave at the mercy of the decision on military-technical cooperation CSTO precisely Russia. Also, because of agreements with the Organization of the Collective Security Contract position Kyrgyzstan, His views on Tekebayev, very shaken at the sight of the United States and democratic Europe.

In addition, Ravshan Dzheyenbekov, deputy of the Kyrgyz parliament faction "Ata-Meken" in an interview with "independent newspaper", said that, according to the latest constitution, the president can not sign international agreements. "President Atambayev capabilities were exceeded at the signing of an agreement that does not meet Nat. Interests of Kyrgyzstan — said Dzheyenbekov. — Imagine that Europe or the United States tomorrow the country will offer one billion dollars for aid in the database location, and this we can not get help because We will solve for the Collective Security Treaty Organization. would be even better if Atambayev will withdraw his signature. "

Jeenbekov also believes that Atambayev exceeded possible, and this issue, in his view, "draws on the impeachment."

All disputes revolve around the military base at Manas airport, 30 km from the Kyrgyz capital. It was opened in 2001 for one year. From Ganci military base in 2009, it was renamed the Transit Center. The main objective of the framework is the provision of operations in Afghanistan, military supplies. In addition, some experts report that there is naikrupneyshy those. node, a leading radio reconnaissance in Central Asia.

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