President patriot: I only care about the fate of the motherland

President patriot: I am concerned about the fate of the country only

Once upon a long time ago, in my childhood, we had in the school of political information. And, frankly, many of us do not take seriously the discussion of world imperialism, about the atrocities of the U.S. and NATO, on the warmongers and those who sow destruction. We, the children, were still very small, and we would like to walk, especially when there were nice days. However, some adults and uncle until now pohihikivayut on these words, though not trivial to build. And I can see how it was all true. Empathizing tragedy of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, I still did not know. that I get to create my own eyes how creepy warmongers. And now, in Damascus, passing by the buildings blown up by terrorists or hearing the sonorous sound of the explosion — realize how in Russian, our teachers were just talking about the acts of imperialism.

In Damascus … have a few days of cold weather, but hot conditions. Terrorist activity thugs supported by Washington and Doha, grows. Explosions, shootings, murders — it is an everyday reality.

In the town — New clashes in scarred quarter Tadamun. Clashes between the army and the legitimate hired so called "free army" consisting of the killers. In this quarter — a lot of the buildings affected during past battles, but the terrorists are not giving up their attempts to damage it even more. Each time it is completed bolshennymi for their losses. And this time they, or rather, the ones that are left over from their tattered armed gang also had to clean the side of the suburbs of Damascus, the village of Elda, but, of course, that it can not give up the scars on a quarter.
In addition, the sappers neutralized in the same quarter of several explosive devices planted around the mosque. But those who laid them, also consider themselves Muslims!

In other quarters, not people "rebels" also left a bloody trail. November 8 militants fired Al-Midan quarter. November 10 in the quarter Daf al-Shuk gunmen blew up a car bomb, wounding nine other bystanders. On the square Khoury terrorists fired four-storey house with homemade projectiles, which led to the injury of 2-women and the destruction of 3 apartments peaceful inhabitants. In the Damascus suburb of Saida Zeinab bandits also a car bomb blew up and killed three people. Two more explosive devices in the area managed to defuse the bomb squad.
But the old city stands in the middle of the coming of darkness, and yet is not rusty blade of Damascus! Palestinians in the camp "Yarmuk" in Damascus again failed to protect their terrain, although the heavy price losses in the middle of the members of the People's Self-Defense.

In the Damascus suburb of Ain Figet terrorist act occurred, as a result of which several people were injured, including two ladies — and again, a car bomb was used.

In the north of Syria, terrorists fired Harem village in the province of Idleb, killing 20 people. So Makar, civilians revenge for the fact that recently the army has conducted several successful special operations, eliminating a large number of bandits.

In the north of Syria, Aleppo, the Army has conducted several successful special operations, and the residents welcomed their own defenders.

There was a big break the information blockade — President Syria Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to Russia Today.

Whatever read as accursed media, first Qatari television channel "Al Jazeera", which would not spread rumors — the interview took place not in some bunker, and in the building of the residence, surrounded by a beautiful park, in which the president walked with Russia Today correspondent Sophie Shevardnadze. Despite the alarming situation, everyone who watched the interview, beheld that the president is completely calm and confident. (Recall that in a day, "Al-Jazeera" and other media might and main enemy spread rumors that the presidential palace under fire).

Despite the fact that some questions from journalists were lurking, and then pinned the obvious, the president passed the interview the most dignified manner, and managed to convey their views and their position to the Russian and the Western public.

And even a journalist, brought up in almost everything on a purely Western values, and it could not fail to recognize the trivial: A year ago, many were convinced that you do not soak up this time. But, despite this, we are now sitting in the presidential palace and record an interview with you. "

"Our enemy — is terror and instability of Syria — has allocated Bashar al-Assad — the problem is not related to the fact I will stay or go, it is related to the fact will country safe or not. The question of whether to leave or to remain president, should be addressed to the people. The only way is through the ballot box, and the results from the polling stations and decide question, to stay or to leave the president, "- he said to" uncomfortable "question, in which was kept hidden call to resign, to which he calls all the" democratic "society.

"The West is constantly creating enemies. Earlier, the enemy was communism, and later — Islam, then — Saddam Hussein, now wish to make a new enemy, because they say that the problem is the president, and he has to go. But we need to focus on the real dilemmas and not to waste time on something that says the West "- continued the president.

— You think to this day, only you can save Syria united — Sofia asked Shevardnadze.

— In accordance with the authority vested in me by the Constitution and should be able to solve this dilemma, — said Assad, aware of its huge responsibility to own homeland.

— But you're fighting for your country. You think you are the right person which capable of putting an end to the fighting and bring peace? — Continued the reporter.

— It is my duty — to be the kind of person — without hesitation he replied.

Next journalist asked, "naively ignorant one" issue, in which expressed the position of the West: "What, after what happened, you can make it up to the people?"

— Against me — the United States, against me — the West against me — a lot of Arab States and Turkey. If the Syrian people and was against me, as if I had stayed here? — Said Bashar al-Assad.

He added: — We are not in a position to civilian war. The question is connected with terror and terrorists outside support to undermine the stability of Syria.
— Are not you afraid that, in the end, due to the bolshennymi suffering citizens of the country will not react to the truth, and they shall be responsible only for you? — Continued in the same vein, the journalist.

Next followed a response that could give only a real patriot President: — I only care about the fate of the country. This is what you need to focus.

Bashar al-Assad had read that the war is being waged against Syria entirely new type where in the country with unprecedented support from outside is terror, not only by the hands of the Syrians, and foreign mercenaries. This is — a new type of war, and the need to adapt to it. It asks the time, because I do not like classical, traditional war. Terrorists operate in small towns, where the civilian population, and to do everything possible to reduce to a minimum the damage to towns and their inhabitants.

— But we have to wage war, because we can not let the terrorists have continued to kill and destroy, — said the presiden

When asked when, in his opinion, this situation is over, he said: "No one can say when it will end this war until the answer is when will the furtive trans-shipment to Syria rebels from all over the world, when the guns stop delivery terrorists. If all this is over, the crisis will end in a few weeks. "

About what is likely a war between Syria and Turkey, the president said: "If sensibly argue, it is impossible for two reasons: the war of public support requests, and most of the Turkish people, it is not lust. Because I do not think that at least some adekvatnomyslyaschy worker will be able to go against the will of their own people. "

— Who Turkish shelling areas — government or opposition forces? — Follow-up question was asked.

— In order to find this out, you need to conduct a joint investigation. Need to make a joint committee to find someone who fires. We offered the Turkish government to form a similar commission, but it refused. When the border so terrorists can not exclude the possibility of similar incidents. The Syrian army has not received orders to shell the area of Turkey, since we are not interested. Between us and the Turkish people there is no animosity, we consider them as our brothers.

The President stressed that Syria is not an opponent of Turkish people, and the Erdogan government, which tends to rise to power of "Muslim Brotherhood" in the region, and, in addition, he personally feels the Ottoman Sultan, which be able to impose domination over the Middle East, as it was in the days of the Ottoman Empire.

The question: "Why do you have so many enemies in the Arab world?" President noted that many of these states are not enemies, but do not dare to say so out loud, because they put pressure on the West and petrodollars. The problem between Syria and by some countries in the Arab world, the region or the West is that Syria dares to say "no" when it considers it necessary.

"Some countries think that they can rule over Syria means either dictate or money or petrodollars. In the case of Syria it is not possible "- said firmly Bashar al-Assad.

— Government forces was accused of committing war crimes against the Syrian people. Do you confirm this? — Asked the journalist.

— We are fighting against terrorism and respecting the Constitution, protect Syrian people. When our country was opposed to terror in Chechnya and other regions, and the Russian army defended people — whether you can call it war crimes? Of course not. Illogically, that the army committed war crimes against their own people. The Syrian army is made up of representatives of the people. In addition, the army could not withstand 20 months without popular support — singled Syrian favorite.

— If you have desired to leave the country where you go? — Asked the correspondent. It should be recalled that a few days of one of the previously angry enemies Syria and lobbyist for the foreign invasion of that country, British Prime Minister David Cameron invited the President to reflect on political asylum.

And here was the response of the patriot who is aware of its own duty to the state and ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the motherland, "In Syria. This is the only place where I can be. I'm not a puppet of the West, to go anywhere. I am Syrian, born in Syria and to live and die in Syria. "

In response to the question whether probable recent foreign intervention, President al-Assad said: "The price of a similar intervention would be unaffordable for the world. Syria is the last fortress of the secular and the prototype of peaceful coexistence in the region. If a similar intervention occurs, it will trigger the effect of "dominoes" that reflected badly on the world — from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Because I do not think the West will go down this path. But if this happens, no one can predict what will happen next. "

— How do you see yourself in 10 years? — Was a follow-up question.

— I see myself in their own country and can not imagine being without their own country. It is not in the position, not whether or not I am the president. I see myself in my own country, which should be non-hazardous, measured and prosperous.

In conclusion, Bashar al-Assad thanked the journalist for what she had come to Syria, despite the fact that the questions she asked were not always correct. Let these hidden pitfalls remain on her conscience. The main thing is that the favorite one of the last unconquered states in the Middle East, who is surrounded by enemies and not surrendering, managed to convey their position to the public.

Here is what Sophia said Shevardnadze following interview: "… It was amazing to me: it's an educated, well-read. I think that in general Assad — is a human catastrophe man who never, in principle, does not wish to become president. Because of his choice — is that he has no choice. Basically, it had never happened. Because when Western favorites he said: "Come down, we give a guarantee" — that's funny. This is … a person who just made a choice that he or die with it or not. It's like cancer. Or did you win, or you die with it. For example, his kids (he has small kids — 9 years, 6 and 7) to this day strolling into a public school in Damascus. He stressed that they will not run. "

The journalist, who grew up in a family of pro-Western policy, brought on liberal values (and judging by her questions, it is) not in a hurry to recognize the point of view of the West on Bashar al-Assad. After talking with him kutsee time, even she realized how far the image of the President of Syria from the one that draws the most corrupt anti-Syrian media.


And … life lasts, and death, too — in the same team. And the militants continue their activity. In the town of Raqqa target of terrorists was the Christian church. As a result, the explosion carried out about it, hit a lady.

But, just as contrived "Muslims" do not feel sorry for mosques, and far-fetched "Christians" in Europe do not feel sorry for Christian churches, not to mention the people. At the bandits, there can be no faith, but it would seem to call themselves civilized Europeans demand should be more! They, as it were, to distinguish criminals from the "fighters for democracy"! But no, do not discriminate.

Senior leaders of the anti-Syrian thugs founded the newest structure instead of the decrepit and bankrupt "Syrian state board." Now it is called this way: "The state coalition forces of the Syrian revolution."

Instead of merging into a latrine Burhan latrine and Sadie at the latest structure appeared and new leader. So was the last Muslim preacher Ahmed Muaz al-Khatib, recognizable because of their extremist sermons spent some time under house arrest (which is that of "violent regime!"), And then fled the country. Why this "preacher" does not wish mosques that kill militants? And he would try to criticize the government of Qatar or Saudi Arabia — it obviously was not confined to house arrest.

Oh yeah, where's the meeting was held so epic? And it was in the Qatari capital Doha. What sort of a gathering of "the saviors of the fatherland"?

And this brand new structure here went recognized for … the legitimate government of Syria.

At first, she was recognized Islamic monarchies of the Gulf, well, and later some of the "enlightened Christians" in Europe. The first to recognize the right for the latest "opposition" competed notorious Catherine Ashton, the EU, the popular yet their fraternization with the Libyan thugs, thugs, and French President Francois Hollande. You must wait for that wave of confessions will travel further. The U.S. State Department maintained that gang-watering at
the beginning, in fact, she created the project Hillary Clinton, who declared that to create a "modern Syrian opposition."

Have recognized this "newest opposition," they say, as if her appearance "will lead to an end to violence in Syria and will open the way for a political way of transfer of power in the country." Can the violence to end those whose profession — to kill and blow up? And can it be to transfer power in a country that offenders who shed the blood of the Syrian people? Either there is such a method that the Syrian people would be forced to recognize the authority of murderous thugs?

And in the West once again sounded the words "no-fly zone." These dangers were heard from Britain. Apparently, Cameron took very personally the refusal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on his proposals for political asylum, so fast it sounded somehow his harsh statement.

With what associates the phrase "no-fly zone"? All of this was not so long ago … Libya destroyed, turned into ruins city of Sirte, killed the kids …

No other method can not impose any nation in the world the power of those types that are supported by obscurantist Gulf monarchies and the "enlightened democrats" The U.S. and Europe!

But even more shameful to hear such a wish from someone who is a Syrian by birth. And especially shameful that one of these statements was made right in the center of Moscow. At a press conference at the agency "RIA Novosti" representative of the so-called (already written off the scrap), "Syrian State Council," Mahmoud al-Hamza said: "The Syrian opposition does not want outside interference, but asks for assistance in the development of the West-fly zones and supply of guns. "

Is not that outside intervention? How can a normal person covet, that of Syria was created by the same "no-fly zone" over Libya as? Either this "opposition" so naive as to believe that Syria will be created over some other "no-fly zone", in another embodiment, at the same artists? And is not this a lot of guns, "the opposition" have already put, unless a lot of people have already put the gun in Syria?
The representative of the "opposition" and said that perhaps England will produce a limited intervention in Syria. "Everything is going in this direction, but as long as we still have no clear data" — said Hamza. So what are his words that he does not want outside intervention, if not already, without any euphemisms such as "no-fly zone" relaxed states of intervention?

But this "Syrian Vlasov" razduharilis even more, "Assad said that Syria wants to live and die in Syria. Probably it will turn out. Litsezreem no other way out of this situation."

Exactly what it is, if well hidden threat to the address of a legitimate head of state? Not even hidden, and almost outright! The threat of political killings in the address of President of the Russian Federation a friendly country! Is it time to Russian law enforcement bodies to reflect and look closely — whether for their field? And how does this "Arab Vlasov" received Russian citizenship? Traitors do not need their own country, but for what they are in our country?

"Our homeland states that the Syrians themselves must understand., And we want to solve their own prepyadstviya" — continued Hamza. Nothing for himself, found the method to solve the problem! And besides, refers to the world of the Russian Federation! Russia, which other members of the same "opposition" push ultimatums.

A danger sounded serious. The channel "Al Jazeera" November 11 was vserasprostranen ultimatum of so-called "Military Council of the Free Syrian Army of Damascus and circles." In it lay claim to the Russian embassy employees and other foreign embassies, as all foreigners to leave Syria for 72 hours. In particular, an ultimatum for the people of the Russian Federation in respect of which it was said that if it does not change the position on the Syrian issue, it will be "aggressive state."

Russian side of the mouth of the official dealer Lukashevich Foreign Ministry rejected the ultimatum, and named it unacceptable. "We can confirm that the future of Syria is unacceptable to associate with someone who relies on force and openly terrorist methods" — was Lukashevich said in a statement.
Indeed, what is the future of Syria may be to that of "opposition," a weary British intervention and the U.S. "no-fly zone"?

It got another "champion of international law" — INTERNATIONALLY Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo. In an interview with Canadian TV channel CBC, he expressed confidence that "NATO agents may arrest of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad directly on the terrain of his country." This, he said, "one of the most likely solutions difficulties Assad."

Prosecutor's cynicism knows no bounds: "We can make a new, Innovative approach to the dilemma. It should connect justice and a real effort to bring order to the implementation thereof."

As such, "innovator" in this sentence? NATO and its individual countries through its own agents have not once done the similar abduction. Suffice it to recall how, in violation of all laws, was taken to an illegitimate judgment, and for a leisurely penalty in The Hague president Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic. And only recently the French "peacekeepers" have made it to the President of the African country of Côte d'Ivoire Laurent Gbagbo. ICC Prosecutor standing on the protection of the law, would have had to attend to the facts of kidnappings of politicians, as well as the "limited intervention" and "no-fly zones" — but instead, he offers to make another outrageous lawlessness in the address of a legitimate president still 1st sovereign country , a member of the United Nations — Syria.

But the fictional "problem of Assad" is haunted not only the Europeans who are distracted from the real problems of their own in the form of the economic crisis and the protests of their own people, not only lzheprokuroram issuing lawlessness for "Innovative Approach", not only the Yankees, led by ever- Hillary Clinton concerned about something, and the countries that seem to have irreconcilable differences — Israel and Qatar.

Arabic newspaper "Al-Diyar" said the Qatari Emir Hamad Al-Thani, met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Beniamin. The meeting also was the head of the "Mossad" Tamir Pardo. Open a discussion plans to assassinate the President of Syria. And the emir of Qatar has made Israel sverhvygodnoe sentence for assistance in the case of Qatar is ready for 2-years free supply of Tel Aviv free natural gas and gasoline at a very low cost.

The newspaper reported that Netanyahu has put forward for their assistance in this and other dirty business condition — that the Gulf Cooperation Council officially recognize Israel.

I ask, "world society" — where is the "dark craters" that gang members drove to gatherings on camera? Or there is another world that it is not a gangster gathering? But then what is it? It might be suggested that this conversation "Napoleon" in the ward number 6, if not real blood on the hands of these "negotiators" …

Meanwhile, Syrian rebels are trying to provoke Israel to open anger against Syria. November 11 areas captured by Israel in the Syrian Golan incident — was fired territory, which Israel considers its own. In response, Israel fired several areas of Syria shells that struck themselves as rebels, and, upon request of the perturbed, tore them important operation to encircle Army units. Since Israel claims that hit the position with which the fire was conducted, there is no
hesitation, that the perpetrators of this fire — the rebels. But Israel has threatened military intervention is not someone, specifically the legitimate government of Syria.

So Makar, Syrian rebels who Tipo do not want foreign intervention, in fact no longer care who specifically make it — Turkey, Britain or Israel. They are willing to be drawn into a war of all power. Since different method to impose himself at the Syrian people do not. Question — who will be more stupid than everyone and will allow himself to be drawn into a bloody, but a stupid gamble?

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