Press Conference: Alexander Lukashenko answered reporters questions

Press Conference: Alexander Lukashenko answered reporters' questionsAlexander Lukashenko answered questions from journalists. A press conference lasted almost 5 hours. During this period, representatives of both municipal and private, as Minsk and regional media asked him a two-and-a-half 10-ka issues. Most of them, of course, dealt with the economic situation, what is happening now in the shops, businesses, the money market. Alexander Lukashenko stressed that in a conversation there's nothing extraordinary, ordinary event was planned long ago. But due to the fact that the time at the moment difficult — devaluation, rising prices, the panic in the markets — advisers, according to him, even tried to dissuade him from such a meeting. And yet it was accomplished. Dialogue with the press, Alexander Lukashenko has first hour introduction, during which carefully told about his own vision of the state of affairs in the economy. The main message, which was addressed to the audience at the State Library of journalists (and again, for sure, a million viewership and readership) — challenges that now face the Belarusians, the time that the President is looking optimistically to the future of the coming thing, that the course of social direction of the economy is unchanged, and the Government knows the ways of solving problems. Here is a more fundamental pieces of the press conference.

About the development

Socio-economic development of the Belarusian model country to be! We from it one iota, nor will not back down. We walked by his method. And we will go to them.

Again, I wish to reiterate and ask you and all Belarusians. All those who still like the situation, do not like, and who are trying to use this situation. We need to work for their country, for their own people. If we will not do — yes, this is not such a force majeure situation, but if we have set for ourselves throw filth — we lose our country. Lose. It is now standing on the perimeter and click teeth — we would quickly fell.

Again, I stress, it will not.

On the economy

Many said: "It is necessary to restructure and reform the economy."

I wish that you uttered to me that we are aware of the word "reform." I've asked them to give me a straight seychac structure of our economy. Industry — 27 percent, agriculture — 7.5, building — 11, transport, communications — 9.5, trade, public catering — 11.1 percent, services, taxes, etc. — 33.9 percent. Tell me what else you need to split? We chemicals and petrochemicals, forestry and timber industry, machine tools, machinery and so on. This is all the structure of the economy. They say we need to change it. I agree. Who will give me a trillion dollars in order to change the structure of the economy? And how many years it takes? Here is the structure of the "incorrect", of course, not for our country created even decades, for sure, 100 years at least. Now it can be changed. And that would be true if we were doing it, tying to those sources of raw materials, which we have.

On imports

Now people are worried that the highest prices, and some — import missing. But to buy at the store and eat — eat what? Funds are not sufficient? A few months — and we come out of this situation. We'll talk about that too separately.

But the important thing is that we can make his own! And if ever a tragedy, close the border and we will take only what we need for the import. But I always get dressed and eat we have the will. Of course, God forbid, that we had to cover the boundaries as we are now doing on some products.

On Privatization

They say to us, the reforms — privatization is to realize the enterprise. I do not mind, but if it was your property or you were in my shoes, you would first loaf that — yes, you can realize, but more expensive. The same? No one will sell for nothing, much less is not mine. God forbid, I would have sold at least one company is not because you have to, I would be razed to the ground and uttered that I am corrupt, to put himself in the pocket means. Although the already they say, but no one in my pocket 'funds are not found. Because well, privatize "Belaruskali" for example, or, as they say, MAZ, BelAZ. You know, who are now sharpening his teeth on our businesses, and at first, such as "Belaruskali", where profitability is 70 — 100 percent. It is an enterprise that is in the best years we have brought 3.5 billion. bucks a year currency. This company, which sells for a song to our agriculture potash. About 3 times cheaper than it is now on the market, in other words, contains besides agriculture. And now they say: let's Privatize it, BMZ, MAZ, BelAZ, refining, etc..

Because I emphasize again, that does not read as — I'm against privatization. The most valuable company, one of the securities, we "Belaruskali". I publicly say this: we are even willing to privatize the enterprise. Conditions spelled out in order to develop the company, so it is not closed, that workers receive each year more than the salary, social and protected and most importantly, to upgrade this facility. In other words, you come, priobretesh for money, but to invest, so it developed as I do myself. Here is a condition — it is normal, it is accepted. And I referred to the sum of 30 billion dollars. bucks. Come, let us decide.

On the responsibility of the Government and the National Bank

Many said: "Who povinet Why President hitherto not" cut off "by a head?" To this I want to say, "Pochetaemye, I see the specific premises and personal. I see who povinet and povinet." And I said, "Yes, there are people who have to answer for it." They eventually considered … But you can not sprinkle ashes on her head, as if even the State Bank, needless emission vehicles and catapulted them into the economy, then I just have to strokes described what made. But from the beginning of this room and ending in agriculture, combines, reverse plows, seeders, winnowing machine, refining upgraded and more. Where we do not only have invested! In health care. This is nothing. This huge funds. What do we move? What we strew ashes on their heads and shouting: "Come on, Lukashenko, Slash!" I know who throws up these ideas. Us that even on this panic and excitement that we are going through, apply the power crisis? It was then that would be the end. I understand it perfectly, and because you do not incline me, my dear friends. I'm not just talking to those who thinks so, and those who yesterday asked members of my questions: "When someone Lukashenko" slaughter "?" Povinet be — "slaughter." At this point you need to calm down and quietly go through these times. We are ALL still recover. It is now in the West many of your colleagues they say that it is not a crisis in Belarus, it will be ALL. And I agree. This is not a crisis. We do not have any crisis. We had a panic and excitement that led to the mass purchase of currency exchange offices and eventually a spike in prices. And we were required, I gave such an order, to control pricing. If not controlled, it would be even worse.

About the ruble

I was silent for a long time, but later came to the conclusion that 5 thousand for a buck — is even overvalued for our country. Overvalued. As long as there are pending waiting until someone else wants to buy a car before July 1, and quickly, and so on. Demand for the currency remains speculative. You want me to satisf
y him? That someone bought a car, someone on some clothes Cherkizovsky market, something else? It is possible. But you need instantly billion, and perhaps two billion dollars of foreign exchange reserves to throw now on the market. Are you ready? I do not. Since the currency given to those that can either wait or generally they do not need to receive it. You bring to the country of the currency — is squandered. Do not bring the currency into the country — not lay hope that you shall have it. And to give a "shuttle traders" or other speculators, who buy clothes and tomorrow will bring to our country … They, too, for sure, are necessary, since people buy them. But in this situation you need to get used to own. Of the crisis, we have to go with the lowest import.

…Now they say for certain currencies. You need to make 10 thousand for a buck — he would later fall. Who says this? It says that those who have currency. I'm not saying how he had acquired. He needed what course? 10 thousand. It will sell for 10 thousand. But no one thinks that 10 thousand — this is another surge in prices that people and the government will not survive. And the chaos begins. Well, no need to have all figured out. Now for 10 thousand, even on the "black" or "grayish" do not sell the currency market. As reported to me: "5-a-half, from time to time for the 6". But I also pushed for 10. It is only an excerpt've got rescued.

About pensions and salaries

Pensions once promoted. I decided: again in August to raise pensions, in September — November again raise. We derive the elderly, students, municipal sector about the same level as it was before the hype. Because nothing in store purchase. As for companies, I even here they were holding back: how the rise in prices should not be harsh and wages. If only we currently start distraught rate increase wages, expect the latest wave of inflation, in other words, prices will rise immediately. Because this must be done evenly, which we are doing in the municipal sector. And private sector to orient it. We relaxed for a few months in the absence of hype and hubbub taxied to the high place to which we should be. That relaxed build their lives.

On the regulation

Thank God that about 30 percent of the wholesale trade and state I have kept the country. And thank God that certain enterprises, super, supermarkets and the rest were built by my permission. Not so easy they were to build. I insisted that they be built. And these businessmen in some degree I have. We appealed to them, as they now produce the bulk trade: guys, seriously. Let's be patient. Let there be a small margin. And they responded. And if it was not? Therefore, in this situation, I intervened. Some people do not like it. But I was so decided. I have the right to make that decision, and, as it turns out, it is fair.

On the effectiveness of

I will not argue that private traders will calculate better municipal director. But you know, if it comes to the private owner "Belaruskali" and there will be no margin of 80 percent, as now, and 82, for sure, we will get something, but not enough. No need to deify private owners! No need to do it from a sacred cow. Take it easy. The efficiency we do not lie in the sphere of public or private enterprise? We did not roll on the stallion performance in other ways. For example, if the efficiency of production depends on the price of gas? Of course, depends. What the owner-driver will come and change the value of the natural gas? No. It will have the gas at this cost.

If we have 60 or 70 percent of the natural gas used to create electricity on, there needs to increase efficiency. Right? It is necessary, but this new turbines that stand billion and whether the private owner to do so if he takes this CHP? Question the efficiency of our production in the price difference. In high prices energoelementy and more. And there private owner or the government — as long as there is no difference. While the state-owned enterprise, which works fine and profitable, there is no need to cut.

About devaluation

This languid thing. You can see by the situation in the society. Because we have to help importers. Allocate the currency in order not to bring down these businesses. For exporters, this is a common situation. The main thing that we did not this time "profur-trees." The main thing at the moment — to benefit from this and look at the other side: not only bad, it's good for the companies. It is necessary to invest in the modernization and expansion of product properties. I always warn of Governors: our MAZ, BelAZ, MTZ, potash, oil products demand high-quality good. And it brings a lot of money. Although there are not enough.

But tomorrow competitiveness can be tougher. And if the global crisis, shrink consumption? Take only the highest quality. Because I orient managers to invest in this situation, the increase in the property. This is important!

Because, yes, unfortunately, the two times we came to this unpopular measure. But not dead yet! After the devaluation of the same we normally live. And after that we will live a normal life.

On the spontaneous actions

There are small stocks. Or silence, or mooing. Reported to me. In the large mass of the disk imaging that I get with the analysis of the day, the week, the media disk imaging I read something similar. As for the action on petrol … And I will be honest. About her vyznat after a number of days after it had already decided to reduce fuel prices. I have read the information that someone somewhere out there is something blocked. But somehow even paid for it is not sent. Since the other disk imaging enough, more severe, more principled. And when this was reported to me, I'm the Minister of the Interior asked the question: what action has been there for you, that a few hours had on other routes start a car? He started talking to me. I said to him, yet such an action — and you without shoulder straps. That's all my reaction was to this action. This is not because I am against any shares. But we're after the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro determine: To share — let's define the place. City council and led all aware. There — please, automobiles, wagons, riding, dog sledding, reindeer, anything to spend the bounds of decency. But if you block Independence Avenue, disturb others — and there is quite a 10-ka cars, as I understand it, that block the entire prospectus and simultaneously will create a traffic jam of several kilometers — it is necessary to react aggressively. Therefore, in this respect, I rebuked the Minister of Internal Affairs for the sluggishness. He warned that such things were stopped at once. Either there lowing stomping on October Square. We are prohibited, except for municipal meetings and events at the Independence Square, and the October victory, similar gatherings. But if banned, why you go to the violation? Means there is something you want to do? If you would like to express my worldview, I hear you and Bangalore. I hear you. But just do not need to put yourself in opposition to the law and the authorities. Put — will react accordingly.

Here is the Web's calls: "Be a hero!" Come to the area and become a hero.

To whom this motto is calculated? To people who are not friends, excuse me, with brains and yet nothing in life beheld and do not understand. Here they collect this mass, as it was in Egypt and other countries, and later, when they will be a few thousand 10-s, the saddle will come and this mass saddled.

You think it's all the guys, the bulk of which are 17 years old, they are that, there came the cry of the heart? Well, no. This youth. I understand perfectly. I remember what I did was, sometimes unmanageable. Because this should be treated calmly. But what we have here is someone trying to i
ntroduce these technologies and to master in Belarus — that's true. We litsezreem. The government will not interfere.

I, as President, just as people say. My dear! You have to realize one thing: that's how the country begins to wobble. "Become a hero!" According to this appeal arise "heroes" who have made the subway terrorist act. This is not to rovnenky place. This is because we are creating a base. And there are people who have public consciousness, behavior, brains are not like everyone else. People with features. As the man who made the attack, and his buddy. They are different. And they know it because they understand. And because they are willing to become a "hero." And it's hard for us later bypassed. It's costing us dearly.

While we were talking quietly. Maybe people have not heard, no bearings, etc., and the subsequent action, we will be regarded as an attack not only against the government and the people. Accordingly, we will behave within the law. Bury read the law and see what happens. That's what I wanted to say about it.

On Prices

I wish that people came into the store as a museum — looked and went. For me, it's a pain. For petrol, I do not want to get you out I have done in this regard, some of the hero. It's bad enough that we unscrew the price. Ok, we still can do it, we can because we've done there, and the controlled system. Yes, there are more than reasonable cost. OK? What's this best if we cost 70 cents, and in Ukraine 2 bucks? And the mass removal of fuel goes abroad. Just as for other goods. We in the dairy and meat — by 2.5 — 3 times lower cost than in Russia. Different ways we use to go to these prices do not flatten. And maybe do not need to be. When we come to a definite, stable exchange rate of the ruble.

I was in a situation with fuel worried not so much — as here says — "Stop Petrol". And the fact that gasoline, diesel oil — it's food, odezhka — it ALL. Since it is necessary to transport it to produce, it is absolutely necessary.

And I beheld, what will happen tomorrow with food. What we will not hold if these prices. That's why I made that decision. This is not the kind of heroism. Here I am smart, and I just saw. This and other beheld. Can not take it so badly as I do. But I am the President of the country. I chose people. Not the government, not ministers, not officials. I have to feel it keenly. Therefore, on the basis of feelings, and the need of the economy, I have taken such a decision.

If we talk about the economy, not about feelings, then the cost of gasoline is not very much profitable for oil companies in Mozyr Novapolatsk or else for our neftezapravok. But one can live. Let there themselves are biased, with the fat they need to be scraped off, and let them work. Maybe even some places will have to slow down the modernization of plants. And so we upgraded them decently. This, of course, is not necessary. But if you want — I will choose the first human well-being.

As with other products … This is the first problem of Minsk. To this end, I myself have been to the regions and people send. Such severity nowhere.

Lowering the price? We did it in many positions. I gave orders to sit down and count accurately.

Trading margin reduced. Survive. And at the cost of some product groups really gone down. But this is not the way to go. We are an open economy. We are, if we reduce the cost of another, even more will feed our neighbors. At least neighbors. And it turned out, and the EU countries. I am not a supporter of lower prices in this situation. We went by a different method. We currently derive income at a high level. The calculations are, international methodology, in order for people to these prices could have adapted to live. This is a sure way to go. But you can not pull people constantly and smash them over the head. You can not raise prices sharply. You can not go on about the processors, manufacturers, wholesalers and traders. But prices alone for himself not adhered to. Weirdly, when people do not have enough money at these prices to buy the product. That's the discrepancy. Because there must be all in sync.

About incomes

Salaries and stipends will swap regardless of how much we have in the budget. We will suspend almost all in order to improve the real situation of the people. But there are things that can not be stopped. And for the sake of consumption, and well-being I do not like whatever it is unpopular. Example. We need this in the future, the complete modernization of health care.

People need to cure? Need.

Education. Feed the kids in kindergartens, schools need? Need. Kids — is sacred. I'm not going to stop, and cut in this plan will not.

Regardless of what will be the budget, we will maintain the population.

Now, by the way, the budget of the country is formed with a surplus. In other words, we get more funds than planned.

This means earned, it is not issuing funds. We send them to people. Naturally, in the scope of cheap. And under it, so it is accepted, the practice of such commercial production companies are adjusted. But they basically go on salary increases. Frankly, even I am certain businesses to slow down a little bit here and there, so as not to fall again at the peak of this inflation.

That's how we'll go. It will be in the budget — give away to people. This is a matter of my honor. In order not to happy about the other hacks that the Belarusian economy — the sunset. The point of my honor to survive, survive and get to the level where we were. I'm afraid to read about certain things. If ALL out, we have recently received about 10 — 12 billion foreign exchange reserves. This will already be our means, not loans. Because endure, do not worry. I already see these germs, I see them. And you have to feel it. And you feel it. I have to do it.

About satellite towns

We are under no circumstances will we turn this program from. Vse-taki I'm an optimist. And convinced optimist. I have a base for it. It's fast — what is happening. We litsezreem, I again repeat, out of this situation. Tomorrow, I'm sure it will be better. We did not stop the project. This Dzerzhinsk, Zhodino it is SMOLEVICHY area Zaslawye it is still Logojsk etc.. We have been developing projects. We have 20 projects, 30 thousand villages. But so that, for example, in Smalyavichy people are not offended that there will be a large city. Infrastructure, staircase normal. More trains will bounce back. This is a very exciting project. And frankly, I'd be willing, well, if I did not get to finish it one hundred percent, so when I started to realize this project. This case has, so to speak, including private. I wish this to happen. Because we will certainly do.

On relations with Lithuania, Poland and the EU

You know, we have a great, normal, human affairs, especially with the Lithuanians. But you realize that they are in the EU and many decisions are not made from them, and in Brussels. They are related to your adopted generated for all. Because like it or not, but they have to do so Makar (to criticize Belarus.. — Ed.).

In Poland — the situation is special. Frankly, Poland claim to being the center of Europe. And this Obama visit to Poland. Poland — the citadel of the United States of America, this is a springboard. And for good reason Obama got there and there is going to all the neighbors in Poland, discussed prepyadstviya, and Ukraine was invited there — we were criticized. Because with them, the Poles, their own position. Good even from the EU.

Yet in the near future, we have many of these pulses cautious, not through the media, to normalize our relations. But not normal when our management with the management of Poland has the case. But it is not our fault, this situation has dev
eloped. We do not mind if the Poles they say: "We will help Belarusians, that the European Union was normal." I say: "And we do not mind. Please help — thank you. But do not put before us humiliating conditions. Require Type: release the" political prisoners "!" What would you have uttered it in my position? I said: "In-1's, we have no political prisoners, we do not even have the Criminal Code a similar article. If you are questioning something, please, we're ready." Wanted to have on board attended by representatives of the OSCE. Please go ahead. The processes were all open. Here's a picture, here you are with Kyle shturmuesh Government House. Here's an article for this hack …

Yes, according to our Constitution, I have the right, but not the obligation, to pardon a person is subject to certain procedures. In 1-x, they are, in my opinion, should apply to the President for a pardon. Will this appeal — I will consider. 2nd. We are not ruthless. We have no one in the bullpen in the state do not hold the load. Not only these so-called "political" prisoners, and others. Excuse me, but there is an order …

You do not think that Lukashenka keeps them in view of the fact that they are his rivals. Look, we already "konkurentnst" this passed. During the presidential election of me, no one criticizes a swing and does not put them up. Already, even they admit: "It is hard to admit, but it's true." In some places, taciturn, with a slip of the tongue here and there, but they did not raise the question of the legitimacy of the past campaign. And later, well, what legitimacy? I even just now I can not tell how I spent this presidential campaign and these were recorded as ten. Do you not realize that they are from the telephone directory lists the collection of signatures vcherkivali people? But they became candidates. Wished — proved. Broken the law — answered. There will come a time — tomorrow, the next day, once more — but will not we have them there in the bullpen to hold. It's very, you know, not cheap for us and this is a very great honor for them … If the Minister for Foreign Affairs deems it necessary to release them, he buried a motivated proposal and will be their president, those proposals considered. And not only the minister of foreign affairs, and the deputies, perhaps journalistic community. This is not important. You see, popravde, we're sick of it here plyavuzgane, yak at Belarusy kazhuts, the individual figures. Moving abroad and watered gryazyuku our country. Well, this is it normal, is it politics?

About bank deposits

There is no need to remove the Belarusian funds. Will run on banks to withdraw funds means not count on the fact that I'm so massively, as they say, will increase benefits and wages.

Due from banks — it's the economy of our country! This is the main airbag, most funds have in the population.

In any state funds in banks — it's a great resource. If you will withdraw them from there, you will beget a new crisis.

I say to you openly. Would a new crisis, bank? Run, shoot.

Do not do it. The bank funds indexed, if needed. At least, under the pillow proindeksiruete you can not even get interest. In the banks, though not by 30 percent under inflation, although we plan to do it, but now little by little, slowly, and the rate is not small. And we index it as well.

You will not lose. Why now withdraw funds from the accounts? Another panic want to produce? And you at the moment this will encourage.

At the moment for you in a newspaper, or VKontakte at classmates, or even in some parts of their networks on a particular technique just settle. You beget another crisis. This should not be done. Especially since I have to say again that the maximum in July — August, we actually answer all your questions, when we will have a befitting information. So do not do it.


Health care — this is a great value. The health of people — this is important. We are ALL at the moment and will be doing to keep the cost to the Russian medicine. And there will be no flash. The cost to continue. Regarding imported from other countries. Here are all of the medications that we once purchased, including private owners, we are keeping it under control, they are still on the divine value. What will happen? .. For sure, a price increase is likely to be from suppliers in pharmacies, not in health care, and drug stores. Apparently, there is a certain percentage of imported products from other countries — maybe something will go up and, if it was a read. This does not mean that you need to run tomorrow and again to buy drugs. See how it juicy topic, but from it there is no escape …

But in health care in clinics where we actually cures all free of charge, except for a small percentage there when we provide services to some (the House or better still something there) — we control the process. People here can not even bend.

About the OSCE office

Classrooms and other "field kitchen" are created including the OSCE, the UN, etc., where there is a severe problem. The Organization for Security and Co-operation. What problems we are creating for Security and Cooperation in Europe? Completely no. Completely. We — the members of the OSCE. We could directly work with the OSCE Secretariat. We do not need mediators.

But if you read about the general office of the OSCE, and if you really really want to, there are some puzzles and prepyadstviya, well, sure, we can see the issue. Let them, maybe send their own representatives here. If, for example, it will be the representative of Germany, the German Embassy, can we agree to give them some support in terms of hardware, etc.. But why here cover the whole clearing, opening an office? Can we agree on some representative, if that's so important OSCE. This is not fundamentally. Well, the OSCE is still one or two people, that this will change?

On the municipal program notes

At the moment, generally do not need to turn off. This is a fundamentally. Need to adapt to the situation, but did not collapse. Why? God forbid, something we curl up and thrown away, but the situation will change, that's for sure. And all of a sudden this year it will change to the best? What will we do then?

Because yes, there will be some slowdown from the current situation. We litsezreem. But collapse under no circumstances anything.

On subsidized construction

In that situation the young families who have not yet had the home, which for 10 years in a hostel here and live — will be of value in getting home. All the other — in the tail. In particular, those who have one, two, or three times prepared by the housing queue, though on preferential basis. And over the next year will be a free housing, and more than three if babies — taken at the moment of legislation, that with the coming year we came into effect such a law.

I wanted to direct attention to another problem of.

Yesterday signed contracts for the construction of the apartment. Now the situation has changed. And the contractor, or whatever his name is, the developer is called, begins to raise the cost.

But it is a blow to the people. They collected these crumbs in order to build, and I insist, that this value is not changed. Here are contracted. These contracts are entered into as so to perform. And finding reserves for himself. If it is necessary, and the government here and there to lend a shoulder, but first at home.

Already subsequent treaties, when you come to agree with the builders, at what cost — it is up to you. This is the right choice. Not cheap — do not build.

The second question. Do not ruin the construction branch. If they fall, construction branch, tomorrow we'll bits three times. It's worse than what we have prices risen. There will b
e no construction — ruin the country.

About the Customs Union

I'll give you two examples for you to understand the benefits.

Ukraine currently arguing with Russia, and we are also — at a cost of gas.

In Ukraine, it will reach, for sure, by the end of the year $ 400. We have 270. Why? Customs duty. Their is also the customs duty on gas. But, if they were in the Customs Union with us, they would be roughly the same cost as we have.

Subject vehicles. It also worries me. Some said: "The rich pay" — and so on. I do not hold such views. Car — it's essential. And these duties on the car, of course — is the fee for customs alliance, since we got there benefits.

But we'll find a way out of this situation, and our people are flawed in terms of buying cars will not.

We will work with a variety of options for Russia, and I'll do the last time these issues. Right before the construction of our auto plant.

The rich will still buy this car, and with these duties, and for people of moderate means poor and more than we think about how to get out of this situation. Will find a way. I guarantee.

Meanwhile harm Customs alliance has brought us. The Customs Union, moreover, Our homeland has lifted all restrictive barriers that have been introduced during the crisis. We were not allowed in Russia to their public procurement. We could not even compete. Currently available from January 1, we will have that access. This is a huge deal.

About the future

Pochetaemye friends, you do not worry. ALL we will be fine. I do not want to encourage people to anything, to calm them, because the situation is very calming. I think that people will calm down. We certainly have recently create a way that people will pronounce that we have not given up his failure. We have already begun to do. But from July — August, we will create even more. By the end of the year, I think, in the sense that as this problem is now there, we will come out of it. Let's be optimistic. We have no other land, to the chagrin of either joy. Let's save our land, as not only to us, and our children would be better to live on this earth. To have them under their feet had their own piece of land. That they should never have been in our history, and no one bowed to no one kneels.

This will only happen when we have our own land. Because we need to keep independent as it can be, and certainly sovereign government for our kids and grandkids.

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