Press conference KSPZ: Plant 75 years

Press conference KSPZ: Plant 75 yearsMoscow. January 17. On this day, in the central office of the international informational group "Interfax" was accomplished press conference "Klimovskikh special ammunition plant named Yuri Andropov — 75 years. The merits and problems. " The session was part of many journalists from newspapers, magazines, television, Russia. Questions the responsibility of the head of the plant, heads of departments and divisions, the advanced workers.

The conference Klimovskikh delegation was received by Director General of the Military News Agency V.V.Rudenko. He said klimovchanam of the "Interfax", held them for a sightseeing excursion trip through the building.

At exactly two o'clock press conference started. A report was made to the crowd chairman KSPZ Colonel General A.A.Shkirko. He told reporters about the history of the creation of the company, the most significant events that occurred during the 75 years of its existence, carefully braked on the dilemmas that now trevozhut workers KSPZ.

According to the general, to his own birthday factory came as the leading enterprises in the industry for the manufacture of ammunition and guns and high reliability characteristics. In the middle of the companies that produce plainclothes military and dual-purpose, KSPZ is an example of stability in production and business. In a number of years, including in crisis, 2008, and the following post-crisis, plant constantly working and running at a profit. In addition, a yearly income is spent not on the payment of dividends, but only on the development of the enterprise. Shareholders do not receive yachts, sports clubs, homes abroad and send money to upgrade equipment fleet, equipped with serious production base, make comfortable in the workplace.

A.A.Shkirko told reporters that in 2011 the plant mastered and put into mass creation of a traumatic gun "Jorge-3M" — a technologically new product on the Russian market. This is the first serial gun, produced in Russia and the CIS, which completely made of stainless steel and the most modern, durable plastic with the addition of carbon fiber. In developing the pistol aim was to make a very reliable instrument that requires small maintenance. The trademark "Jorge" was registered in 2006 new pistol was first introduced at the exhibition «APMS & Hunting-2011", held in Moscow, and has caused great interest among professionals.

The plant began mass production of the newest air rifle with a gas cylinder preparatory pumping (PCP) «Horhe-Jäger» (Jorge Huntsman), which was presented at the same exhibition. The quality of the production rifles have already evaluated hundreds of fans of this type of shooting guns. "Huntsman" has established itself as a clear, massive, but at the same time undemanding gun. He came to the liking and sportsmen and hunters. In the soon to be released analogue rifle "Huntsman" stainless steel, as well as gun "Jorge-3M".

According to a survey of users on the famous weapon Internet portal — «Huntsman" was recognized as the best in the category of "Breakthrough of the Year — 2011" in the middle of serial PCP rifles.

Works with honor continues the tradition Klimovskikh defense industry, but, unfortunately, there are prepyadstviya. A.A.Shkirko complained in his own speech to the fact that in the current time orders fraction of municipal law enforcement agencies in the total production of the plant remains insignificant.

Responding to questions from numerous journalists, Anatoly Afanasevich told them about the dilemmas that exist in the relationship of an enterprise with the city administration and Klimovskaya MUPami town in many years, and especially at this time, this year. As you know, KSPZ provides half of the inhabitants of Klimovsk heating and water, the town providing public services. These issues plant fits very seriously, working tightly, allowing no failures. In turn, the administration Klimovsk and municipal unitary enterprises under its control, receiving services from the factory, it is irresponsible for their timely payment. Constantly politicized the issue of boiler KSPZ to sidetrack attention from the real klimovchan urban problems that have accumulated since the time of Klimovsk Razuvaeva. On the day of the press conference KSPZ city owes more than 30 million rubles for delivered in December and January, hot and cool water. Bureaucrats spent Christmas Happy holiday apartments in warm through KSPZ, with all this plant regularly pay for all services MUPov. The general said that involuntarily imposed question: Where Klimovskaya administration is wasting taxpayers' money of their own? Klimovchane, most of whom are working in our factory, honestly pay for their housing and utilities, thus making it on time. At the same time, pay the highest rates at the most, which today is the terrain of the Capital Region. A municipality does not pay for the services of the plant in a hurry, management KSPZ have to "knock out" with her debts with the prosecutor's office and the government of Moscow region. The bureaucrats of the city administration unsinkable consider themselves masters of the town, they think they can do Klimovsk all that they want, with impunity. Dispose of the means of urban residents, to anyone without accounting. History teaches us that no one has delusions of grandeur to no good arguments, especially officials.

Press conference KSPZ: Plant 75 yearsAt the press conference, reporters asked the Russian leaders KSPZ a variety of issues. They motivate all: what is the factory wages for workers, why so poorly behaved Klimovskaya administration as needed in the power structures gun "Jorge", what new weapons and ammunition designed to KSPZ now?

Conference participants were shown samples of the new pistols, rifles and ammunition, manufactured by KSPZ based on their own patents and designs. Their designs and development of production experts at the plant told reporters Dmitry Torhov and Sergey Maksimov.

The conference lasted two hours, then held a cocktail party. On the buffet table discussion between journalists and KSPZ continued. Talk about the fact that the government should not interfere with enterprising people to develop new types of weapons, especially if they do it at their own expense. KSPZ during its existence has not received a penny of subsidy funds. So, for example, now KSPZ a new cartridge SPH (special chuck "Jorge"), mastered the creation of high-quality barrels. All this is done at the expense of the company and without any assistance from the state.

Asked by reporters whether KSPZ participate in the tender for the development of the latest generation machine, spice plant said they would. But first you need to improve ammunition, trunk, pick up metal and plastic, and the machine gun makers know how to do — it's not the problem.

Two years back control KSPZ provided all the documentation and standards techno gun "Jorge" in the Ministry of the Interior. Minister R.Nurgalievu liked the new weapon, and he assured that the gun "Jorge" will be taken up by employees of the MVD. But his attention.
At t
he moment, the military-industrial complex in the country entrusted to deal with Dmitry Rogozin. Hunt to believe that he can assist to bring order to the military sector.

General Director of "Interfax-AVN" Valentin Rudenko, on behalf of all the journalists who participated in the press conference, addressed to the heads of the plant to organize a press tour in Klimovsk. Colonel-General A.A.Shkirko invited journalists to visit enterprise in the month of February.

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