Primakov: Israel may strike Irans nuclear facilities

Primakov: Israel may strike Iran's nuclear facilities

Ex-Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov does not exclude the ability to strike Israel nuclear facilities Iran, but believes that the impact of the strike for Iran will be insignificant, but for the region is very unsafe, the interviews Primakov placed in the "Russian newspaper" on Wednesday.

"States do not want this (strike Iran) happened at this point, before the presidential election. They hold Israel. But then you need to realize that in the Israeli leadership, and in the U.S. administration have different strengths, there are a variety of positions. Hard at the moment say, Who will prevail, "- said in an interview with" Russian newspaper "past chairman of the Russian government, a Middle East expert Yevgeny Primakov.

He noted that for the entire Middle East region such a possibility is very unsafe.

"While the results of the air strike — but a ground operation out of the question — probably will be miserable. After two years, Iran is one hundred percent will recover defiantly come out of the contract on the Non-Proliferation of WMD and even then just create his weapon of mass destruction," — published newspaper According to the ex-premier.

Primakov also noted the positive impact of the U.S. in Afghanistan.

"I do not think the Americans will withdraw by 2014 all of its troops from Afghanistan. Likely, there is quite a significant contingent.'s Good. If the Taliban come back to power, it can be very hit and the post-Soviet place. Taliban will come to the borders Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, with strong Islamic design elements, "- he said.

On the issue of the newspaper about the situation with the Palestinians, Primakov warned against predictions, saying that almost everything will depend on who will be president of the United States.
"If Barack Obama is, I think, likely positive development", — gives the publication the words of ex-premier.

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