Prime found a method to attract teachers to schools and doctors in the village

Premier has found a way to attract teachers to schools and doctors in the villageRussian economy this year will grow by more than 4 percent by the beginning of 2012, the crisis will make up the decline. This is Vladimir Putin said in Cherepovets in the inter-regional conference "United Russian Federation." Premier made a descent with several initiatives. So, he offered to pay one million rubles every young doctor coming to work on the village, and for school teachers to introduce preferential mortgage.

Ends with — the eighth — Regional conference United Russia for the past seven was similar only in part. At this point already know the date of voting, scheduled days of the election of the Congress, which not a matter of just one of United Russia. In the election campaign party involved, along with the Popular Front.

"I am convinced that people's idea of consolidation was proper, necessary and the whole of society, and of itself the" United Russia ", — Putin saw. — Itself" United Our homeland ", which, of course, of course, very many problems, and in the address prirekaniya "Uniform of the Russian Federation" right. But all the same, "Unified Our homeland" really showed its development, the expansion of intra-party democracy. Overall, our faction in the State Duma are severe updated by half, and that or more. And I think that this is a positive trend. "

Russia People's Front, the Agency's strategic initiatives — all offers of federal scale, which for the first time, it became clear to such party conferences. Each of mandatory topic — out of the crisis. But if, in April of 2010, it was a gradual process, designed for the last time, now referred to Putin as possible.

"GDP growth this year will be higher than 4 percent. This means that by the beginning of 2012, the economy fully compensate for the decline of crisis — shared expectations of the head of government. — In a time of global crisis, a number of causes on us not dependent: the danger came from the outside, there were very many. But we never do alluded to. No excuses not find and did not expect manna from heaven. We all responsibility assumed by one hundred percent. wish I could say that party "One Our homeland" should always promptly respond to acute situations, whether they affect the interests of the inhabitants of the whole country or a particular region of the town — not principal. In principle, always thinking about the fate of a particular person. "

To open a discussion related topics specifically the residents of this neighborhood, explain in the party, they decided to hold regional conferences. In the Northwest is largely concentrated industrial potential: here and big auto production — for example, near St. Petersburg, and then leading mining companies, and the proximity to the border. Outside politics does not look further from the inside.

"What sticks in the wheels of any we inserted in the implementation of, say, the project" North Stream "gas system in the Baltic Sea. How many other projects where they all? Only on paper. A" North Stream "is actually implemented — told Putin . — Tomorrow near Vyborg, let's start the process gas. What does this mean? This means that we evenly, quietly, without any jerks go away from the dictate of transit countries. And this is a window to Europe in the energy sector. "

For those who was sitting next to Putin, segodnyaschy conference was still a chance for the development of the business. United Russia was assured by means of rollers, and occasionally poetry, one of which is "flax" to rhyme with "love."

"We need a longish and a cheap borrowed funds — saw Alla Startseva vice president of the united management company" Dominion. "- To provide loans for really soft criteria, as in the West, at three to four per cent yearly. We love our Vologda flax, and I wish that love him and you. "

"We do not know how long, in my opinion, for the first six months of accumulations of inflation — 5 percent? Lowest in the history of the modern Russian Federation, — Putin said. — But the situation at which a just, well, economically unfounded, low interest loans, it is a very scary way. This is the only question in this case, when the crisis comes. It is inevitable.'s the same thing happened in the U.S. mortgage lending. 'Cause I think that we must now talk about the sponsorship. "

Development of small hydro, which preserves the natural landscape, the project "One Family" — it will allow children from boarding faster to find the parents, the construction of kindergartens modular technology — it's all local development, which party promised to pay attention. But now it has become clear about the decisions for the country.

Teachers will become more affordable mortgage. First, those who are younger than 30 May. For their reduced: rate — up to eight and a half per cent and initial fee — up to 10. His payment Putin advised to take the local authorities.

The possibility of housing associations will be able to enjoy all the school teachers, regardless of age. They will be provided free of plots. Decided on and the young doctors who zahochut work in the village. Everyone will get a million rubles.

"He will be able to use these funds for the upgrading and solve housing and other domestic problems. Only condition — to work more than 5 years — told Putin. — Approximately it would cost us 11 billion rubles. First we have to help those regions, which themselves are moving, something to do everything for their own doctors. "

Adopted at the end of the conference some solutions, Putin said, not the first: before, after such discussions, for example, have been expanded programs from preferential flights for Siberians, increased scholarships for doctors-interns. For the Party is the reverse link. And not just before the election. Putin has now confirmed that the People's Front — not until December, but in the longer term.

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