Prime Minister referred to the attack on Libya shameless crusade

Russian prime minister called the attack on Libya "shameless crusade 'According to "Interfax" and RIA announcements, premier-Minister Vladimir Putin compared the Western military operation in Libya crusade, saying that no one has the right to interfere in the internal political conflicts outside.

Vladimir Putin criticized the UN resolution, calling it "a bad and flawed." "It allows anyone to solve all, any act in relation to sovereign countries …. It reminds me a medieval call to crusade when someone called someone to go to a specific place and something to release."

Premier-Minister determined the policy of U.S. intervention in the affairs of other countries as a stable trend in which no conscience, no logic. Putin reminded reporters about the U.S. invasion of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The prime minister said Libya is not a democracy, but this "does not mean that someone is allowed to interfere in the internal political conflict, even armed, outside, protecting one of the parties."

Because, according to Fishing season, Our homeland and seek re-run programs from the armed forces for 2011-2020. So that no one dared to use a similar scenario with regard to the Russian Federation.

Their statements the Prime Minister made in Udmurtia in a meeting with the workers Votkinsk plant, which produces ballistic missiles.

What do the words of Putin?

Election campaign has begun. Against the background of reckless and frankly destructive external and internal policies Medvedev Putin looks real statesman and patriot.

But his words may mean that it has chosen its own path of the Russian people, who will defend their homeland. West will never forgive him.

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