Princes of the Orange Revolution

Princes of Orange RevolutionThe mechanism of the overthrow of the government in at least some disagreeable U.S. and NATO country in the XXI century, then looks as follows:
1. Search controversial issues in society — corruption, social inequality, the environment, ethnic conflict.
2. Search for "activists" who are ready to PR on acute topics (Nemtsov, Navalny, Chirikov, and others).
3. Financing of the "activists" through grants (on behalf of the "independent foundations" and "non-governmental organizations").
4. Consulting and training "activists" in the U.S. (Conference on Democracy, speech before the U.S. Congress, Yale Institute).
5. Speculation "activists" and their supporting media on acute topics, manipulating public attitudes.
6. The conclusion to be a zombie people ("Hamster") on the street.
7. Provocation, leading to the first blood (unknown shot out from the crowd, for example, who would later be issued for the shooting of the security forces on peaceful demonstrators).
8. Information war biased media on the theme of provocation.
9. The pressure on the administration of the country by the "world community."
10. "Humanitarian" bombing — destruction civilian population and infrastructure.
11. The military intervention under the guise of "liberation from the dictatorship" — Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya.
12. For a transitional government headed by "activists".
13. Reconstruction of the South American country's infrastructure corporations for loans from the IMF.
14. Creation of NATO military bases in the occupied areas.
15 Pumping natural resources on account of debts.

Everybody knows that all similar activities carefully disguised as a "fight for all is not bad against the bad things." Otherwise, it would be armed rebellion, Article 279 of the Criminal Code (12 to 20 years of imprisonment).

When the prosperous end of "revolution" all labeled "activists" difficulties not only not solved, but are exacerbated.
Last year was a litmus test for the technology foment similar revolutions. On the example of Near East NATO and the United States, namely, more than once demonstrated its ability to outright anger, hypocrisy and devilish people into zombies means "manual" media.
And yet, some citizens continue to believe that the West will help us. Suppose that, of course, for myself at a loss, but a helping hand. The first time in world history.

After all, the Wehrmacht by distributing propaganda leaflets from a plane, too, had promised the Russian people a helping hand, freeing it from the "bloody tyrant" Stalin, leading to life by the latest European standards. There were "activists" that are intensively sampled "enlighten" the Russian people. Only they were called at the time a little differently. Traitors.

Now all the same, only in a new clip from My Duck's Vision:

The principles of war propaganda

This "other", "they" started the war, or her dream to start a day or for a day. "We" are obliged to defend themselves. The introduction of this principle traced in virtually every war. The main thing — to convince people that the "bad guys" hate "us" and have already started (or are ready to start) first. As evidence can palm off the right political murder, assault, terrorist attack, etc.. Revenge — the usual and effective method to bring people into the necessary rage track.

The demonization of the enemy — the head, the control of "other" — this is a crazy, kooky, corrupt man "

We fought with the principles of high-Aggression blagorodstva. Grenada justified by rumors of terrorist bases, Tipo stationed on the peninsula. It was nezapyatannoy fiction. The official purpose of the U.S. intervention in Panama was only capture Noriega's drug dealer-president. The fact that in the end the barbaric bombing of the capital killed more than 2,000 man, was one hundred percent ignored by Western media. "The peacekeeping operation" in Somalia under the pretext of an occasion humanitarian population suffering from the civilian war. The fact that 4 naikrupneyshie U.S. oil companies have bought up before half of the oil-bearing regions of the country and sought from the white house though what method to "restore order", hitherto held back shyly. In the case of Yugoslavia, the Serbs accused of genocide in Bosnia and Kosovo. According to the reports of the UN genocide, most own, producing Muslim nationalists. NATO was convicted of heresy trivial.

"We need very rapidly disseminate information about the atrocities committed by the enemy, explaining exactly what he characterized such behavior." We ourselves or our people are always innocent, but our enemies — animals and sadists. In reality, all the armies of the world are at war with ruthlessness. But the principle of war propaganda is to settle exactly what the other is a ruthless army of the mundane, while "we" it is — "a forced necessity" or "unfortunate accident."

USA won the spirited and crushing victory over Iraq during the Gulf War (1991). The loss of the Yankees were small, and at the same time affected 10 of thousands of Iraqis (according to some reports, were killed or wounded more than 130 thousand peaceful inhabitants). How do you think the percentage of the Yankees at least a minute and a sad pity the ordinary people of Iraq who were killed "in the name of democracy"? That's right, no. Opinion polls have shown that U.S. citizens do not actually innocent victims condoled Iraqis

It is always necessary to act on behalf of the people, the UN, the world community or the world's population, although considered with the views of the world's population does not completely sure.

You should always exaggerate their successes and loss of the enemy

During the war, the loss in manpower and equipment than the actual call, and guided by self-interest. Struggling to create a positive style of "our" strong and prepared military force, and thus highlights the weakness of the back of the

Disseminate misinformation and rumors.

The objectives are the same: to reduce the fighting spirit and desire to fight at the back side, to weaken and demoralize the enemy's population. Other tasks: the undermining of international prestige of the country and its cooperation with other countries, the provocation of conflict, inciting mistrust, suspicion, aggravation of the political struggle, rejection management enemy of his people, to provoke repression against the opposition, etc.

Use the "black" propaganda

More profitable than waging war propaganda from an external source, is the introduction of disk imaging Tipo from an internal source (the so-called "black" propaganda). Population countries often takes enemy propaganda with great prejudice. To build trust, the source of the propaganda must be presented "his". "A few months before the invasion of German troops in France (1940) Goebbels propagandists have been i
ntensively use so called" black "transmitters that masqueraded as French radio station. They spread various rumors were subjected to severe criticism, the French Government, sowed uncertainty and panic among the population and the military. As a result, by the time of the coming of the strong German forces morale of the personnel of the French army was so undermined that it was unable to provide stern resistance to the invaders. " [Krys'ko, 1999]. During the Gulf War, the South American propagandists were created specifically radio "Voice of free Iraq," which was broadcasting Tipo on behalf of the Iraqi opposition, opposing the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein

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