Printer for the office — how to choose?

Printer for the office - how to choose?

Supreme the level of development of electric document is not yet abolished the need to work with documents in a cardboard carrier. For their creation, reproduction, dispatch need special equipment: printers, copiers, faxes, scanners. A special place among the office equipment occupy the MFP — functional device. They unite within itself all or some of these earlier types of devices. Best MFPs are right printer, scanner, copier and fax machine. But, the leader in demand and frequency of use — everyday printing device. The modern market offers a wealth of options for these devices. How to make the right choice?

One of the important features of the printers is their type: laser, inkjet or dot matrix. To study a good option can be considered a laser printer: it has the highest speed and good quality printing, in fact silent, small-size, easy to maintain, has a huge number of service functions. Inkjet printers possess a lower printing speed, they must constantly be engaged in work, differently happen drying ink printhead cartridges vary in their not very comfortable. Dot matrix printers are inferior to the two previous types of devices on all counts: in their supreme noise, low quality and speed print service function is not sufficient.

Subsequent parameter — color. As inkjet and laser printer may be in color and monochrome. Matrix devices — only monochrome. Color printing device then you need when you have to frequently print graphics in the offices of leading a fairly ordinary document set monochrome black-and-white printer.

It is important to select a printing device properties such as quality and the printing speed, the toner cartridge, the memory, the presence of additional functions, ease of changing the cartridge. It is necessary to pay attention also to the model of the device and the brand — modern printers from world leaders usually possess good traits and the highest reliability. It is seen that the higher the performance, speed, reliability, and other properties of the device, so it is more expensive, but it is better to buy the most powerful and reliable device, than to spend money on its repair or the purchase of additional equipment.

Offices, which often make the descent of all tasks with the documents necessary to direct attention to the MFP. This will allow significantly conserve space, the right to install multiple devices, and reduce costs — for the purchase of all necessary devices to izderzhat more than the cost of one, yet feature-rich. Come and work with one device is much more comfortable than a few. Even the best MFP now have a fully accessible cost and allow themselves to such acquisition may be virtually any office.

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