Prison Karosta shocked Ghostbusters (video)


An international team of Ghostbusters (Ghost Hunters International), having been in prison in Liepaja Karosta, recognized that this place is one of the most densely populated in the world of ghosts.

How to tell the head of the Tourist Information Office of the Liepaja region Monta Crufts, the program ghost hunters on a prison in Karosta recently been shown in the United States. Now you can also see on the home page of the prison in Karosta.

The program Ghostbusters recognize that prison in Karosta is one of the most active places in the context of the paranormal. Ghostbusters not only managed to make contact with the ghost — to hear it, to feel and see, but also to ascertain the presence of a ghost with a special technique.

After the research of the International team of Ghostbusters, the interest in prison in Karosta may increase, allows its management. Therefore, the creative team is preparing a new prison sentence for tourists — "Following the Ghostbusters."
Filming in the former military prison Karosta held in strict secrecy. The team, which arrived from California, flatly refused contacts with the Latvian press — this is a strict requirement of U.S. producers. So that the details of the "hunters" on the spot even know it was very difficult.

In Liepaja Americans worked five days — Monday to Friday. On Thursday, when the creators transmission slept in a hotel and has watched the working material, shot in three days and three nights of continuous watch, I managed to sneak in a former guardhouse.
…In winter, empty and gloomy old building looks downright sinister. It's during the theatrical show for the tourists and the tour is crowded and noisy. February is not the season. In the dark corridors now holodina. A stamping on the empty corridors, where you shudder just an echo of their own steps.
Student Software Christer Crufts, who helped in the organization of surveys and as a translator, told me that even though the Americans of meetings with ghosts and steep pros, but they are sinister nocturnal corridors were uncomfortable.

White Lady, who are you?

This story happened when the Germans when the guardhouse served as a prison for civilians, and many residents here were shot. Including for minor offenses.

It is said that the fall of 1944, during the inspection of documents a young man landed in jail shortly before his wedding. He was able to convey the bride note: that is alive, come back, wait, all will be well. But did not return at the appointed time.
Then, set in motion all her feminine charm, entered the prison of his bride. But after learning that the man shot the day before, had committed suicide — right in the camera, where she hoped to find him.
Ghost of a girl with long periodically reminds about it. It is Liepaja White Lady. A camera number 18 is considered to be a bad place since then. Most often it is closed. They say that during the Soviet guardhouse here too strange happened.
Once violators charter — drunk just smoke — was closed for the night so sleep. Poor guy in twenty minutes was sober sober — begged him to transfer to another cell. At other times — in modern times — the Latvian soldier of "bad" was taken straight to the camera … in Durkee.
Christer himself in prison Karosta guide works for six years. He, like all colleagues, too, knows of the White Lady, and also gave a program of Americans for a brief interview.

One day a group of tourists expected, and he lit the candles in the empty hallway. When the corner came a knock heels, not at first feared. But in that moment, when I realized that all colleagues are waiting in the courtyard, the heart of the instant horror just snapped. Struggling not to run, and not turning around, he walked to the stairs. Behind heard clear steps. Colleagues and indeed all were on the street — who are then followed fractional pounded heels? ..

Next 4 video recording of the transfer. (In Eng.)



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