Privatization. Or profanity

Putin yesterday's speech at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum was couched in the spirit of liberal market ideology that is completely understandable, given the nature of the event. The president promised to "fair and clear" the latest privatization. Not undertake to judge the honesty in advance, but that's a "comprehensibility" already have a lot of complaints. Acts of power in this sharp questions are foggy and confused character, and an explanation for this may be only one thing — a vision of the coming of even the future of the country do not.

Privatization.  Or "profanity"

The new master plan of privatization

Immediately after Putin's speech, government Once approved the amended plan Privatization. According to him will be put up for auction next stock companies:

— Sovcomflot (50% minus 1 share in this and next year, and the total yield of the country to 2016.);
— Sberbank (7.6%);
— VTB (25.5% of total output by 2016.)
— Railways (25%);
— RUSNANO (10%);
— Rosagroleasing (49.9%);
— Uralvagonzavod (25% minus 1 share by 2016.)
— Transneft (25% minus 1 action to 2016.).

Also planned to complete the country's withdrawal from such companies as "Rosneft", "Zarubezhneft", "RusHydro", "INTER RAO UES", "Sheremetyevo International Airport", "Aeroflot — Russian Airlines", "Russian Agricultural Bank", "AK" ALROSA "" UGC ".

Such haste government is clear — orders of the president has not been canceled, and where will the money for their performance did not say.

Economic Development Minister A.Belousov said the government expects in 2012 to get $ 300 billion from privatization. rub., and in 2013. — 380 billion. rubles.

There is no agreement

Against government plans made by the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin (not the first time) and the last Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin (which suddenly).

Namely, Yakunin said that plans to privatize completely unrealistic, and privatization, namely Railways, will not bring anything except a migraine. He pointed out that such privatization will bring the company total 260 billion dollars. rubles, which is not comparable to the lack of its vkladyvatelnoy applets (trillion rubles by 2020.). Apart from this will not be feasible due to the privatization of Railways to continue funding projects such as the Olympic Games in Sochi and the APEC summit in Vladivostok.

In turn, Kudrin has recommended to postpone the mass privatization of state-owned companies for at least 2-3 years. He proved this by the fact that large foreign investors at the moment just is not up to our assets, they implement their own, and means little to implement state-owned companies to succeed at decent prices.

"This privatization will be calculated on any domestic investors will be a substantial understatement of the competition … Such privatization, I am afraid, may have signs of privatization for the sake of any individual group on the Russian currency market. And, I'm afraid, will be a big criticism of the privatization of the address itself, will not be achieved legitimacy, "- said Kudrin.

Room for maneuver

The most curious is the fact that, together with the forcing privatization laid mechanisms to neutralize it. We have carefully and were in charge of the inclusion of "Rosneft" in the list of strategic enterprises and on the resolution "Rosneftegas" to participate in the privatization.

Here and now in the new order of privatization includes the ability to use the state "golden share", also referred to the right again, "Rosneftegas", but there is also another curious "Anti-Privatisation maneuver."

The government has decided to put funds Public Welfare Foundation (NWF) to purchase shares of state-owned companies involved in privatization. This was stated by the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov:

"To be afraid of such investments do not need to — he saw. — If we are convinced that the assets will go up, why not invest? "

Now the volume of NWF is 85500000000. bucks. Shuvalov suggested starting with the use of 10% of NWF to repurchase shares of state companies.

Not in the ecstasy of such ideas was the Ministry of Finance, and Kudrin and just referred to her nightmare:

"Basically, that means taking on municipal during privatization — it is a profanation of privatization," — said the Minister of Finance last here with him again hard to argue. In fact, the question of shifting the state assets of the 1st pocket to another, but is not this the only way to protect the government from a robbery?

So Makarov, it seems that the criteria of uncertainty in oil prices, the government is preparing two scenarios. 1st (with prolonged fall in oil prices) — is a complete sell-share municipal assets for fiscal purposes. If economical catastrophe will be avoided, the government will be able to buy the most important and profitable assets back, giving the market are those from which escape is really needed.

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