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Subject guns and military technology is very exciting. Fascinating even to those who instruments in the hands never held, and military equipment beheld only on TV. Why?

Gun since ancient times has been and remains to date, fit to the survival of man. Method to protect themselves and "us" from "them." Availability tool and the ability to use it in over the centuries has been the main, and often the only, guarantee of life and human freedom. The right to have a gun featured a free slave and lower orders from the higher. All that can be said to have eaten into the very essence of man. That's why even inveterate pacifist transformed, picking up a knife or a good rifle.

In technical terms, tool has always been on the cusp of technological progress. Often, technical progress and he developed just for military purposes. But the fruits of all we enjoy a peaceful life. Examples of this weight. First gallakticheskie starts — a by-product of the development of ballistic missiles, means of delivery of nuclear warheads on the terrain of the enemy. Communications satellites are designed for military communications. A global positioning system (GPS, GLONASS) were created by order of the military. The whole "peace space "grew out of" space war ". A peaceful atomic power plants of plutonium production reactors and submarines. And so you can say about very many, if not most, fully discover peaceful technology. After all, even the usual dimensions of each odezhki and shoes appeared because of the need frisky outfits tremendous armies of the First World War …

As the story evolved dramatically each type of weapon! For example, battleships. Since the beginning of the 20th century was the possession of a fleet of mandatory line for each country who had at least some ambition. In their construction invested huge funds at that time. And have committed ships, which was scary to enter the fray. The loss of the ship itself became a state disaster. Ultimately, these signs might have not shown themselves become victims of submarines and aircraft, weapons non-comparable with them for no power, nor to price …


The mass of the fascinating history of the development tools and hardware can be found out by visiting the blog "PRO tool": Http:// Cool tool, Small tool, famous ships, documentary films, and much more. Gun and military equipment — the theme is really worthy of attention and deserve your attention.

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