Problem appliances, or why Ukraine can not meet the deadline for the supply?

Problem appliances, or why Ukraine can not meet the deadline for the supply?

Ukraine is quite substantial (11th) place in the global supply of weapons and military equipment. But for some reason always accompanied by contracts for delivery neuvvyazkami and scandals. What are the prerequisites such state of affairs? And how to get rid of them?

A striking example of the fact that Ukraine can do without problems, began deliveries of the Ukrainian-Polish armored BRT-80UP to Iraq. The agreement between the Ukrainian-Polish side and the Ministry of Defense of Iraq was signed in July 2005. Then Iraq ordered 115 modernized and new armored vehicles for a total of about 30 million dollars. But in the course of performance of the contract, for reasons beyond the control of Poland, there have been delays in delivery.

Note that at this point the volume a little reduced, and instead of the 115 vehicles to deliver only 98, and the missing number of armored vehicles will be closed to the process of training the Iraqi military, as supplying repair kits.

Please illumine 2006, three brand new armored betrothed Poles were put together with the Ukrainian export company "Spetstehnoeksport" in Iraq. Deliveries were made with a base of maintenance and repair of armored vehicles in the town of Nikolayev.

It must be said that the history of the plant has 60 years. During this time, the company has become a favorite not only in Ukraine but also in CIS countries similar to themselves in the middle of the plants that specialize in the production and modernization of armored wheeled vehicles. The company carries out a complete renovation and modernization of these types of technology as ATM-1 (auto tech workshop, which was created for use in the economy), armored honey machine The Ark, BRDM-2D, automobile diesel engine, BRT-70M, BTR-3U, BTR-70P, BTR-70Di, BRDM-2Di. Amid all of these products have been recognized by the more successful the last of the designated items, which are not only successfully passed municipal tests, and are often used in military exercises and in the process of arms fairs.

And even despite the fact that the company is constantly improving quality and technical properties of the products, as well as samples that need to be modernized, and qualified engineers and technicians of the plant is often increased, this did not prevent Ukrainian suppliers of delay in execution of the order.

In November 2006, 66 BTR-80, which came with the Hungarian military stores, were delivered to Nicholas for the realization of the modernization of the plant in order to conform to the standards of BTR-80UP. After making all the necessary work they had put into the armed forces of Iraq. As for modifications, it is foreseen a total of eight: BTR-80UP-CD as a command Fri company commander, BTR-80UP as basic amphibious vehicles, BTR-80UP-C as a command post vehicle, ambulance machine BTR-80UP-M, BTR-80UP-kB as a command Fri battalion commander, transport machine BTR-80UP-T, intelligence machine BTR-80UP-P and repair and recovery machine BTR-80UP-burden.

The main innovation of upgraded BTR-80Up is to install additional armor protection, installed in front and on the edges of the machine, and designed for protection against armor-piercing 7.62-mm and 12.7-mm bullets. In addition, the machine set a new engine (instead of KamAZ-7403 will set the D-80), new pneumatic and electrical systems, as new tires.

In addition, the upgraded armored vehicles will be charged water cannon installation, and is completely vacated spot can be used for the transport of additional equipment and Accum. In addition, in some machines, namely in the sanitary and command machines are installed Kondyukov.

Also planned delivery of additional sets of documentation on the training and maintenance of armored vehicles.

But at the current time Iraq War Department managed to get all but 14 of upgraded armored vehicles. The reason for the delays in deliveries — difficulties in the work of the Ukrainian repair facility, which experienced its not the best of times. All the same, they managed to clean, and at the present time the plant resumed operation and is ready to give the latest batch ordered armored personnel carriers.

By the way, the situation has delayed deliveries of weapons and military equipment between Ukraine and Iraq was repeated at all so long ago, when Baghdad was unhappy with the quality of the purchased equipment. It is a question of supply of 62 armored personnel carriers BTR-4E. produced by the Kharkiv Malyshev Plant. Specialists, who arrived from Iraq for the acceptance of technology, have identified numerous shortcomings in the systems of fire. Exactly the same was the situation with the first batch of armored personnel carriers, which passed last winter. Then, as supplies have been moved due to the disgusting properties of weapons systems. In past times the blame blamed on developers guns of Kamenetz-Podolsk. What happens now?

It would seem that Ukrainian experts at and know and can create good products. But this is only in theory. As it comes to practice all the knowledge somewhere to go. Or maybe it is not the point? And with regard to what we are doing? But in the modern world the criteria of a market economy "maybe" not "ride." It is time to understand it …

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