Problematic Progress does undocked from the ISS and sent in the free floating

Problematic "Progress" finally undocked from the ISS and was sent to "free floating"

Cargo ship "Progress", with which last week was a second sample tested brand new docking system "Course-by," Now just undocked from the ISS and sent to the "free floating".

"Over the next 3 weeks on the" Progress M-15M " which at 01:16 MSK on command from Earth undocked from the ISS and began autonomous flight will be carried out several series of experiences "Radar-Progress" — told Itar-Tass in Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC).

The purpose of the experience, "RadarProgress"- The definition of the space-time dependence of the density, temperature, composition of local inhomogeneities in the ionosphere, occurring as a result of the ship's engines, recalled in the MCC. Especially for autonomous flight to the" truck "left little fuel.

At the end of the experience, after August 20, "Progress M-15M" will flood in a designated area of the Pacific Ocean, far from shipping routes.

"Progress M-15M" was re-docked with the ISS on July 29 with the equipment modernized approach "Course-by." Feature "Course-by" is almost complete abandonment of analog signal processing and transmission of this function processors. After a series of tests "Course-ON "will be installed on trucks as" progress ", and the manned spaceships" Alliance ", said RIA announcements.

As reported, the first attempt to dock ship using the "Course-by" failed: when the "Progress" was within 161 kilometers of the station, traffic control system, "Course-by" of the ship gave a command to undo the following operations, in connection with which the ship closer to the station was interrupted.

The trouble at the first attempt docking, as it turned out, was grounded equipment failure rendezvous system "Course-by." Specialists know the cause of the fault and reprogrammed "Progress" before the second attempt to dock, which was held successfully on Sunday night.

The vacant berth at the ISS transition module "Pirs" August 2, should take a subsequent cargo ship — "Progress M-16M", which will deliver to the ISS about 2.5 tons of various goods, including food, water, and scientific equipment.

Three other berth Russian sector — in laboratory modules "Search" (MRM-2) "Dawn" (MRM-1), and the service module "Zvezda" — occupy the manned spacecraft "Alliance TMA-04M", "Alliance TMA-05M" and the third European "truck"Series ATV" Edoardo Amaldi ".

With illumine 2007 virtually all "trucks" after undocking from the station use as a research module. "The practice of" progress "as the science labs will be continued in the coming" — identified in the MCC.

Cargo ships and had not once been used as an orbital laboratory, recalled in the MCC. So, for example, with the "Progress" launched Russian and German microsatellites, also investigated the possibility of introducing ejection seat for crew rescue shuttle "Buran".

Some of the vehicles were equipped with the capsule, through which the Earth from orbit was returned to 60 kg of cargo. A "Progress M-13M "before the flood for the first time was used to test a specially designed launch canister, which successfully" shot off "scientific microsatellite" Chibis-M ".

In 2003, "Progress M1-10," after undocking from the ISS during the month by special cameras was watching the areas of natural and environmental disasters, in 2005 at the "truck" for 10 days tested some modes of passive orientation, and in the years 2007-11 in several "progress" was carried out experience "Plasma-Progress" and "Radar-Progress."

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