Problems with training military specialties in Russia

Learning Problems in the Russian military specialtiesHas long since ceased to exist Russian army, volumes of which were enormous, but the system of training officers to continue to lead all on the same principles as 25-30 years ago. The number of members of the armed forces of the Russian Federation is only one fifth of the size of the Russian army of times, but it looks like it so far not imposed a military officials on the idea that training in military universities must endure some changes. In 90 years, for obvious reasons training Officers went to inertia, getting the momentum back in the Brezhnev years.

Yet only recently from among the graduates of military schools for more than half went into commerce, security agencies, and even specifically in the criminal society. Insecurity of Russian troops nor shelter, nor reliable social guarantees bogey graduates of military schools of our country. Young people, on the training which the Ministry of Defence is squandered a great means saying goodbye to the army is not difficult. These people can be fully realized. Those who remained in the stew pot post-Soviet military realized that the local conflicts are not in those scenarios that were described in the university textbooks. The enemy was not lust to dig trenches and meet our tanks in open fields, and, for some reason, prefers a guerrilla war, attacks from the rear and the other things that the young lieutenants, for some reason did not teach. The first fruits of a complete mismatch techniques and training programs from Russian officer corps, we have reaped in the first Chechen. Pavel Grachev, with a wide grin announced that Stern would be taken within a week or two, but the "vile" Chechens in their own bulk, apparently, did not read Russian books and thus give nagryanuvshaya federal troops did not intend.

Even then there were the first words that the Russian army needs not only to upgrade weapons, and in spices, understands how to conduct combat actions in the new reality. Some recalled here that in most Russian civilian institutions are the military departments. Received offers complete Russian army cool spices that have technical professions to manage the new means of warfare, which, in turn, for some reason, did not respond to the graduates of military schools. Except that military bureaucrats failed to realize that the lion fraction of the graduates of these same departments were not going to become officers, and lusted to use their knowledge in higher-paying areas of life. This is another step to ensure that the revised approach to training of military students. If the highest Russian military school is assumed that the young officer, getting a diploma, automatically becomes the owner to the same civilian higher education, the newest of the Russian Federation with a degree further than komorku guard parking lots or the position of teacher of life safety, it has become almost impossible to get. The value of military education has gone down to the most critical mark.

Army was supposed to be a small-sized and modern, and the top management of the Russian Federation is increasingly became declare complete modernization of the military department. With all of this control longs to translate the training of young officers in the Russian rail Bologna concept of education. It is believed that at the present stage of the reform of students will be taught by special program: Bachelor — specialty — Master. The system, however, should revive the process of training of military professionals, but the rub is that it is not always possible for the 3 years of nesmyshlenogo student made a good officer, but also an excellent reference point in modern military technology. In this case, given the opportunity to "expand" the scope of its own higher education in special centers for military training officers. In the end, the training of the 1st terrific spice in the military may take about 6-7 years, and the enormous cost of funds. But nothing else that could give new impetus to Russian armed forces, while not invented. Well, do not invite the same to us, in the end, to the same number of foreign players NATO sergeants to command platoons …

The reform of military education included the development and pre-university training. Already in almost all the large towns of significant assistance is referred to as Cadet Corps. And there could not avoid problems. Under the guise of cadet schools across the country are increasingly unfolded classes in ordinary schools who do not have the smallest business to the military cluster. Kids coming to study in these classes, do not even imply that the results of the training they receive everyday school diploma, which, for obvious reasons, does not give any guarantee admission to the military University.

The situation is also exacerbated by the fact that the military-teaching staff "lost" their capacity for years of money problems.
In general, the state is a very difficult task: to revise its own sights on the preparation of competitive military professionals, having spent most of the existing large-scale reorganization of military schools. The main thing is excessive zeal or half-measures have not led, as we have often happens, creating another Giant with feet of clay instead of combat-ready and mobile army of modern Russia.

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