Profitable business in the sale of an instrument

Profitable business on the arms tradeTrade guns at different times caused a lot of questions and not just looked like ordinary business, in which revolve billion dollars. According to experts, if the reports of the military departments or other public only very approximate data for the sale of weapons. At the same time a large fraction of all the weapons business remains in the shadows. With all of this forms no marketable costly bargaining in 12 such cases, of course we should not wait.

Often when buying a gun of one country from another huge scandal erupted, leading to a cooling of relations between states. Recently time raised a lot of noise around the fact that Iran is going to "condemn" Russia, therefore that official Moscow after entering into international sanctions against Iran decided to end shipments to that country anti-aircraft missile systems S-300. Our homeland explains his decision observance of international law, the representatives of the Iranian side they say that our home delivery rips his termination agreement, which was signed before the imposition of sanctions.

A huge number of scandals appear about sales tools such as the North Korean government. At one time Dmitry Medvedev even introduced a formal ban on the purchase of guns at least some kind of North Korea. According to some reports specifically export tool brings Pyongyang pretty severe cash infusion, and therefore failure of at least some of the states to receive the North Korean tool North Korea is perceived by the authorities to a particular negative.

Now it was reported that the world's major exporter of weapons is the United States of America. It is reported that Washington is embodied by the year-end weapons in the amount of 66 billion dollars. Many analysts have allowed myself to doubt these reports, therefore that even in the plans for next year in the United States is registered, where the smallest value.

Considering the question of black market weapons, you can read about that here can figure numbers comparable to that released the Americans. The illegal gun trade thrives in Afghanistan, the Middle East, North Africa and some countries of Central and South America. Well, the United States itself in the reports of different organizations often have as a country in which an illegal gun trafficking in the past time headed for the peak.

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